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When Evil Lurks - A Sinister Gaze At The Most Terrifying Horror Film In 2023

The Argentine horror film When Evil Lurks, directed by Demián Rugna, is set to release in 2023. The film stars Ezequiel Rodriguez, Demián Salomon, Luis Ziembrowski, Silvia Sabater, and Marcelo Michinaux and was produced in a joint effort between Argentina and the United States.

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Oct 24, 20233099 Shares147562 Views
The Argentine horror film When Evil Lurks, directed by Demián Rugna, is set to release in 2023. The film stars Ezequiel Rodriguez, Demián Salomon, Luis Ziembrowski, Silvia Sabater, and Marcelo Michinaux and was produced in a joint effort between Argentina and the United States.
The film explores demonic possession as a viral pandemic, following his debut Terrified. The brothers Pedro and Jimmy discover an infernal infestation in their farmhouse, with the protagonist being covered in pustules.
They escape and rush to the city, where Pedro's children, including their autistic son Jaime, are taken away. However, the evil is stirring, and everyone is on the menu. When Evil Lurks is a must-see for fans of dismal horror films and nihilistic horror films.

Production And Release

At the Sitges Pitchbox, an international pitch event co-hosted by Filmarket Hub and the Sitges Film Festival in 2021, the script for When Evil Lurks came in second place and earned the Runner Up Prize.
When Evil Lurks is a co-production between the horror movie studio Shudder and the Argentinean film production companies Aramos Cine and Machaco Films, known as La Puerta Roja. This is the first movie that Shudder has made in Spanish. The year of filming was 2022.
The film's early market showing at Ventana Sur in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, earned it the Blood Window Screenings Award while it was still in post-production.
On September 13, 2023, the international premiere of When Evil Lurks took place at TIFF in the "Midnight Madness" segment of the festival. At the event, Charades, located in Paris, will handle worldwide sales. IFC Films plans to debut the film in theaters on October 6, and then on the Shudder streaming service on October 27.
The vast majority (97%) of the 37 reviewer reviews on review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes are enthusiastic, with an average score of 7.2 out of 10. The opinion on the website states: "A hard-hitting horror film whose surface-level frights are just as engaging as its thematic concerns, When Evil Lurks marks a viscerally unsettling addition to the possession horror canon." The film received "generally favorable" reviews according to Metacritic's weighted average of nine reviewers, who gave it a score of 74 out of 100.

When Evil Lurks Review

Rugna gleefully pushes the limits of good taste with a wicked grin. Whether it's wise elderly grannies, innocent little sisters in pajamas, or drooling canines with more rolls than a bakery showcase, Rugna's malevolent antagonist shows no mercy. For those with weaker stomachs, the relentless and shockingly brutal outbursts, reminiscent of gruesome masterpieces like 'The Sadness,' may prove too much. In Rugna's world, creativity in cruelty reigns supreme.
When Evil Lurks doesn't waste time on frills, making its unrelenting onslaught of violence all the more striking. Rugna unflinchingly presents grotesque images of unwavering brutality, leaving no room for respite. The story unfolds like a domino effect, with every innocent character meeting a fate more devastating than a Mack Truck barreling at 100 mph, their wounds gushing torrents of blood while the camera captures it all.
Deception runs rampant as Pedro grapples with whether a demon is using Jaime's neurodivergence as a disguise, demonstrating that demonic desires recognize no boundaries. Rugna also takes a page from 'Evil Dead,' with the viral demon hiding within human bodies, manipulating their behavior and dialogue to incite mayhem. They may not look like zombified Deadites, but their murderous antics are equally unhinged.
Rugna's mastery of visual agony serves as a gruesome feast for the eyes. Distorted and mangled corpses, resulting from falls out of second-story windows or self-inflicted axe wounds, are commonplace. The rotund figure of the malevolent entity, resembling a swollen water balloon filled with mucus, pus, and demonic bile, evokes memories of Kevin Durand's Blob from 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine,' only in a state of decay seconds away from death.
Rugna's exceptional special effects team aims to shock audiences until they drop, with success contingent on your tolerance for sadistic horror storytelling. 'When Evil Lurks' is akin to a possession tale set on 'Doom's' "Nightmare" difficulty, growing increasingly nightmarish as Pedro and Jimmy struggle to escape the seemingly inescapable evil, spreading like an apocalyptic wildfire.
In the words of The Offspring, 'When Evil Lurks' lets the bad times roll (oh-oh-oh-oh). It's reprehensibly entertaining, featuring corrupted daughters gleefully prancing in a circle while their wounded mother lies motionless (the line "Evil likes children, and children like evil" is a standout). Once-quaint suburban settings become breeding grounds for unwelcome malevolence, never allowing the audience to catch their breath before the next jaw-dropping act of brutality unfolds.
Rugna also weaves folklore and mythology into the rules governing the demon's demise, emphasizing the essential dynamic in horror where frantic characters often disregard instructions, worsening their predicament. Throughout, there's an overall sense of abruptness and vicious unpredictability, keeping viewers on their toes and suppressing their gasps. 'When Evil Lurks' remains unapologetically intense, beautifully captured by cinematographer Mariano Suárez.

