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Aman Tyler Perry - The Son Of Tyler Perry


Aman Tyler Perry is an American celebrity kid who is best known for being the only child and son of the American actor, producer, and director Tyler Perry.

His father is one of the most successful people in the entertainment industry in the United States. In this article we will discuss more about this kid.

Quick Facts

Name Aman Tyler Perry
Country USA
Nationality American
Date of Birth (Birthday) November 30, 2014
Age 8 years old (2022)


COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/aman-tyler-perry/ by Amandeep Coleman on 2022-11-30T09:15:53.628Z

Aman Tyler Perry, who was born in the United States on November 30, 2014, is currently 8 years old and stands at approximately 4 feet and 5 inches tall.

Aman Tyler Perry was blessed with two wonderful parents, his father, Tyler Perry, and his mother, Gelila Bekele. Between the years 2007 and 2020, his mother and father were married to one another for almost 13 years.

His mother, Gelila Bekele, maintains an Instagram account that has more than 114 thousand followers (gelila.bekele). His mother is extremely creative as well as talented in the fields of filmmaking, modeling, and activism. He has no siblings.

Tyler Perry Facts

The 13th of September, 1969 found Tyler Perry being born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States. He did not start his career until the year 1992.

The journey that Tyler has taken from a life of abject destitution and homelessness to that of an A-List American billionaire who owns the most successful studio in Atlanta is an inspiring one.

Because his father was a vile individual, he and his family were forced to live in abject destitution. Only later did he discover that he was not his biological father.

Tyler dropped out of high school and was homeless for a time. In his twenties, he enjoyed writing and composed many plays that he wrote, produced, and starred in, touring small theaters across the country.

Those plays turned him into a star and launched a successful career, becoming a media mogul and the first African American to own an independent studio.

Tyler Perry has been added to Forbes magazine's list of billionaires, with Forbes estimating that he has earned more than $1.4 billion in pre-tax income since 2005.

Perry earned more than $100 million in theater ticket sales before making his TV debut, and another $30 million from the show's videos.

Net Worth

Aman Tyler Perry is still so young to have a net worth. His father, the actor and director Tyler Perry, has a total net worth that is greater than one billion dollars.

People Also Ask

What Nationality Is Aman Tyler Perry?

Aman Tyler Perry is American.

How Old Is Aman Tyler Perry?

Tyler Perry’s son was born on November 30, 2014, in the United States. He is now 8 years old.

What Is Aman Tyler Perry Net Worth?

Though his net worth cannot be calculated as of now, his parents combined net worth is about $602 million.

Final Words

During an interview, Tyler stated that his relationship with his son is his "greatest joy." He went on to say that Aman is maturing into a wise young boy and that it is a joy to watch his son explore the world and learn new things.

Because Tyler had a difficult and sometimes violent relationship with his father when he was younger, his father appears to be very protective of him. He takes precautions to ensure that Aman will not go through the same difficult experiences that he did during his formative years.

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