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Clinton, Ever the Diplomat, Challenges Israel to Reject Failed ‘Status Quo’


Here’s Hillary Rodham Clinton at her diplomatic best. After getting tepid applause at AIPAC for her call for a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict to ensure Israel’s future as a “democratic state” and her remark that the the “status quo” had failed, she called on all sides to “refrain from unilateral statements” and actions that “undermine the process.” That sounded first — aha! — like a reference to the “insult” Clinton said Vice President Biden got in Israel on additional Jerusalem settlement construction. But then, her voice rising in approbation, she blasted Hamas for naming a public area in Gaza after a terrorist, for “it insults the families on both sides who have loved ones.” Soon after, she praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

When it came time to discuss the sensitive Jerusalem settlement issue, she said ”this was not about wounded pride, nor is it a judgment about the final status of Jerusalem. … This is about getting to the table … and staying there until the job is finally done.” Clinton reversed the typical framing of the dispute, saying that the diplomatic difficulty “exposes daylight between Israel and the United States that others in the region hope to exploit.”

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