When Evil Lurks Plot

In the wake of gunshots, brothers Pedro and Jaime discover half of a man's body and a woman's two sons, Uriel, who has become a "Rotten." Despite the discovery, authorities dismiss the Rotted as a problem. The brothers approach landowner Ruiz, who initially takes a hostile approach. However, after persuasion from his wife and the brothers, Ruiz agrees to dispose of Uriel by transporting him to a location hours away.
On their journey, they encounter a young boy on the road, but they discover Uriel has escaped. Ruiz declares the matter resolved and returns home without concern for the consequences. The following morning, Ruiz's wife discovers a goat has become possessed, and despite her advice not to use guns, she executes the possessed animal. Tragically, her wife resorts to a murder-suicide.
The next night, Uriel's brother approaches the brothers, expressing fear and the disappearance of his mother. Pedro initially hesitates but allows the young boy to take shelter in their barn. The child warns them that their electric lights will attract demons, but the brothers disregard the warning and leave the lights on.
In the morning, both Jaime and Pedro agree that it's time to leave the town and secure the safety of their family members. While Jaime goes to retrieve their mother, Pedro heads to his ex-wife Sabrina's home. This visit results in a heated argument involving Pedro, Sabrina, and her new husband, Leonardo, as Pedro attempts to collect his two children.
During the commotion, the family dog, which had previously come into contact with Pedro's demon-contaminated clothing, viciously attacks Leonardo and Sabrina's daughter, dragging her outside. In the chaos that ensues, Pedro shoots the dog. However, upon his return to Sabrina's house, he is astonished to find her daughter unharmed and threatening Sabrina. In a state of shock, Pedro decides to steal their car.
As Pedro drives away with his sons, he witnesses a harrowing incident. Leonardo crashes into Sabrina while their daughter dances nearby. After collecting Jaime and their mother, the entire family departs from the town. Yet, it becomes apparent that Grandma does not take the situation seriously and doubts her sons' accounts of the events.
Despite Pedro's warnings, Grandma begins to explain to her youngest grandson about the Rotten and the Possessed, believing that a Rotten would never appear in the countryside. She dismissively lists ways to avoid conflict with the demon.
However, her casual listing of demons' names goes unnoticed by the adults, but the eldest son, who is severely autistic, starts muttering these names repeatedly. The family arrives at the home of Mirta, a former Cleaner and friend of Jaime, who offers them shelter for the night.
During their stay, the possessed corpse of Sabrina abducts her youngest son. Mirta advises Jaime to chase after her, while she and Pedro set out to locate Uriel in order to put an end to the demonic plague.
While searching for Sabrina, Jaime makes a gruesome discovery: she has killed the child. Overcome by emotion, he runs her over in a fit of rage, colliding with a tree in the process.
Meanwhile, Grandma remains at Mirta's house, waiting with her oldest grandson. He returns to the house, now speaking clearly and without impediment.
Pedro and Mirta's search leads them to a schoolhouse filled with possessed children who deceitfully mislead the pair, exacerbating the demonic birth. They eventually find Uriel hiding under the stage in a small auditorium. As Pedro attempts to unearth Uriel, Mirta prepares the equipment used to eliminate demons.
Losing his patience and believing one of the children's lies about a nearby fire axe, Pedro rushes to the office while Mirta pleads for him not to leave her. During his absence, the children trap Pedro, kill Mirta, and dismantle the equipment.
Enraged, Pedro beats Uriel to death with the axe, but it is too late to prevent the birth of the demon. Soon after, the demon inside Uriel is born, shedding his corpse and revealing itself to a defeated Pedro. After taunting Pedro by sparing his life, the newly born demon walks out into the morning sun, followed by the children.
The two brothers return to Mirta's separately and, after collecting the remaining son, head back to their own home. There, they discover that Uriel's possessed brother has killed the original Cleaner four days ago, devouring him. He also reveals that he did the same to his mother the night before. Before Jaime leaves, the boy alludes to the grim fate of Pedro and Jaime's mother.
Pedro returns inside and offers his son ice cream, but the seemingly routine occurrence takes a sinister turn. He discovers that his son is choking on his mother's hair and is, in fact, possessed, manipulating Pedro under the guise of his autism. In distress, Pedro runs outside and collapses in grief, having lost everyone but his brother.
Jaime is equally distraught and struggles to console Pedro in the wake of the overwhelming tragedy.
A man is pointing gun on a zombie in a scene of When Evil Lurks.
A man is pointing gun on a zombie in a scene of When Evil Lurks.

