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Vitter Aide Scandal Continues


The Baton Rouge Advocate reported new details today about the scandal that keeps on giving. I’m talking about Sen. David Vitter’s (R-La.) troubled aide, Brent Furer, accused of assaulting his girlfriend and convicted of multiple instances of driving while intoxicated back home in Louisiana.

The new part is that Vitter’s Senate office expense account records indicate that the office paid for Furer to return home to Louisiana on two separate occasions — both of which line up with court appearances Furer was scheduled to make related to his 2004 DWI back in Baton Rouge. The news casts further doubt on Vitter’s claim that he was unaware of Furer’s multiple DWI charges until the media reported them in June.

Vitter’s challenger for the Senate seat, Rep. Charlie Melancon (D-La.) wasted no time in getting up a new video on his website that charges that “David Vitter paid for Brent Furer’s defense… with taxpayer dollars.” It’s just the latest attack that Melancon has launched against Vitter’s questionable character, but so far none seem to be making a significant dent in his polling numbers, most of which still show Vitter up by around 10 points.

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