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‘What They Call Mob Rule the Average American Calls Democracy’

Last updated: July 31, 2020 | August 04, 2009 | Henry Hamer

I haven’t blogged much on the “yo mama” contest between the Democratic National Committee and the National Republican Campaign Committee, but it’s been fascinating to watch. The DNC, keying off of reports revealing the Tea Party/health care industry/conservative grassroots ties of the people making fusses at congressional town hall meetings, released a page-long, darkly-written statement from spokesman Brad Woodhouse about their origins.

Much like we saw at the McCain-Palin rallies last year where crowds were baited with cries of ‘socialist,’ ‘communist,’ and where the birthers movement was born – these mobs of extremists are not interested in having a thoughtful discussion about the issues –  but like some Republican leaders have said – they are interested in ‘breaking’ the President and destroying his Presidency.

The NRCC, via spokesman Ken Spain, fired back:

What Democrats call ‘mob rule’ the average American calls “democracy” … These kinds of despicable characterizations of middle class Americans, who oppose trillions in mounting government debt, as elements of the partisan ‘fringe’ smacks of elitism.

This begs the question: if town hall applause-o-meter contests are “democracy,” what are elections for? Undeterred, based on the friendly-fire interviews that Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) gave to The Huffington Post, it sounds like Democrats are trying to define the coming wave of made-for-TV town hall outbursts as fringe lunacy along the lines of the Code Pink protests that dogged Republicans in the Bush years.

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