Parents Guide

When Evil Lurks is an Argentinan horror film (in Spanish with English subtitles for US release) about a strange plague that turns people into "rottens" and spreads evil across the land. It's shocking and clever, with a message about human weakness, but the violence is gory and intense.
A child is thrashed about by a dog; a woman kills a man and then herself with an axe; characters are smashed into by vehicles; and a woman leaps over a balcony with a child in her arms. Gross images include a diseased man oozing pus, a half-corpse with its intestines spilling out, characters eating human flesh, lots of blood, and more.
A man's naked bottom is shown as he changes his clothes, and there is a brief sex reference. Strong language includes subtitled uses of the words "f--k," "motherf----r," "a--hole," "bastard," and others. People smoke cigarettes, and one woman claims to be "a little drugged" from taking sleeping pills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is "When Evil Lurks" About?

"When Evil Lurks" is a horror film that follows the story of two brothers, Pedro and Jaime, who stumble upon a gruesome discovery in the woods. They find the body of a man, leading them to a shack where a woman hides with her two sons.
One of the sons, Uriel, is a "Rotten," a being possessed by an unborn demon. The film delves into their terrifying journey as they encounter demonic possessions, violence, and a relentless evil that threatens their lives.

Is "When Evil Lurks" Rated R?

Yes, "When Evil Lurks" is rated R. It contains intense scenes of violence, disturbing content, and graphic imagery that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

What Is The "Evil Lurks" Film?

There isn't a widely known film titled "Evil Lurks." The film you might be referring to could have a different title or may not be widely recognized in popular cinema.

Where Can I Stream "When Evil Lurks"?

To find out where you can stream "When Evil Lurks," you should check popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or other services. Availability may vary by region and over time, so it's a good idea to search for the film on your preferred streaming platform or use a streaming guide to see if it's currently available.

Final Words

When Evil Lurks is one of the year's meanest, cruel, most uncompromising images of evil. Rugna delivers one haymaker after another, mapping the purest depiction of poisonous animosity from the beginning to a finale that gives no relief. Feeling horrible should not feel this nice, yet that is the film's ultimate success.
When Evil Lurks is a horror film with a capital "H" that takes a chance and strikes the jackpot, pummeling its viewers into servitude while yet leaving us wanting more.
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