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4 Person Air Hockey Table - Making Your Gaming Experience Even More Exciting


There is more and more evidence that our brains work better when we interact with many people. That's true! An extensive review has revealed that being alone, especially while playing games by ourselves, is linked to lower physical and emotional wellbeing. That is why the author wants to introduce you to a game that will help you experience real happiness and recreational activity that is even more enjoyable like gameplay called 4 person air hockey table.

Regular air hockey tables are rectangular and usually only hold two players. However, there are modified versions to enhance your gaming experience and make it more enjoyable. With round air hockey tables, you can now have four players playing at the same time!

4 Person Air Hockey Tables - The Top 4 Models

Different versions of 4 Person Air Hockey Tables
Different versions of 4 Person Air Hockey Tables

Take a look at some of the best air hockey tables for four people on the market today. Here are the 4 well-known models:

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1. MD Sports 4 Player Round Air Hockey Table

The MD Sports 4 Player Round Air Hockey Table has a stunning glossy black look. The sturdy air-powered table has a slick poly-sealed surface for easy puck sliding. It's a gorgeous and enjoyable addition to any house that can entertain up to four people at once.

Advantage and disadvantage: It is suitable for groups of two to four players, is scratch-resistant, and has a smooth return of the puck. However, it is quite large and heavy.

2. Atomic Full Strength 4-Player Air Powered Hockey Table

The Atomic Full Strength Table features an LED scoring display and a manual abacus for indoor entertainment. The table also comes with 4 LED pushers, 2 ordinary pucks, and 2 LED pucks. It has six distinct air hockey modes on this 2-to-4 player table.

Advantage and disadvantage: Easy to put together, a good choice for playing in the dark, and 2 to 4 players can play here. However, a lot of people are complaining that the table isn't good enough.

3. Bowery Hill 4 Player Black Air Hockey Game

The Bowery Hill Air Hockey Game is a 4-person air hockey table that tracks the score of each player during survival mode air hockey matches. A player loses the game if they concede three goals in a row. The handy design incorporates adjustable leg levelers and lighting characteristics.

Advantage and disadvantage: This particular 4 person hockey table has two to four people who can play on it at the same time, and it features adjustable leg levelers for a more balanced game. It is made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) material, which is significantly superior to actual wood in several places. So far, the customer was satisfied when they purchased this one.

4. American Heritage Billiards Orbit Eliminator 4 Player Air Hockey Game

The American Heritage Billiards table has light-up scoring elements, 4 pucks, 4 goalies, and adjustable leg levelers. The table's 47 x 47-inch spherical playing space can entertain joyful groups for hours. It might be a terrific addition to any home.

Advantage and disadvantage: The pros and cons to this 4 person hockey table are the same as to Bowery Hill 4 Player Black Air Hockey Game.

How Long Do Air Hockey Tables Last

The length of time that your table will survive will be determined by the cost of the table you purchase, as well as how frequently the table is used and maintained. An air hockey table will typically last between 5-8 years in use.

How Much Room Do You Need For An Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey requires a space of around 13.5 feet by 6 feet. A minimum of 3 extra feet of room on either end of the table is recommended to allow participants to move about more easily. So, in order to comfortably store a ping pong table and an air hockey table, you'll need a rectangle room that's approximately 13.5 feet by 6 feet.

Things To Consider When Purchasing 4 Person Air Hockey Table

Before acquiring an Air Hockey Table, it is critical that you consider the following helpful suggestions:

  • Specific Size of Air Hockey and Room Space

Air Hockey Table range in size and before buying one, make sure you have adequate room for both the unit and for each person to walk around comfortably.

  • Features and specifications

Automatic scoreboards and adjustable surfaces that may be used for other games, such as ping-pong, are desirable. Air hockey tables with sound effects and LED lights that light up when you score or hit the edges are available. Others can be enjoyed in complete darkness.

  • Cost

Generally speaking, air hockey tables are pricey, with some being far more expensive than others. If you are on a tight budget, make sure to check the price tag first.


A round air hockey table can be a fun and exciting way to enjoy your favorite indoor sport while testing your reflexes, skills, and speed. The author presented that the 4 Person Air Hockey Table is one of the board and table games that is beneficial and makes our recreational activity even more lively, and fun.

Lastly, before you purchase any kind of Air Hockey Table, you should be aware and also study the features. You need to consider the guide that will help you find the right table for your home based on skill level, features, style, size, and more.

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