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Young Eagles’ Plans for 2010: UFC Match, Bull Riding, Texas Bird Hunt


My colleague Rachel Hartman reminds me that the Young Eagles’ plans for 2010 were spelled out in the infamous RNC fundraising memo obtained this month (yes, two RNC finance scandals in one month) by Ben Smith. Here, after the jump, is a rundown of the upcoming Young Eagles events, with the fundraising hauls expected from from them in parentheses.

Some notable highlights: The Young Eagles will be at the Phillies opening day baseball game (where President Obama will throw out the first pitch), a September “Texas bird hunt” and an October Ultimate Fighting Championship event in Las Vegas. The Young Eagles are also planning a September trip to London to meet Conservative Party leader David Cameron, who by that point is expected by many to be the prime minister of the United Kingdom. (As I noted before, the training facility event is at a Blackwater/XE facility.)


4/1 Phillies Opening Day ($15,000)

4/8-4/11 Southern Republican Leadership Conference ($60,000)

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4/16 U.S. training facility ($60,000)


TBD Reception in Francisco featuring Steve Forbes ($22,500)

5/14 Event in Atlantic City ($30,000)

5/20 Event at the Indy 500 ($50,000)


6/11 Event in Oxford, MD ($20,000)


7/16 Event in Detroit

7/23 Event in Boise with Gov. Butch Otter (R-Idaho)


8/12 Major donor summer meeting ($50,000)


9/10 Texas bird hunt ($40,000)

9/17 London trip, meeting with David Cameron ($80,000)


10/8 Vegas UFC Fight ($60,000)

10/15 Professional bull riding ($50,000)


11/27 Ohio State vs. Michigan football game $30,000

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