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Annette O Toole Movies And TV Shows - A Stellar Actress In Movies And Television

Annette O Toole is a Hollywood icon celebrated for her roles in "Smallville" and classic films like "Superman III." With a career spanning decades, she shares a 23-year enduring love story with actor Michael McKean. Their partnership, both on and off-screen, continues to inspire in the entertainment industry.

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Annette O Toole, born on April 1, 1952, is an American actress known for her roles in various movies and TV shows. She has appeared in Annette O Toole Movies and TV Showssuch as Nash Bridges, where she portrayed Lisa Bridges, the 1990 TV adaptation of Stephen King's horror novel It, where she played adult Beverly Marsh, Superman III as Lana Lang, and the romantic-comedy Cross My Heart as Kathy. Additionally, she took on the role of Martha Kent, the adoptive mother of Clark Kent, in the popular TV series Smallville.

Personal Life

Annette O Toole and Michael McKean share one of Hollywood's enduring love stories. Despite having extensive careers in the industry, their paths initially crossed in the 1970s before fate brought them back together on a film set in 1998. The connection blossomed, leading to their marriage in 1999.
Celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary on March 20, 2022, Michael McKean expressed his gratitude for their enduring relationship in a heartfelt message on X (formerly Twitter). Known for his offbeat comedic style, particularly in Christopher Guest movies like "Best in Show" and "A Mighty Wind," McKean complements O Toole, who is beloved for her roles in "Smallville" and "Nash Bridges" and currently stars in the fifth season of "Virgin River." The couple has also collaborated on projects like the movie "Final Justice" and the TV show "Boy Meets World."
In a 2022 interview with Hello!, O Toole and McKean provided a glimpse into their Los Angeles home, emphasizing its suitability for their relationship. O Toole highlighted the living room's spaciousness, describing it as a "mini ballroom," perfect for the vibrant personalities that fill their household. According to O Toole, they engage in activities like singing, dancing, and making music—activities that embody the joy they find in each other's company.
O Toole has openly shared the key to the longevity of her marriage with McKean. In a 2022 interview with Vanity Fair, she revealed, "We really like spending time together." This mutual enjoyment of each other's company appears to be a cornerstone of their enduring and successful marriage.
Annette O Toole wearing a chic cream suit and her husband Michael McKean in an ash suit sharing an embrace
Annette O Toole wearing a chic cream suit and her husband Michael McKean in an ash suit sharing an embrace


Annette O Toole's journey in the world of entertainment began at an early age. Growing up in her mother's Houston dance studio, she made her television debut at just two years old on The Don Mahoney Kiddie Trooper Show. At the age of 13, after a decade of singing and dancing lessons, she and her mother headed to L.A. for a year to explore a potential career in show business.
Remarkably, within two months, she secured her first professional job, dancing with Danny Kaye on The Danny Kaye Show. O Toole reflects on the value of her early training, stating, "The discipline you get from that is wonderful for an actor."
Her acting journey progressed with roles in My Three Sons, Gunsmoke, The Partridge Family, The Mod Squad, and Hawaii Five-O. Over the years, she has been part of over 40 series, mini-series, and TV movies, including notable performances as Tammy Wynette in Stand By Your Man and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy in The Kennedys of Massachusetts, earning her an Emmy nomination.
Among her memorable experiences, playing Beverly Marsh in Stephen King's It stands out. OToole treasures the filming experiences as she judges her favourites. In recent years, she played a bounty hunter on The Huntress, Clark Kent's adoptive mom on Smallville, and Jim Carrey's mom on Kidding. Currently, she is a regular on the Netflix series Virgin River, renewed for a fifth season.
Her film career started in 1975 with Michael Ritchie's Smile, followed by iconic films such as 48 Hrs., Cat People, and Superman III as Lana Lang. Cross My Heart, a 1987 movie where she co-starred with Martin Short, holds a special place as her favourite among all TV and film projects.
Despite her success in film and television, O Toole's true passion lies in theater. After her six-year run on Smallville, she shifted focus to theater, participating in off-Broadway productions and regional plays. One of her most rewarding roles was in Southern Comfort at the Public Theater in 2016, where she played transgender male Robert Eads, earning her the Lucille Lortel Award.
A pivotal moment in her personal life was co-starring with Michael McKean in the Lifetime movie Final Justice. Their friendship blossomed during filming, leading to marriage after attending a concert together. Both prolific songwriters, they co-wrote the Academy Award-nominated song "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow." Currently, they are working on a new musical called Harold and Lillian, based on a documentary of the same name.
Reflecting on her journey, O Toole considers herself fortunate to have found something she loves early on and continues to cherish it even more as time goes by.


