More Bad News for ‘Clean Coal’ Coalition

September 09, 2009 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

Another major corporation announced on Wednesday that it’s leaving the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity over concerns about the group’s efforts to thwart climate legislation. Alstom Power, a French company that makes components for power plants, said it is leaving ACCCE immediately.

“We have resigned from ACCCE because of questions that have been raised about ACCCE’s support for climate legislation,” Tim Brown, an Alstom spokesman, told E&E (sub. req’d). He added that they wanted to “remove any doubt about our full support” for a climate bill.

ACCCE has been the subject of controversy following the revelation that a group it subcontracted with had sent forged letters to members of Congress urging them to vote against the House climate bill. At least 13 forged letters were sent to members of Congress. ACCCE and their subcontractor, Bonner & Associates, have claimed that the forgeries were the work of one rogue temporary employee, but the incident has yielded a good deal of negative attention for the coal industry’s main front group.

Alstrom’s resignation from the group comes less than a week after Duke Energy Corp. announced that it’s leaving ACCCE. Both Duke and Alstom are members of the United States Climate Action Partnership, an industry-environmental coalition formed to build support for a climate bill in Congress. Their involvement in both USCAP and ACCCE had raised some questions about competing interests.

There are still two companies — General Electric and Caterpillar — that are members of both ACCCE and USCAP.