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You Don't Have To Be A Realtor To Get Into Property

You Don't Have To Be A Realtor To Get Into Property

Within the property industry, there is a myriad of job opportunities and real estate internships available, enough to accommodate a wide variety of talents.

Elisa Mueller
Mar 14, 2022

Table of Contents

Within the property industry, there is a myriad of job opportunities and real estate internships available, enough to accommodate a wide variety of talents.

The most well-known role is that of real estate development. This position is really the proverbial ‘king of the hill’ when it comes to the development process of commercial real estate. This role is one of the most highly sort after because it encompasses areas of the industry which are vital and key, such as sourcing land, overseeing the construction process, and lease development.

Anyone learning how to work within these spheres, increasing their value by a huge amount. The commercial real estate job description has grown in responsibilities exponentially - which all translates to a position that can be both highly involved and immensely profitable. However, there are many other roles that exist within commercial real estate, roles that are less known, yet equally lucrative.

Careers in Academia

Teaching real estate may not be the first thing that springs to mind, but it is a rising area of demand. Traditionally, real estate was not something studied at university, it was more of a subject that was studied in courses by adults entering the field of real estate, as opposed to an academic subject studied by undergrads. But as the song goes ‘the times, they are a changing’. Although only half of US colleges offer courses in commercial real estate, the demand for teachers in the field is growing. This has resulted in many real estate analysts switching office time, to working at colleges, which has resulted in many real estate analyst jobs now morphing into full-blown lecturing gigs.

It would be wise and studious for seasoned professionals in commercial real estate, to turn their talents to lecturing about the industry.

Careers in Acquisitions

Roles in this area involve the sourcing, analyzing, and purchasing of existing property, and then overseeing the handing over of said property to an asset manager.


Specialist in this field are skilled in giving valuations of a property, especially homes for sale in hot real estate markets. Real estate firms regularly assess the value of their property assets, in order to position themselves strategically to best utilize the lending potential of their real estate.

This service is in high demand (and encompasses more vital tasks than that of a real estate agent job description),so much so that many firms specialize in this service alone.

Capital Raising Expert

Many real estate firms have professionals that specialize in raising real estate funds on behalf of a third-party. The service is very popular amongst private and corporate accounts as the expertise of these types of experts can result in huge savings for the client in the long term. This position is highly specialized, involves a lot of responsibility, yet can also be infinitely fulfilling and lucrative. The service provided by these professionals is one that is not replaceable and can result in significant short and long term savings for the client.

Commercial real estate internships in the area of capital raising are being offered more regularly, due to the increased demand for the service, and the lack of trained professionals in this area.


Construction experts are professionals that effectively manage the whole construction process for commercial real estate.


Within the industry of real estate, consultants are a vital resource to both firms and their customers.

These experts specialize in providing information on real estate tax, corporate strategy, and project management oversight just to name a few, their roles are pivotal in the proceedings of mergers and deals.

This area may not come under the traditional scope of a commercial real estate career path, but it really is a lucrative option for anyone astute enough to follow it.

Corporate Real Estate

Professionals in this area are responsible for managing the operations of a non-real estate nature. Many large non-real estate companies of property assets that can figure into millions of net worth. These properties are perhaps where their employees work, or where their customers shop, the list is extensive.

These corporations are obligated to manage these spaces in accordance with laws and public duty. So to honor and adhere to these responsibilities, they hire professionals to help with the acquisition, maintenance and disposal of such buildings.

This path, is one of the best commercial real estate careers that someone could choose for long term job stability.

Debt Origination

These professionals specialize in the use of debt for capital. They are masters of leveraging debt for gain as opposed to loss.

Often times, they raise capital for real estate investment by means of effective debt usage, the services of these individuals are normally used by third-party clients.


As far as commercial real estate broker career, working in real estate development is the most profitable, and also most risky field of real estate. Someone working in the role of a developer acquires land, and makes effective use of it by developing a building on the land in a way that best serves the land and contributes to a better end product.


This role involves selling and acquiring properties for your firm.

The position can range from one dispositions expert in a firm, to an entire team. This is all dependent on the portfolio of the firm. Some clients may express a desire to use this service for a few of their properties, while some larger clients can have enough properties to require a team to continually recycle the capital with the disposition team.


Careers in commercial real estate are a very lucrative career path for any individual entering the property market. Working with the US government can be very fruitful. As one of the largest owners of real estate in the US, and owning hundreds of millions of square feet of real estate, the government requires the use of professionals within commercial real estate that are adept at estate purchasing, operations and property acquisition.

Investor Relations

Experts in this field of expertise can enjoy an excellent choice of real estate careers of commercial real estate manage marketing aspects and general communications between real estate firms and investors.

This role requires being a connective bridge between entities within the chain of development in the real estate world.

Loan Servicing

Managing the administrative aspects of real estate loans is no small task, which is why this career exists in the world of commercial real estate.

Loan service managers take control of in-house firm loans, or a third party loans. They ensure payments are made, borrowers are fulfilling the requirements of the loan, and that everything regarding the loan is running smoothly

Portfolio Management

If strategic management interests you then this is the career for you. Professionals in this area of commercial real estate specialize in taking the portfolio of either their own firm or a third party, developing strategies for utilization of real estate, and implement those strategic plans.

The responsibility that sits on the shoulders of anyone in this position is huge to say the least. But the payoffs (especially when working with clients who have many properties) can be some of the most lucrative in commercial real estate.

Property Management

This role is extremely important in commercial real estate because it pertains to the upkeep of the properties themselves.

This operational career involves overseeing the daily management of real estate and ensuring services such as cleaning, maintenance and repairs are taking place in a timely and regular manner. Included within the description of this role is the management of commercial real estate belonging to companies that can have anything from 10 up to a hundred properties for you to manage.

This career can be stressful due to the wide range of responsibilities, but for those that can develop a system of management to effectively organize all required responsibilities, the rewards can be significantly large.

People working in property management can earn much higher amounts than that of what is possible on a mere commercial real estate agent salary, making this career choice a very lucrative one.

Every firm needs property managers, but the fallout rate of these types of managers is high because this area of real estate can be challenging, resulting in people leaving it very quickly. So seasoned property managers not only find themselves in demand, but often also have waiting lists of clients that are lining up to work with them. This is another lucrative career choice in commercial real estate.

Final words

So there you have it: some of the most lucrative and exciting career paths for anyone who is interest in working in the world of property. There are many different ways that you can get involved in this industry, and you do not have to go down the road of becoming a real estate agent if you do not want to.

Elisa Mueller | Elisa Mueller was born in Kansas City, Missouri, to a mother who taught reading and a father who taught film. As a result, she spent an excessive amount of her childhood reading books and watching movies. She went to the University of Kansas for college, where she earned bachelor's degrees in English and journalism. She moved to New York City and worked for Entertainment Weekly magazine for ten years, visiting film sets all over the world.


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