  • 2019- The Incoherents as Mrs. Graham
  • 2019- Blow the Man Down as Gail Maguire
  • 2018- Howard as Doria (archive footage)
  • 2018- A Futile and Stupid Gesture as Stephanie Kenney
  • 2016- Women Who Kill as Lila
  • 2016- We Go On as Charlotte
  • 2013- Beach Pillows as Rita Midwood
  • 2009- Falling Up as Grace O'Shea
  • 2009- Unwigged & Unplugged: An Evening with Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer as Vocals
  • 2006- You Will Believe: The Cinematic Saga of Superman as Self
  • 2006- Look, Up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman as Self
  • 2003- Temptation as Nora
  • 2002- Smallville as Martha Kent
  • 2000- Here on Earth as Jo Cavanaugh
  • 2000- The Huntress
  • as Dorothy 'Dottie' Thorson
  • 1998- Final Justice as Gwen Saticoy
  • 1997- Final Descent as Connie Phipps
  • 1997- Keeping the Promise as Anne Hallowell
  • 1996- The Man Next Door as Annie Hodges
  • 1995- The Christmas Box as Keri Evans
  • 1995- My Brother's Keeper as Joann Bradley
  • 1994- Imaginary Crimes as Ginny Rucklehaus
  • 1994- On Hope
  • 1994- Andre as Adult Voice of Toni
  • 1993- A Mother's Revenge as Ellen Wells
  • 1993- Ça - Il est revenu as Beverly Marsh
  • 1993- Love Matters as Julie
  • 1993- Kiss of a Killer as Kate Wilson
  • 1991- White Lie as Helen Lester
  • 1990- The Dreamer of Oz as Maud Gage Baum
  • 1990- A Girl of the Limberlost as Kate Comstock
  • 1990- Love at Large as Mrs. King
  • 1989- Guts and Glory: The Rise and Fall of Oliver North as Betsy North
  • 1987- Cross My Heart as Kathy
  • 1987- Broken Vows as Nana Marie 'Nim' Fitzpatrick
  • 1986- Strong Medicine as Jessica Weitz
  • 1985- Copacabana as Lola Lamar
  • 1985- Bridge to Terabithia as Miss Edmunds
  • 1984- The Best Legs in Eighth Grade as Rachel Blackstone
  • 1983- Superman III as Lana Lang
  • 1982- 48 Hrs. as Elaine
  • 1982- Cat People as Alice Perrin
  • 1981- Stand by Your Man as Tammy Wynette
  • 1980- Foolin' Around as Susan
  • 1979- Love for Rent as Carol Martin
  • 1978- King of the Gypsies as Sharon
  • 1977- One on One as Janet Hays
  • 1977- The War Between the Tates as Wendy Geoghegan
  • 1976- The Entertainer as Bambi Pasko
  • 1975- Smile as Doria
  • 1973- The Girl Most Likely to...

TV Shows

  • 2019 - Virgin River as Hope McCrea
  • 2017- Marvel's The Punisher as Eliza Schultz
  • 2017- The Good Doctor as Caroline Reznik
  • 2016- Search Party as Diana Fontaine
  • 2016- 11.22.63 as Edna Price
  • 2012- Dallas
  • 2012- The Finder as Elaine Sherman
  • 2004- The Tony Danza Show as Self
  • 2001- Smallville as Martha Kent
  • 2000- The Huntress as Dottie Thorson
  • 1996- Nash Bridges as Lisa Bridges
  • 1995- Dead by Sunset
  • 1995- The Outer Limits as Commander Lydia Manning
  • 1993- Boy Meets World
  • 1992- Jewels as Sarah Thompson Whitfield
  • 1990- Law & Order as Valerie Grace
  • 1990- Dream On
  • 1990- The Kennedys of Massachusetts as Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy
  • 1985- The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents as Stella
  • 1977- What Really Happened To the Class Of '65?
  • 1976- The Tony Randall Show
  • 1975- S.W.A.T.
  • 1974- Police Woman
  • 1974- Petrocelli
  • 1973- Barnaby Jones as Cas Carter
  • 1972- Search
  • 1972- The Rookies
  • 1968- The Mod Squad
  • 1968- Hawaii Five-O as Sue
  • 1965- The F.B.I. as Brenda Porter
  • 1962- The Virginian as Lark Walters
  • 1960- My Three Sons as Tina
  • 1955- Gunsmoke as Edda Sprague
Annette O'Toole in a light brown dress alongside Christopher Reeve with a cardigan around his neck in Superman III
Annette O'Toole in a light brown dress alongside Christopher Reeve with a cardigan around his neck in Superman III

