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$100,000 for Palin

Last updated: July 31, 2020 | January 12, 2010 | Thomas Dixon

Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin confirm that Sarah Palin’s honorarium for speeches is $100,000, two first class plane tickets and one economy class ticket. On the west coast she cuts the cost to $75,000, and she waives it for charitable events. But that backs up a week of rumors about Palin’s fee for her National Tea Party Convention speech.

Greg Mueller tells Smith and Martin that Palin’s “doing nothing different than former Vice President [Al] Gore, former President Clinton, and former Joint Chiefs [of Staff] Chairman Colin Powell,” but the Tea Party Convention situation really is different. For example, Bill Clinton did not receive an honorarium to speak at last year’s Netroots Nation conference in Pittsburgh. Some of the speakers at CPAC regularly charge for speeches, but waive it for that event. Charging political activists for a speech like this is unusual.

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