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Where is George Clooney and What is He Currently Doing

Where is George Clooney and What is He Currently Doing

No matter which George Clooney you prefer, we have you covered. We celebrate his acting career, and humanitarian work and talk about what’s next for this Hollywood superstar.

Susan Murillo
Last updated: Nov 24, 2021 | Nov 23, 2021

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George Clooney is currently living in Lake Como, Italy, with his wife, Amal. The famous couple was recently at the Cannes Film Festival promoting his new movie Suburbicon, which he wrote and directed. Suburbicon is an upcoming drama film about the dark side of the suburbs and stars Matt Damon.

George has had a long, illustrious career in Hollywood that began with his early work in television, transitioning to film with the Ocean’s Eleven franchise, and then directing.

George Clooney's Acting Career

Clooney got his big break with the hit comedy ER, which was a famous American medical drama. He played Dr. Doug Ross from 1994-1999, with 123 episodes aired during that time. 1999 is when he won the Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Television Series (Comedy or Musical)

George has played many roles over the years. No two characters are the same. Some of his most popular movies are the Ocean’s series, Gravity, The Perfect Storm, Up in the Air and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, to name but a few.

We love George because the parts he chooses do not conform to good-looking man stereotypes. He has taken on many different troubled roles where he has changed his appearance to fit. For instance, in Syriana, he appeared with a scraggly beard and long hair. More recently, in The Descendants, he sported a shaven head and a bad attitude.

George Clooney's Personal Life

George Clooney has been unlucky in love and was married once for four years to actress Talia Balsam. They divorced, and he dated several beautiful women, including Kelly Preston, Brooke Shields, and Sarah Larson, before proposing to actress Calista Flockhart. The relationship ended, and George continued with his checkered love life.

In 2001, Clooney met British model Lisa Snowdon, whom he dated for a year before splitting up. In 2010, Clooney started dating again and began seeing human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin. They were engaged less than two years from the first date, proving that when you know, you know!

George and Amal were married in September 2014, by a British-Lebanese lawyer at the Aman Canal Hotel in Venice. Matt Damon, Cindy Crawford, Bono, and Bill Murray all attended their wedding. The Clooney's are loving parents to their twins Alexander and Ella, born in June 2017.

Keeping the family together is no easy task when you do as much humanitarian work as this power couple.

Personal Life

George Clooney's Humanitarian Work

In March 2018, George and his wife Amal announced a three-year commitment to offering underprivileged children access to education. The Clooneys have already donated $500,000 (£387,000) - with the money provided via their Clooney Foundation for Justice - to help three organizations in the Lake Como area.

The International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children, the Community High School of Como, and the Rainbow Child Foundation. This follows the early work George did as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, his work with Not On Our Watch Project, promoting the Satellite Sentinel Project, and co-founding the Not On Our Watch campaign, which supports efforts to send aid to Sudan.

Facts About George

There are a lot of facts about George Clooney that you might not know. He started his career as a journalist before going into acting, working for local papers in Kentucky, where he was born.

Another fun fact is that he had a small part in the movie The People vs. Larry Flynt, where he played a jury member. While playing this role, Clooney met his wife-to-be, Amal Alamuddin as an advisor on the film. Ben Affleck introduced them at a party thrown at the end of filming. They were dating within three months, and he proposed after two years of dating - oh, the romance!

Clooney's dad was a local celebrity in Kentucky and was known for his music. It seems creativity runs in the family as his younger sister, Ada, is a well-respected singer-songwriter.

It's a little-known fact, but George is related to President Lincoln and actor Josh Brolin. He is a seventh cousin to President Lincoln and his third cousin, four times removed is Brolin - Hollywood royalty runs in the veins.

It seems unbelievable that this talented actor went to college but never graduated. He didn't complete his course because he got bored during the lectures and thought it wasn't what he wanted to do. He did get an honorary degree in April 2015 when he received a Doctor of Humane Letters from the University of Kentucky.

George proves the point that if you do what you love in life, you can overcome anything.

Facts About George

George Clooney's Accolades

Clooney has won so many honors that it is difficult to keep track of them all! The Hollywood Actor Award, the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy), the NBRA (National Board of Review Award) for Best Actor, and the SAG Award in numerous categories are just a few examples.

George Clooney is a well-known actor in the industry. He has a long, illustrious career that includes earning several awards in different acting categories, including one Oscar in 2013 for his role as lawyer Nick in The Descendants.

The Future

What does the future hold for George? He will likely concentrate on directing movies as well as acting in them. Clooney has made his directorial debut with The Monuments Men, which he also produced and starred in. George has since gone on to direct several movies including Suburbicon and The Ides of March.

George has been directing movies for some time, and his latest film, The Midnight Sky, was released in 2020.

As a power couple, George and Amal have links to the British royal family, Megan Markle. George Clooney's fondness of the British royal family goes back to his childhood when he learned about noble families through television shows like Dynasty, but that could be speculation.

There is little doubt that George and Amal are Hollywood royalty, and their A-list lifestyle has only improved since the birth of their twins Ella and Alexander.

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