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Afton Smith life, age, net worth, relationship, marriage

Afton Smith life, age, net worth, relationship, marriage

Last updated: 06/10/2021 03:26 | 05/14/2021 01:58
Katya Ryder

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Afton Smith is an American actress and author who gained popularity as the wife (now ex-wife) of Brendan Fraser. Brendan Fraser was one of the top actors in Hollywood in the late 1990s. Afton Smith has also done popular movies like Pig Sty, George of the Jungle, and A Reason To Believe. 

Afton Smith is an American citizen born in the USA. Should belong to the wild ethnicity and follows Christian religion. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Actress's husband reveals much about her parents, early life and her siblings. The digital information that is known about her parents is that her father was a businessman and her mother what the newspaper services. A mother also co-authored a book with the actress called "Point to be Happy." 

Afton Smith career

The actress went to a local High school in LA. After that, she went to the Upper Canada College for her graduation and a degree which is not known. She graduated High school in 1985 and got a degree from the college in 1989. In an interview with Joan Quinn, she stated that she wanted to be an actress from the age of 12 years and that she should also take acting classes. About her parents and siblings, that is still not much known as she has bid goodbye to the paparazzi. 

Afton Smith in George of the Jungle

Afton Smith relationships

The couple had a beautiful beginning. The first met at a bbq party hosted by mutual friend Winona Ryder who is also a Hollywood actress, on the 4th of July 1993. Brendan Fraser had shifted to Los Angeles then. Putra 10 went ahead to spend more time with each other, became very good friends and then eventually lovers. It's been a spark between the couple and Brendan Fraser while recalling the details of those days. The couple got engaged in October 1997 after dating for four years. Soon after the engagement, in September 1998, the couple tied the knot in a ceremony held at the Bel Air Hotel, LA, California, in the august presence of their close friends and family. 

Afton Smith married life

The couple came to have a very happy married life at first. After four years of marriage and blessed with the first son Christian Fraser who is born on the 7th of September 2002. Two years later, the second son, Holden Fraser, was born on 16th August 2004. Their third son, Leland Fraser, was born on 2nd May 2006 at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center, LA. The married life continued for almost a decade before the divorce happened. 

Afton Smith and Brendan Fraser

Problems in the marriage life

In a shocking turn of events in 2007, just after the birth of the third son, the couple filed for divorce. Developed couple in the public eye and the news of the divorce everyone. Time and again and restart as the couple who could Sail through all the storms together. But no page anticipated that their married life would result in this shocking disaster. The reason for the reverse is a rumor about Brandon's affair with actress Mario Bello shooting from the movie in China. This room has never been addressed, and nobody knows if this is the truth or not. The separation was a Messy affair. It took two years for the couple to finalize the divorce. In 2009 finally, the court granted the couple unfavorable treatment, and there is a proration. The court ordered Brendan Fraser to provide alimony of 900000 USD per year. In addition to this amount, the court also ordered a trend into 50000 USD as monthly alimony and 300000 USD annually for child support.

Afton Smith and Brendan Fraser

The divorce matter was settled, but the drama still continued when, in 2013, Brandon appealed to the court to decrease the amount of alimony and child support. The reason he stated this or that is that he didn't have any projects at hand and that he was not involved much in movies at that point. Add into these reasons, he stated that he had a back injury from Hurricane Sandy in 2012. In response to this appeal, Afton Smith stated that Brendon hid his financial assets in order to escape the alimony. As no strong proof was found against Brendon, the court decreased the alimony and child support amount. This gave Brendon his fan's sympathy, and soon Afton was labelled as a Gold-digger. A very few people supported Afton and believed that Brendon could possibly be hiding his assets. The custody was supposed to go equally to both the parents, but the three sons chose to live with their mother in Greenwich, Connecticut. But the children spend time with their father, as can be seen on various occasions.

Afton Smith and Brendan

Speculations about divorce

When the couple separated, there was a frenzy in the media regarding the reasons that led to the celebrity's separation. Although the couple has never been revealed, the cause of the divorced defence and the media speculate that Brendan's alleged affair must have been the cause of the separation. However, there is no proof whatsoever to validate this rumour. Brendan fans have on multiple occasions named Afton as a money grabber and supported Brendan thoroughly since the initial days of the divorce. There is also a subreddit section call to Save Brendan fans of posted absolutely uncalled-for comments against Afton. 

Afton Smith and husband with kids

Moreover, Brandon's health injuries took a toll on his professional life. He was in and out of the hospital for seven years, going to his back injury, knee replacement repairing of the vocal cord, and many other hospital departments for various different reasons. These hindrances came in the way of Brandon's choice of movies, and while there was a decline in his career, his personal life was in shackles too. Therefore his life went down from here onwards. He couldn't do the movies he was once known for owing to his bodily injuries and him not being fit for or performing those roles.

Afton Smith

Afton Smith net worth

The actress had done movies in her past, which were the assets she majorly had before her divorce settlement. The settlement was a much talked about the affair, which is the aluminum amount set so high at 900000 USD per annum. The other alimony amounts and the earnings from the movies make a net worth of approximately 3 million dollars. 

Brendan Fraser

Afton's life after separation

Afton has disconnected completely from the media LimeLight and has devoted her time to upbringing her three sons in the best way she can. She has not married since a divorce nor has she dated anybody. No sources or stories are talking about involvement with any other person romantically. She actively takes part in an NGO called ABILIS in Greenwich itself. Then majorly contributed in the field of supporting the differently-abled children. On September 22nd, 2018, she participated in the first Dancing Gala in Greenwich, which was conducted by the same NGO. Civil interiors for the same and as held out the hand of support time and again. Han social media presence is minimal, with accounts on Facebook and Instagram used rarely.

Brendan Fraser


What is the profession of Afton Smith?

Afton Smith is an author and actor by profession?

What is the net worth of Brendan Fraser?

Brendan Fraser has a net worth of a total of 20 Million USD as per the recent records.

What is the age of Afton Smith?

Afton Smith is 54 years old. She was born on December 3, 1967.

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