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Was Barney Frank’s ‘Nazi’ Questioner a LaRouche Cultist? [UPDATE: Confirmed]

Update: Yes, the woman was a LaRouche cultist. The full video is here, and I’ve added her full comments. I’m getting a lot of links to this video today, in

Mariella Blankenship
Last updated: Jul 31, 2020 | Aug 19, 2009

Update: Yes, the woman was a LaRouche cultist. The full video is here, and I’ve added her full comments. I’m getting a lot of links to this video today, in which Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) verbally eviscerates a woman waving an Obama=Hitler sign and asking him why he supports “this Nazi policy” of health care reform. To be fair, the evidence suggests that the woman is a supporter of fringe political activist Lyndon LaRouche.

When Frank criticizes the woman’s sign, she holds it up for him, and another activist holds up the same sign.

Picture 33

Recognize the image? Right: It’s from Lyndon LaRouche’s anti-health care reform web site.

Picture 34

And here’s what the woman actually said.

I think the administration is missing something in these town hall meetings, which is that it’s not just one group. The economy is collapsing. We have 30 percent real unemployment. Forty-eight states cannot balance their budgets. And they are cutting programs to the bone. This is the context under which the Obama administration has said we need health care reform.


I’m not done. The reason why is because they say we need to limit Medicare expenditures in order to do that, in order to reduce the deficit. That’s the origin of this policy This is the T4 policy of the Hitler, of a Hitler policy in 1939, where he said certain lives are not worth living.

(Crowd noise, including boos and a cry of “Shame on you!”)

Certain people we should not spend the money to keep them alive, which is exactly what Ezekiel Emanuel has said. So my question to you, one, is, this policy is already on its way out, it’s already been defeated by LaRouche. So my question to you is why do you still support this Nazi policy?

Now, people who live in districts like Frank’s, near major universities, are very familiar with the LaRouche people. When they call something “Nazi-like” or compare someone to Hitler, it’s as rare as Paris Hilton saying “that’s hot.” And they do it in this exact way, showing up in numbers and making sure they get to the microphones first. They ran a long “campaign” against Al Gore along these lines, accusing him of wanting to commit genocide, for some reason. Need a sample of how off-kilter this was?

Gore, a notorious racist and radical Malthusian, whose global warming swindle would kill billions of people, if fully implemented, is a British agent, through and through. Never mind that his London-based hedge fund, Generation Fund Management, is at the center of the effort to create a “carbon swap” market, described by one U.S. intelligence source as a “$10 trillion ponzi scheme.”

As I’ve pointed out before, when liberals protested the Iraq War, the small number of anarchists and Communists who showed up to their rallies dominated the coverage. Liberals didn’t get a pass on their associations. Conservatives have been pointing to the presence of LaRouche activists at these town halls to argue that the only people waving “Nazi” signs are LaRouchies. That’s not true, but even if it were true, what would the difference be? This is the second consecutive major political cause where the maniacs of the LaRouche “movement” are finding common cause with mainstream conservatives. In this case, it’s the LaRouche nuts making the case that Democratic health care reform will put old people to death, which is something as many as 45 percent of Americans now believe.

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