Sister Christian, Oh, Your Time Has Come

Created: January 07, 2009 08:38 | Last updated: July 31, 2020 00:00

Via Wonkette, which is going to war against a PUMA (the “Party Unity My Ass” anti-Obama “Democrats”) blog, I see that Harriet Christian wants to be appointed to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Senate seat in New York. More to the point, she wants to bash Caroline Kennedy. Hey, who doesn’t these days?

I am definitely closer, I would think, to the people of New York, than Caroline Kennedy could ever presume to be. So why shouldn’t I give it a shot, when I am THE ordinary Democratic citizen of New York State?

“Wait,” you say, “I don’t know who Harriet Christian is!”

I think you do.

But is that really evidence that she’s not an “ordinary Democratic citizen”? Well, yes. That and her participation in a Pennsylvania “Democrats for McCain” bus tour.

harriet penn2

It’s easy to laugh at the PUMAs, but bear in mind — for a couple of months, these people could get booked on Fox News by snapping their fingers. They had meetings with Sen. John McCain’s campaign, and even with the candidate himself, based on the campaign’s mistaken assumption that the group represented more than a handful of bitter oddballs — and that there was a pro-Hillary, anti-Obama groundswell out there for the taking.