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Who Needs a Pardon?

Last updated: July 31, 2020 | January 27, 2009 | Katya Ryder

Politico reports an outrageous twist to the already-absurd tale of the prosecution of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), convicted this fall on seven counts of federal bribery-related charges. This seemingly clear-cut corruption case, which was mangled from the get-go, now looks even worse.

An FBI whistleblower claims that the lead FBI agent on the Stevens case, Mary Beth Kepner, was having an affair with the prosecution’s star witness, Bill Allen, who admitted under oath to giving the longest-serving Republican senator some $250,000 in gifts that Stevens never disclosed on his Senate disclosure forms.

Stevens’ case is winding through the appeals process at the moment, on grounds of prosecutorial misconduct — separate from today’s revelations. If it’s true that Stevens’ conviction hinged on a sexual relationship between an FBI agent and an oil services company CEO, well, maybe it won’t matter that President Bush passed him over in the end.

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