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What Is Ashley Strohmier Age? Currently Serves As A News Anchor And Correspondent For The Morning Show

Ashley strohmier age is currently 33 years. She was born on January 1, 1989, in Jefferson City, Missouri. Every year on January 1st, she celebrates her birthday.

Adaline Fritz
Mar 23, 20221 Shares450 Views
Ashley Strohmier is an American journalist and former model who presently works for Fox News Channel as an overnight anchor and news correspondent. She joined the station on February 18, 2020, and began working on March 2, 2020.
She formerly worked as a general assignment reporter and anchor at KMIZ-TZ in Columbia before joining FNC in 2013. She has covered a lot of state crime and municipal politics-related events and topics.
Ashley Strohmier ageis currently 33 years. She was born on January 1, 1989, in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Ashley Strohmier Biography

Strohmier earned a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from the University of Central Missouri.
Ashley used to be a model before she became a writer. She was crowned as Miss Missouri USA when she was 21 years old. She competed in the Miss USA pageant as a representative for the state of Missouri. Ashley placed in the top ten of Miss USA.
Strohmier began her media career as a stage manager at Fox Sports. She later worked as a television personality for KMIZ-TV, an ABC affiliate in Columbia, Missouri. She was a host for athletic events, advertising, and live remotes, among other things. She was then elevated to a morning news anchor, and then, in August 2017, she was promoted to an evening news anchor.
She covered criminal, state, and municipal politics as a general assignment reporter and anchor. Her performance as an evening news anchor earned her the Missouri Broadcasters Association's Best News Anchor award in 2019.
In March 2020, Strohmier joined FOX News Channel as an overnight anchor and news correspondent.
 Ashley Strohmier
Ashley Strohmier

Ashley Strohmier Family Background

Ashley was born in Jefferson City, Missouri, to Dana Strohmier (mother) and Steve Strohmier (father). Her childhood companions were Blair and Mitch Strohmier, her two younger brothers. We were unable to learn more about her family because no such information is publicly available. As a result, Ashley's parents' and siblings' occupations remain unknown.

Ashley Strohmier Husband

Strohmier's current boyfriend is Michael Counihan, an American fitness model, personal trainer, and police officer for the New York Police Department. The pair seemed to be really in love with one another. Counihan's way of life has a big impact on her. The couple works out together on a regular basis.
The pair went on a romantic break to a beautiful location on July 30, 2018. Her best date, she recalls, was when Michael took her on a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon. Counihan and Ashley's engagement and marriage have yet to be announced. They had to have made preparations for the ceremony. We anticipate them both marrying in the near future.

Ashley Strohmier Height

If her images, taken in context with her surroundings, offer any indication, Strohmier is rather tall. Her stature is 5'7" tall (1.70 meters). Her weight is 58 kg (110 lb).
Her physique is seductive. Her fitness teacher partner, Counihan, has also helped her keep her body image in check.

Ashley Strohmier Net Worth

As of 2021, Strohmier's net worth is predicted to be $1 million. This includes her property, funds, and earnings. Her job as a journalist and former model provides her with the majority of her money. She has amassed a substantial fortune from her different sources of income, yet she wants to live a humble lifestyle.

What Is Ashley From Fox News Salary?

Strohmier gets a salary of $75,000 per year on average. The average yearly compensation of Fox News anchors and correspondents is this amount. Ashley and her partner are both involved in charity activities.

Is Ashley From Fox News Married?

Ashley Strohmier is a married woman. She is not married, but she is involved with bodybuilder Michael Counihan in an open relationship. He is a well-known bodybuilder who has appeared in several bodybuilding publications.


To conclude this article about Ashley Strohmier age, Ashley likes being active outside of work, whether it be indoors or outdoors. She enjoys hiking, working out, and walking her pet, Jack. She was a lifelong athlete who participated in a variety of sports. Her favorite sports were basketball and volleyball, but she also spent ten years figure-skating. Cindy Stein received the MVP of the Mizzou Elite Basketball Camp when she was the head women's basketball coach at Mizzou.
She's also a talented baker and a cook. She may be found in the kitchen after a long day at work, making something tasty for her family. In every way, Strohmier is perfect. She has great looks, a lovely personality, and a lot of interesting physical make-up.
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