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Why Landlords Should Be Using End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services


Landlords are often confronted with difficult and stressful situations. And nothing is more stressful for a landlord than preparing a property for new tenants. Particularly when the last tenants have left the property in quite a sorry state.

While a lot of people that rent treat a property as if they own it and stay on top of cleaning tasks, sadly, many do not. And it can be quite shocking to see what has happened to your property in a relatively short amount of time.

What is end of tenancy cleaning?

If, as a landlord, you’ve ever been in a situation where a tenant has left your property far from clean after they have moved out, using end of tenancy cleaning services is an excellent way of getting that property back on the market quickly.

A team of cleaners can come to your property and completely wipe the slate clean. Every area of the property will be cleaned thoroughly and left as a blank slate for your new tenants. Every kitchen cabinet, built-in wardrobe, sink, toilet, oven, etc., will be cleaned perfectly. Even the carpets can be cleaned and made to look new again.

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End of tenancy cleaning is an excellent way of bringing your rental property back to life after someone has left it in a sorry state of disrepair.

Key areas of your property to check

We work with many landlords and estate agents across London, cleaning a variety of rented properties. Many of the landlords that we work with use a cleaning checklist during the handover. This checklist includes commonly missed areas, like kitchen cabinets and behind the toilet. These are key areas to check during your inspection, as they let you know whether a thorough cleaning has taken place.

While a quick scan of your property may show that it is clean, a closer inspection may offer a completely different story. So, checking commonly missed areas during the inspection is a quick way of identifying whether your tenants have had an end of tenancy clean performed or whether they have done a surface-level clean prior to the handover.

Why is an end of tenancy clean so important?

An end of tenancy clean is a vital part of the handover process because it wipes the slate clean and allows your new tenants to move into a property that has no trace of anyone else living there. It offers a sterile, clean, comfortable space for your tenants to make their home during their tenancy. And your tenants will be more inclined to keep it clean during their tenancy if the property is presented to them in a beautifully clean state at the start of their tenancy.

If an end of tenancy cleaning isn’t performed, it can mean more work for the landlord after the tenants move in. So, to ensure your property is perfect for your new tenants, getting an end of tenancy clean done is essential.

When should a landlord book an end of tenancy clean?

It's a good idea to book an end of tenancy clean once all other work to the property is complete. If there is damage that needs to be repaired, for example, or you intend to paint the property, all of this should take place before the clean. Basically, an end of tenancy clean should take place just before the tenants move in.

An end of tenancy clean should also be booked in for any property that has sat empty for a while, despite the condition that it was left in by the previous tenants. When a property sits dormant for any length of time, dust and dirt can gather all over the property.

An end of tenancy clean can bring a dormant property back to life again. The deep cleaning team can wipe down the walls, clean the cabinets and counters, and all windows. They can also shampoo the carpets to ensure they look brand new again. By doing this, the property will look beautiful for your tenants when they move in.

Are you a landlord in London?

If you own rental properties in London, Cleaning Express is here to help. We are an award-winning cleaning company with cleaners operating across London. We can create the perfect end of tenancy cleaning package to suit all your properties.

While our end of tenancy cleans are one of the more restrictive cleaning services we provide, as we use checklists to ensure every area of the property is perfectly cleaned, we do offer additional services to help bring all properties back to life. These additional services include carpet cleaning, window cleaning and more.

So, if you own property in London and are ready to rent it out, choose Cleaning Express for your next end of tenancy clean. We’ll ensure that your tenants have a perfectly clean place to call home when they move in.

To find out more about our end of tenancy cleans, give Cleaning Express a call today. If you are a tenant looking for end of tenancy cleaning services in London, Cleaning Express can help you too. Give the Cleaning Express call centre a ring today and learn more about our excellent end of tenancy cleaning services available across London.

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