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What Digital Marketing Taught Me

How digital marketing is important to our lives.

Paolo Reyna
Apr 29, 202167222 Shares1179330 Views

Marketing Through The Rough Roads

Through the years, I have been doing digital marketing, everything from website building to direct response marketing with Facebook ads.
I have learned many lessons from the ups & downs.
One of the main lessons that I learned that I feel needs to be shared more than making money is to follow your heart. Care about what you do. In the deep times when nothing is going your way, this is the one thing that will keep you going.
As long as you care about the business you are building, then the only thing that matters to you is doing the task the correct way. Never cutting corners or taking the easy road. This one thing helped me build several businesses and led me to the pursuit of less but better.
Meaning, I don't have to be everything to everyone or spread thin to be successful. All I have to do is be great at one thing. Being great at one thing is easy if you care about it, and it is your passion.
Every one of us has something that drives us. This is true. It is different for each one of us. When we find out what we are passionate about then, it may sound strange to others but do not let that stand in your way because if you like it and care about, it then there are more people just like you out there.
We often forgot how big the world is, and at times, we feel alone, but the truth is... you are never alone.
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