Virgin River (2023)

Surprising news and unexpected presents await on Christmas Eve when couples and families gather, setting aside their differences. There are surprises and unexpected gifts in store on Christmas Eve as couples and families unite, despite their distinctions.
In episode 11: "The More the Merrier". Hope plays a significant role in the passage, particularly in the storyline involving Doc (Tim Matheson). The holiday market is where Hope and Doc aim to reclaim their crown in the town Christmas tree decorating contest.
For Doc, this event holds special importance as he faces the prospect of losing his eyesight in a clinical trial the following year. The decorating contest becomes a way for him to savour and appreciate what might be his last glimpses of the people and places he loves. The hope for success in the contest symbolises not just a festive victory but also a sense of optimism and joy amidst the challenges Doc is confronting with his health.
Additionally, when Hope interacts with Lizzie, who is grappling with decisions related to her pregnancy, Hope provides a message of hope. She encourages Lizzie, assuring her that the key to parenting is unconditional love. Hope's pep talk emphasises the importance of hope and positivity in navigating the uncertainties of parenthood.

The Incoherents (2019)

Four people in their forties, each dealing with some kind of midlife struggle, come together to revive their indie rock band from the 90s.

Women Who Kill (2016)

Morgan, who is afraid of commitment, and her ex-girlfriend Jean, well-known for their local true crime podcast, begin to suspect that Morgan's new romantic interest might be a murderer.

We Go On (2016)

A man offers a reward to anyone who can prove there is an afterlife. He embarks on an adventure through Los Angeles to meet with three viable candidates, and he has no idea he is about to experience an unthinkable nightmare.
Charlotte Grisson, portrayed by Annette O Toole, plays the role of Miles Grisson's protective mother in the passage. When Miles, a video editor in Los Angeles, offers a reward for proof of the existence of ghosts, demons, angels, and the afterlife, Charlotte becomes aware of his quest through the news. Concerned for her son's well-being, she visits his apartment.
Together with Miles, Charlotte sifts through over a thousand responses to the reward offer. They analyze and eliminate three potential candidates. The first, Dr. Ellison, is dismissed as a fraud by Charlotte. The second, the medium Josephina, is also labelled a fraud. The third, an entrepreneur, is revealed as a con-man by Miles.
As the story unfolds, Miles receives a mysterious phone call from a man named Nelson. This prompts an encounter scheduled in a park near the airport, where Miles discovers doors that should never be opened. Charlotte's protective instincts likely contribute to her involvement in Miles' investigation, and her role adds depth to the exploration of supernatural elements in the film "We Go On." Annette O Toole's performance is praised alongside Clark Freeman's, contributing to the overall excellence of the cast.

FAQ - Annette O Toole Movies And TV Shows

Was Annette O Toole On GREY's Anatomy?

Annette O Toole appeared as Madeleine Skurski in an episode of Grey's Anatomy in season nine called "Idle Hands." She also played the character Janet in an episode of Private Practice during season four titled "Blind Love."

Who Played The Mom In Smallville?

Annette O Toole (Martha Kent)
Annette O Toole and Peter O Toole, despite sharing the same last name, are not related. It's just a coincidence, as they come from different backgrounds, and there is no family connection between them. Annette's ancestors are from Ireland, while Peter's family roots are in Connemara, Ireland.

Does Annette O Toole Have A Daughter?

Annette O Toole has two daughters named Anna Geisslinger and Nell Geisslinger.


Annette O Toole, the accomplished actress known for her diverse contributions to the entertainment industry, has two daughters named Anna Geisslinger and Nell Geisslinger. Annette O Toole Movies and TV Showsreflect her versatile talent, showcasing her performances in a range of projects across film and television. While her professional life has been marked by a successful career in various mediums, her personal life includes the joy of being a mother to her two daughters.
The details of her family life provide a glimpse into the multi-faceted nature of her identity, encompassing both her artistic achievements and her role as a parent.
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