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An Insider’s Guide To Pass CompTIA Data+ DA0-001 Exam In 2022

CompTIA Data+ certification is for professionals tasked with enabling and advancing data-driven business decision-making; it aids in Better Analyzing and Interpreting Data, Efficiently extracting data, rigorously analyzing it, and avoiding misleading outcomes. CompTIA workers are expected to have the following abilities to allow data-driven strategic decisions:

Extraction of data, Attempting to manipulate data, Visualizing and reporting the results of data, Using fundamental statistical procedures, During every stage of the data life cycle, and analyzing complex datasets while maintaining compliance with administration and quality standards.

For beginners, it is the best entry point in the world of data. Even Data Engineers and SW developers with or without experience can work with data sets. After obtaining this credential, you get a firm grip on handling all kinds of data with five variables—easy identification and usage of six forms of data manipulation.

DA0-001 Exam Overview

The purpose of the CompTIA Data+ exam is to determine whether or not a candidate possesses the knowledge and abilities necessary to reframe business requirements to assist in data-driven actions. It is accomplished through mining, data modification, applying fundamental statistical concepts, and analyzing complicated datasets while following control and industry best practices throughout the data collection and analysis process. The applicant should be an Entry-Level Data Analyst, Beginner Market Analyst, or Beginner Business Data analyst before enrolling in the course. New opportunities and problems are constantly emerging in the fields of information technology as well as data analytics.


Domain1: Concepts and Environments of Data

Develop your expertise in recognizing fundamental ideas of data layouts and dimensions while gaining an awareness of the different understanding formats and file types.

Domain 2: Data Mining

It would be beneficial if you worked on developing the abilities necessary to explain the ideas of data gathering, the bases for cleansing and characterizing datasets, controlling data transformation, and comprehending strategies for data modification.

Domain 3: Data Analysis

Acquire the expertise necessary to use the appropriate descriptive statistical techniques and Summarise forms of analysis and critical analysis procedures. Acquire the mastery necessary to apply the appropriate explanatory statistical techniques

Domain 4: Visualization

Understanding business needs will allow you to create an accurate representation in the form of a document or dashboard, complete with the specific components of design.

Domain 5: Management, Authenticity, & Controls of Data

Become more proficient at reiterating fundamental data principles and implementing data quality control techniques.


The number of questions included in the exam is 90. These Multiple-choice questions are based on performance. The exam length is 90 Minutes. The minimum score to pass is 675. It is offered in the English language. This certificate is valid for 3 years.

Exam Scheduling

You can easily schedule your CompTIA Data+ exam with Pearson VUE. They provide in-person testing and online Testing facilities. Make your account and pick up your exam. Attempt your exam by following all the mentioned rules on the website.

It is essential to have 18 to 24 months of business analyst experience. Experience with databases and analytical instruments is beneficial. Fundamental knowledge of the basics and Data visualization experience becomes helpful for attempting the exam.

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