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Abandoned Cart Emails Guide With Examples & Templates

Sometimes customers go through products on your website, add them to a cart and abandon them without checking out. This may be due to a plethora of reasons but the major concern for email marketers is to divert customer attention back to that cart.

Henry Hamer
Mar 09, 202320 Shares1012 Views
Sometimes customers go through products on your website, add them to a cart and abandon them without checking out. This may be due to a plethora of reasons but the major concern for email marketers is to divert customer attention back to that cart.
In order to increase sales and realize a tangible profit, an effective strategy is to implement an abandoned cart email campaign. According to research, In 2021, the average click-through rate for cart abandonment emails was 8.76%, which is pretty high.
Emails reminding consumers of their abandoned carts are simple to set up and can help a great deal to bring back hesitant customers and recoup losses incurred. Unexpected events might cause customers to abandon their carts. The timing of cart abandonment emails is crucial to their success.
You can't expect a customer to keep shopping at your online business if you constantly bombard him with emails like this. For further details on how to gauge this, with examples of templates of cart abandonment emails, please keep reading.

Things to Consider Writing In An Abandoned Cart Email

If you want your emails about abandoned carts to be effective, keep the following in mind.

Employ Catchy Subject Lines

A catchy subject line may increase your email's engagement rate by catching the eye of your target audience. They should be brief and straightforward.

Mention the Abandoned Product

Including a high-quality, previously abandoned product image is vital. Sometimes shoppers look through various websites and forget what they were originally looking for, by mentioning this picture, you might grab their attention.

Include a noticeable call-to-action button.

Calls to action are used to persuade consumers to make a purchase by drawing their attention with bold and eye-catching graphics. Abandoned shopping cart emails clearly direct the recipient to finish the purchase.
Do everything you can to ease this. An obvious call to action should be placed next to the product picture.

Examples of Abandoned Cart Emails Templates

Some shopping cart abandonment services provide templates you can use as-is, while others have drag-and-drop editors so you may create your own. For this purpose, we have rounded up some of the best apps and services that offer effective and customizable abandoned cart email samples from which you can choose the ones you want. We have listed them below for your convenience.


The service that we highly recommend to our readers is Stripo because of it’s personalized templates easy to use the website. Stripo’s emails are always well-organized and simple to comprehend. Its highly interactive subject line ‘Still Thinking About It?” has the capacity to intrigue customers to open the mail immediately.
They have a prominent call-to-action button that suddenly puts customers back on the purchase page. The email layout of Stripo's template is quite professional and adaptable and you can follow this link to Visit websiteof Stripo to make use of its exceptional features.
It’s highly customizable and you can make this highly customer-oriented. You may use this feature to put the product at the center of your newsletter and highlight its brilliance with testimonials from satisfied customers.


When you leave anything in Casper's online shopping cart and then leave the page without completing your purchase, you will get an email reminder. Casper uses an abandoned cart template that displays photos of the items in the shopping cart and provides free delivery as a final resort to encourage visitors to finish their purchases.
The inquiry "Did you forget something?" in the subject line entices you to open the email. The email's humorous, alluring subject line is designed to get users to open it.


Another excellent case in point is Nomad's follow-up email when a shopper abandons their shopping cart. The FOMO created by the headline "Nomad Gear is Selling Out Fast" is used to increase organic traffic. The images are accompanied by comical text that describes how the reader may retrieve their cart.
The second heading reassures customers by outlining Nomad's money-back guarantee and warranty period of two years. In addition to demonstrating that the company backs its goods, the inclusion of this offer gives legitimacy to the email.


It's important for online marketers and e-commerce site owners to send emails to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts. Because of the high average online ordering abandonment rate, they are simple to implement and should be a priority for all businesses.
Online shopping cart abandonment is widespread. It may be reduced with the use of analytics and targeted email marketing. You may quickly and easily retrieve lost revenue by using the same tactics adopted in the aforementioned abandoned cart email templates.
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