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Yubinbango - Understanding Yubinbango's System In Japan


Yubinbango is a Japanese term that refers to the postal code system used in Japan. The yubinbango system was introduced in Japan in 1968 and is made up of seven digits. The first three digits of the yubinbango represent the regional area, while the last four digits represent the specific postal code within that area.

The yubinbango system has been credited with making mail delivery more efficient in Japan. With such a large population living in a relatively small area, having a precise address system is essential for ensuring that mail is delivered to the correct recipient in a timely manner.

While the yubinbango system is primarily associated with postal delivery and navigation, it has also been utilized in other aspects of Japanese society. For example, many companies and organizations in Japan use the yubinbango system for managing customer data.

By using the yubinbango system, they can quickly and accurately identify a customer's location and ensure that their mail and other communications are delivered to the correct address.

In addition to being used for mail delivery, yubinbango is also commonly used as part of the address for businesses and other organizations in Japan. Many online forms in Japan require users to input their yubinbango as part of the address field.

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Furthermore, the yubinbango system is also used in Japan for urban planning and city development.

By using the yubinbango system, urban planners can identify and map out specific areas within a city or town, making it easier to plan for infrastructure development and future growth.

This can include the construction of new roads, buildings, and public facilities such as parks and community centers.

Yubinbango search refers to the process of looking up a yubinbango or postal code in Japan. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as when sending mail or packages, providing an address for a business or residence, or when using navigation tools or GPS.

In Japan, the yubinbango system consists of seven digits and is organized in a hierarchical manner.

The first three digits indicate the prefecture or region, while the following four digits indicate the specific postal code for a particular area or city.

For example, the yubinbango 160-0022 would refer to the area around Shibuya in Tokyo.

To perform a yubinbango search, there are several resources available online. One of the most popular is the official website of Japan Post, which allows users to search for yubinbango codes by address, company name, or phone number.

The website is available in both Japanese and English, making it accessible to non-Japanese speakers.

Japan Post logo
Japan Post logo

Other resources for yubinbango searches include commercial websites, apps, and maps, such as Google Maps or Mapion. These resources often provide additional features, such as street views, directions, or nearby landmarks, making them useful for navigation and travel purposes.

Overall, yubinbango search is an important process in Japan for ensuring accurate mail delivery, navigating cities, and providing addresses for businesses and residences.

With the help of online resources, performing a yubinbango search can be a quick and convenient process for both Japanese residents and visitors alike.

Yubinbango Finder

A yubinbango finder is a tool or service that allows users to search for postal codes in Japan. It can be especially useful for individuals or businesses that need to find a specific postal code for a particular address or location.

There are several ways to find yubinbango codes in Japan. One of the most straightforward methods is to use the Japan Post website. The website provides a free search tool that allows users to enter an address or location and find the corresponding yubinbango code.

Users can enter any part of the address, including the street name, city, and prefecture, and the website will provide a list of matching addresses along with their corresponding postal codes.

In addition to the Japan Post website, there are several third-party yubinbango finder services available online. These services may provide additional features or search options that are not available on the Japan Post website.

Some services may also offer the ability to search for multiple addresses or locations at once, making it easier to find postal codes for large lists of addresses.

Another option for finding yubinbango codes in Japan is to use a GPS or mapping application on a smartphone or other device.

Many GPS and mapping applications are pre-loaded with yubinbango data, allowing users to search for addresses and locations and find the corresponding postal codes.

Overall, a yubinbango finder can be a useful tool for anyone who needs to find postal codes in Japan.

Whether for personal or business use, having access to accurate and up-to-date yubinbango information can help ensure that mail, packages, and other communications are delivered to the correct address in a timely and efficient manner.

People Also Ask

When Was The Yubinbango System Introduced In Japan?

The yubinbango system was introduced in Japan in 1968.

Why Is The Yubinbango System Important?

The yubinbango system is important in Japan as it helps to ensure mail delivery is efficient and that addresses are accurate.

How Is Yubinbango Used In Japan?

Yubinbango is used extensively in Japan for mail delivery, business addresses, navigation, transportation, and emergency services.

Can You Look Up A Yubinbango Online?

Yes, there are several websites where you can look up yubinbango in Japan.

Is The Yubinbango System Unique To Japan?

Yes, the yubinbango system is unique to Japan.

Can You Send Mail In Japan Without A Yubinbango?

It is recommended to include a yubinbango when sending mail in Japan, but it is not mandatory.

How Is The Yubinbango System Organized In Japan?

The first three digits of a yubinbango in Japan represent the regional area, while the last four digits represent the specific postal code within that area.


The yubinbango system is a crucial part of Japanese society, playing a significant role in many aspects of daily life. Its use has helped to make Japan a more efficient, organized, and convenient place to live and work. As the country continues to evolve and adapt to new challenges and opportunities, the yubinbango system is likely to remain an essential tool for managing information, delivering services, and supporting community development.

The system has become a symbol of Japan's unique culture and is a point of pride for many Japanese people. Overall, the yubinbango system has helped to make Japan a more efficient, organized, and convenient place to live.

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