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-30- A farewell from The American Independent


The American Independent is in a period of transition.

David Bennahum, CEO and founder of the American Independent News Network (AINN), our parent company, announced that many of the AINN network’s state-based sites will be shutting down. Throughout the network, many talented and dedicated journalists have been let go, including the majority of TAI’s reporters. The TAI team knows that they will continue to do journalism that is insightful and original and that changes the way people talk about politics — no matter where they practice it. Several reporters in the network will continue to write for TAI in a new form.

In the words of Bennahum, the restructuring of AINN is part of a “shift in strategy, towards new forms of journalism made available as technology has advanced, and an increasing emphasis on national coverage and issue-based coverage from our network.”

TAI is the youngest site in the AINN network, created in May 2010. John Amick was TAI’s editor.

Current and former TAI writers and editors have promoted AINN’s longstanding mission to “create impact in the public interest.”

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Below are some of the best pieces reported by TAI’s staff.

Yana Kunichoff

Ambiguities in campaign finance rules allow big money to work in the dark

Expanding private-prison industry benefits from weak oversight structure

New hybrid PACs allow for unlimited corporate donations

David Lewis

Ohio redistricting plans continue to vex state leaders, could go to referendum

Supporting Ohio’s SB5, Grover Norquist blasts GOP mayor, ignores law’s most damaging ‘tenets’

Nicolas Mendoza

Experts say Alabama law goes further than any other immigration legislation in the developed world

Occupy Wall Street marches on reserve banks led by opponents of federal stimulus

Anti-stimulus Federal Reserve leaders were appointed by boards dominated by business executives

Sam Petulla

State of Virginia employing PR firm used by Middle East regimes accused of human rights abuses

Sofia Resnick

Women would be disproportionately affected by tax plans proposed by Cain, Perry, experts say

How abstinence-only education player Palmetto Family Council acquired and spent federal funds

New York’s same-sex-marriage effort may take lessons from Maryland’s defeat

Mikhail Zinshteyn

Louisiana school board candidate may have breached state campaign law

New report: Teachers are behind private sector peers on cognitive measures, overpaid

New Orleans schools: A nexus of poverty, high expulsion rates, hyper-security and novice teachers

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