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Wynton Harvey - Youngest Son Of Steve Harvey


Whether you like it or not, having a famous parent will eventually put you in the spotlight. The family also receives all the public attention they do, and soon you find yourself in the spotlight. The situation of Wynton Harvey is the same as everyone else's.

Wynton Harvey, 24, is remarkably like his father, and there is little doubt that he is his biological child. Steve Harvey's second ex-wife, Mary Shackelford, is his mother.

Wynton Harvey wearing a white t-shirt and off-white hat
Wynton Harvey wearing a white t-shirt and off-white hat

Steve Harvey, Wynton Harvey's father, is well-known. His father works in the fashion industry and is a well-established and well-known comedian and TV personality. Wynton's mother is named Mary Lee Harvey or Mary Shackelford, and she is Steve Harvey's second wife.

Wynton's Characteristics

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Steve Harvey, Wynton's father, had an impact on his personality. Because of his strong, genuine, and comedic demeanor, he learned a lot from his father.

Additionally, one brother is a hairdresser and the other is a fashion model and photographer, which is of interest to all of the siblings. He continued to seek a profession in photography as a result.

According to data from 2022, Wynton is currently 24 years old and 6.1 inches tall. Before going to the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, he finished school in his hometown. He then continued his modeling and photography careers.

Work History Of Wynton Harvey

Wynton Harvey continued his interest and career as a photographer after identifying his love at a young age. At age 11, he started using editors to make his own snippets and images, which helped him improve his skills and abilities.

In addition, he began to find his voice talent in 2016, along with photography, which would be a further asset in continuing his career. He displayed his photographs in one of the Atlanta exhibitions in 2018.

The Siblings Of Wynton Harvey

The father of Wynton Harvey was fortunate to have multiple children from his three marriages. The last of his sons is Wynton Harvey. He maintains contact with the family and gets along well with all of his siblings and stepmother.

Broderick, Brandi, and Karli are his three siblings. They are each other's step-siblings. They were seen together in one of the YouTube videos, along with Harvey's stepbrothers.

He also gets along well with his extraordinary uncle. He spends time with them and posts special occasions on social media. As a result, Wynton Harvey's relationship with and love for his family is adequate.

Wynton Harvey in an Arab attire; Wynton Harvey wearing a white shirt and jeans
Wynton Harvey in an Arab attire; Wynton Harvey wearing a white shirt and jeans

Steve Harvey As His Father

Steve Harvey is a well-known American television and radio host, actor, author, and businessman. He is the wealthiest celebrity in America and presents a number of television programs, including Family Feud, Steve Harvey Morning Show, Celebrity Family Feud, Miss Universe, Family Feud Africa, and others, that captivate their audiences.

He wed Marcia Harvey and Marcia Harvey married in 1980 and had a peaceful and contented life together, but after 14 years of marriage, they divorced due to unresolved issues.

Marcia's ex-husband, Steve Harvey, blessed her with three children. Some reports say that they got a divorce when they found out that Steve had moved in with Mary Lee Harvey.

Steve is currently married to Marjorie Elaine Harvey. She has also been Wynton's stepmother since 2007. More importantly, Marjorie, Steve's third wife, is currently caring for her seven children as well as Wayton's.

She always made sure that her life had a good balance between her own children and her stepchildren. She gave Wynton the same attention as her other children.

Wynton Harvey Mother

Mary Lee Harvey, the mother of Wynton Harvey, was Steve's second wife. In 1986, Steve Harvey wed her wife, and the two of them raised and nurtured Wynton together.

Unfortunately, they mutually chose to get a divorce because of unresolved concerns. They were legally separated by 2005. However, it's crucial that he maintains his close relationship with his parents.

Marry Lee Harvey worked hard to advance her makeup artistry career. She was detained in 2013 for disobeying the court's orders. She therefore celebrated Christmas while incarcerated.

Wynton Harvey - Fathers Day Gift

Wynton Harvey Jr Controversy

Wynton Harvey takes precautions to protect and maintain the privacy of his personal life. His committed relationship has never been brought up in any interviews.

However, it is clear from their conversation that they have been dating since 2016. She is Ed Gordon's daughter, a well-known journalist known for her tenacious and combative reporting.

They began dating in 2016, and there is no indication that they will or won't formally engage in getting married in the near future. It is yet to be determined because his career growth is everything to him.

People Also Ask

How Old Is Steve Harvey Youngest Son?

Steve Harvey's youngest son is Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey and he is 25 years old.

Who Is Steve Harvey Son?

He has three sons: Wynton Harvey, Jason Harvey, and Broderick Harvey.

Who Is Wynton Harvey Mother?

Mary Lee Harvey is the mother of Wynton Harvey.

Final Words

Wynton Harvey is a philanthropist and activist. He has participated in at least one nonviolent demonstration in the United States, and he supports the Black Lives Matter movement. He's an ardent Muslim.

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