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Where Self-Care & Confidence Intersect

Where Self-Care & Confidence Intersect

05/28/2021 11:56
Kaleem Kirkpatrick

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Daily MaintenanceLessening VicesDiscipline Of An Appropriate Kind

If you hope to work on your self-confidence and assertiveness, the best place to start is caring about your health and scheduling a great self-care routine. Does this mean that people who may be struggling with health issues or other conditions cannot enjoy confidence or the benefits of self-worth? Absolutely not. But the need for self-care remains the same in those circumstances and even more so.

This often runs counter to the usual narrative that confidence is built by throwing ourselves into risky situation after risky situation. Of course, avoidance is never a good idea, and yes, this can erode how self-assured we feel. However, by far the most effective means of feeling actualized, willing to defend yourself, and able to chase what you want is to make sure you’re looking after your health first.

Any other technique is often as misguided as when a young mother or father wishes to give their all to their infant child, not realizing that if they lack sleep, don’t eat properly and ignore basic exercise, they will find themselves slowly unable to care as well and as carefully for their child as they had been.

For this reason, it’s important to consider a few techniques, and remain willing to consider and question where self-care and confidence intersect. In this post, we’ll discuss the very many areas in which it does:

Daily Maintenance

Many people think that self-care means heading to the massage table each day, or soaking in a spa jacuzzi three times a week, and while that’s great if you have access to it, you don’t need all of that to take care of yourself. What matters are little efforts, undertaken daily. It’s best to get the basics down first and foremost so that you can ensure over time, you are cared for much better than you might have been.

This can seem obvious and even condescending from the offset, but it’s quite amazing how often we can forget to nail these essentials and end up suffering because of it. For instance, we might decide that watching one more episode of a Netflix show each night is preferable to just going to bed on time, and then waking up tired and almost late for work the next day.

Achieve the fundamentals. This may involve making sure you work on your sleep hygiene. It may mean ensuring you continually get fibrous and green leafy vegetables into your diet, and lessening your red meat and alcohol intake. It means exercising or stretching at least once a day, some days with more intensity, sometimes to just get your heart rate going. It also means caring for your body and its attentive care, such as having dental crowns fitted or ensuring gum problems are seen to. If you can focus on achieving that, and enjoying those responsible choices, you’re in a bunch better place than you may have expected otherwise.

Something happens when you do this. You begin to become more confident and feel more alert. This is because you are slowly nourishing yourself, and that leads you to a natural state of confidence, akin to how you might have been as a child. In this way, you’ve dealt with your adult stress, and continually affirm that you are worth it (you are).

Lessening Vices

The best way to lose self-confidence is to act in a manner that degrades your sense of self-worth. Many people think this means lying, cheating, or stealing, and yes, those are good examples, but they’re hardly the only ones.
In fact, keeping up with harmful lifestyle habits can sometimes erode your sense of self-respect over time, especially if they generally impact your wellbeing. For instance, if you really know you should quit smoking, but just can’t help reaching for a cigarette each morning, you’ve started your day thinking ‘now is not the time I need to focus on a better tomorrow.’ That colors your whole day. Of course, it can be tough to achieve this, so we don’t mean to sound patronizing in this regard.

However, taking what steps you can take, even if they’re small, even if they seem insignificant, can be a big benefit. Is it worth going out for drinks with colleagues if you have a meeting tomorrow, and you know you’ll feel better about yourself if you politely refuse and wake up ready to chase that promotion? ONce you make a good health choice in this regard, you immediately define yourself as someone who can, and the effect snowballs. That’s a great way of improving your confidence for good.

Discipline Of An Appropriate Kind

Finding a discipline you are able to take part in can be tremendously helpful and not for the reasons that you may expect. Sure, a discipline allows you to get better at a practice, and if that’s in any way related to health-care or self-sustenance, then it’s likely a good practice to follow.

That said, sometimes, discipline can provide us meaning, and a grounding point to orient the rest of our lives around. A focus like this can help our lives make sense, and for us to express our energies that at the end of the day. For instance, perhaps you can decide to focus on learning how to do Yoga this year, joining a class, trying the poses, and working at becoming more flexible. It might be that in thirty years of living, you’ve never stretched this much. Yet with a little care, a little attentiveness, and a little self-belief, you notice that your discipline is nourishing both body and soul. We can sometimes think of self-care as laying in a bathtub listening to whale noises and ignoring the world, but sometimes, self-care means running into the world and trying something healthy and new, almost always better yourself going forward, and enjoying the beautiful boost to your confidence.

To conclude, self-care is almost always applied in the best sense when it helps you nourish who you are, and nourish your daily schedule. Over time, you will be defined as someone who does that, who cares for themselves, and when you care for something, it’s hard not to feel proud or confident in it.

With this advice, we hope you can follow that wonderful journey for yourself.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick | Kaleem weaves song and story together with experience from his 12 year career in business and sales to deliver a mesmerizing tale of wealth and anger – the ups and downs of disruption – using his expertise in music and entertainment. His background in philosophy and psychology allows him to simplify the science of why we construct trends, where they come from, and how to alter them to improve outcomes.


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