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Randall Terry Compares Tiller’s Killer to Nat Turner


Despite delivering on his promise of wings and Guinness, Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry failed to draw a crowd to his news conference at the National Press Club today about, among other things, the recent murder of Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller. Terry repeated his previous statements regarding Tiller’s culpability for “child-killing,” but added a new rhetorical flavor to the argument by comparing Tiller’s murderer to Nat Turner — the leader of an 1831 slave rebellion in Southampton County, Va., in which dozens of white slave owners were killed.

“The ethical heirs of slavery are the child-killers and their proponents here today,” Terry said, and anti-abortion activists will succeed if they follow the same strategy pursued by abolitionists after Nat Turner’s Rebellion.

At this moment in time the abolitionists did not blink. They did not blink. They said, “Slavery is kidnapping. It is a crime against God and man.” They said, “It is an abomination.” They said the slave owners were kidnappers and man-stealers. They railed against the slave power. They railed against the politicians of the deep south and in the U.S. Congress that sustained slavery. They did not flinch. And if we in the pro-life movement are going to prevail, we have got to take the lesson of the abolitionists.

Before the event was over, Terry managed to plug his book, CD, upcoming TV show and training sessions, to be held this weekend in Arlington, Va., to teach “a new generation of heroes to bring child-killing to an end.”

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