Bachmann: ‘No Question’ Obama Is Worst President in History

June 11, 2010 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) appeared on the conservative “Ben Shapiro Show” yesterday and assessed president Obama’s place in history among his 42 predecessors.

“Is President Obama better or worse than Jimmy Carter?” Shapiro asked.

“Worse. Easily worse,” responded Bachmann.

Shapiro continued, “I agree. So far, you’d have to say he’s the worst president in United States history.” Bachmann agreed, “No question. No question.”

She continued: “And the thing is, here we are, people can’t wait until November. They’re practically lining up for polls now, they can’t wait to go out and vote. The only thing is people wish Barack Obama was up for re-election right now, because they’d honestly love to have a chance to throw him out of office. Everywhere I go, people ask me, ‘Michele, can we impeach the president?’ They want a referendum on him. I also had someone today say, ‘There’s no way he’ll run for a second term. No way. No one would vote for him.’ I don’t know if the White House understands how the floor has dropped out under support for this president.”

Shapiro later asked, “Michele, would you ever consider running for president?”

Bachmann deflected the question, instead invoking Israel in referring to her re-election fight this year.

You know it’s not what I’m doing right now. I’m one of speaker Pelosi’s top targets this fall, so all I’m focused on this fall for 2010 is making sure that I win. Speaker Pelosi is very clear that she wants to take me out of the election this fall. This will be a very expensive race. Very hard fought. It’s already hard fought. I come from a very difficult territory. I’m from Al Franken territory… I come from a very tough neighborhood, Israel knows all about tough neighborhoods.

That Pelosi is personally targeting Bachmann is a claim the Star Tribune called “grossly misleading” back in January.