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What Companies Are In The Consumer Durables Field? Things You Need To Know About

In this article, we will discuss about what companies are in the consumer durables field. Consumer durables are goods that are expected to last for several years and can be used by households for personal or family purposes.

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Mar 16, 20230 Shares137 Views
In this article, we will discuss about what companies are in the consumer durables field. Consumer durables are goods that are expected to last for several years and can be used by households for personal or family purposes.
These products are not meant to be consumed or worn out in a short time and can be in the form of electronics, appliances, and other household items.

Consumer Durables


Electronics include a range of products such as televisions, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other similar gadgets. Some of the well-known companies in this sector are Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft.

Home Appliances

Home appliances encompass a wide range of products used for household purposes, such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and other similar products. Some of the prominent companies in this sector are LG, Whirlpool, and Haier.

Personal Care Appliances

Personal care appliances include items like hair dryers, electric shavers, and toothbrushes. Companies like Philips, Braun, and Oral-B are some of the leading players in this sector.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances consist of items used for cooking and food preparation, such as ovens, microwaves, and coffee makers. Brands like BOSCH, Kenmore, and Cuisinart are some of the well-known companies in this sector.

Fitness And Sports Equipment

Fitness and sports equipment encompasses items used for physical fitness and recreational activities, such as treadmills, weights, and bicycles. Companies like Nike, Under Armour, and Reebok are some of the leading players in this sector.

Outdoor And Camping Equipment

Outdoor and camping equipment consists of items used for outdoor activities and camping, such as tents, sleeping bags, and camping gear. Brands like The North Face, Coleman, and Patagonia are some of the well-known companies in this sector.

Home Entertainment Systems

Home entertainment systems include items used for entertainment purposes, such as sound systems, DVD players, and gaming systems. Companies like Sony, Bose, and Microsoft are some of the leading players in this sector.

Automotive Products

Automotive products consist of items used in vehicles, such as GPS systems, car audio systems, and other similar products. Companies like Pioneer, JBL, and Kenwood are some of the well-known companies in this sector.

Office Equipment

Office equipment encompasses items used in office settings, such as computers, printers, and other similar products. Brands like Dell, HP, and Canon are some of the leading players in this sector.

Personal Electronic Accessories

Personal electronic accessories include items used to enhance or protect electronic devices, such as phone cases, screen protectors, and chargers. Companies like Otterbox, Belkin, and Anker are some of the well-known companies in this sector.

Biggest Consumer Durables Stocks In 2023

A man controlling a Hologram
A man controlling a Hologram
  • TESLA (NASDAQ:TSLA) - $408.4 billion
  • TOYOTA MOTOR (NYSE:TM) - $199.5 billion
  • FERRARI (NYSE:RACE) - $44.0 billion
  • HP (NYSE:HPQ) - $27.2 billion
  • DELL TECHNOLOGIES (NYSE:DELL) - $28.6 billion
  • LI AUTO (NASDAQ:LI) - $20.9 billion
  • STELLANTIS (NYSE:STLA) - $49.5 billion
  • HONDA MOTOR (NYSE:HMC) - $40.5 billion
  • FORD MOTOR (NYSE:F) - $50.6 billion
  • GENERAL MOTORS (NYSE:GM) - $51.9 billion

Best Consumer Durables Stocks To Buy In 2023

There is a substantial amount of overlap between companies that operate in the consumer durables sector and companies operating in sectors such as technology, home improvement, and manufacturing. Consumer durables stocks comprise a wide number of different industries.
Listed below are three of the best stocks in consumer durables that are currently trading on the market. The consumer durables industry offers a wide variety of choices, and each of these three products exemplifies that spectrum.

YETI Holdings

YETI Holdings went public in 2018, and since then, the company's stock has surprised some investors with its consistent success. YETI Holdings is a manufacturer of outdoor sporting goods.
The brand is well recognized for the high-quality coolers and tumblers that, in comparison to similar items sold by competitors, are able to maintain the temperature of food and beverages for far longer.
In spite of the fact that YETI goods are typically somewhat pricey, which contributes to the company's status as a luxury brand, the brand has garnered a cult-like following due to the company's high-performance offerings.
This has allowed it to expand its product line to include things like bags and other cargo gear, camping equipment, and even pet accessories, which has contributed to its good growth and enabled it to produce solid growth.
YETI may appear to have limited growth opportunities given the size of its addressable market; however, the market for outdoor accessories is still highly fragmented, which gives the company the ability to grow by gaining market share, introducing new products, and expanding internationally. This is because the outdoor accessories market is still highly fragmented.

Restoration Hardware

RH is the high-end furniture company that was previously known as Restoration Hardware. Although consumer durable companies are typically viewed as manufacturers or wholesale brands, RH, a vertically integrated retailer, clearly fits the bill.
It, like many other consumer durables companies, outsources manufacturing, but it designs and sells its own furniture, such as sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables, through dozens of "galleries" and online.
RH thrived during the pandemic, as did most home goods stocks, but it has recently faced headwinds as consumers have become more cautious, according to CEO Gary Friedman. Following the high demand for home goods during the pandemic, spending is shifting back to services such as travel.
RH has been a long-term stock market winner because it has carved out a distinct brand and also uses a membership model to encourage repeat purchases and reward customer loyalty. Recently, the company announced plans to diversify its operations, including the launch of a streaming service devoted to architecture design and the establishment of its own hotel and restaurant.
Friedman believes that the strategy will reinforce and strengthen RH's reputation for superior design while also expanding both the core and newer service businesses.


Trex is the world's leading maker of wood-alternative decking and railing and has been a top performer for a considerable amount of time. Trex decking and railing are made from recycled plastic and wood flour.
Its products have a longer lifespan than those of traditional competitors that are based on wood and offer benefits such as being resistant to mold and mildew, having less of a tendency to fade or stain, and not having splinters.
Trex also has a track record of consistently achieving substantial increase in both its revenue and its profitability. Despite the fact that it will be impossible to compare 2022 with 2021, the company plans to aim for sales growth of double digits in 2022 and an incremental EBITDA margin of between 30% and 35%.
The expansion of the firm's plant in Virginia was only just finished, and as a result, the company's production capacity has been increased by 70 percent. This has paved the way for even greater revenue growth as the company meets the pent-up demand.

People Also Ask

What Are Durable Goods Companies?

In general, consumer durables companies are manufacturers with consumer-facing brands. Selling to the end consumer differentiates them from manufacturers that sell to other businesses or to institutions such as governments, but they are best analyzed in the same way as other manufacturers.

What Are Examples Of Consumer Durable Goods?

Appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, and air conditioners are examples of consumer durables, as are tools, computers, televisions, and other electronics, jewelry, cars and trucks, and home and office furnishings.

What Is Consumer Durable Company?

The Consumer Durables industry includes household goods and appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines. Cell phones and kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens are also included in this category.

Final Words

You have learned in this article about what companies are in the consumer durables field. The consumer durables industry is a diverse sector, encompassing a range of products used by households for personal and family purposes.
From electronics and home appliances to personal care and office equipment, the industry is constantly evolving, with new and innovative products being introduced in the market every year.
The companies in this sector range from well-established multinationals to new and emerging players, all of which are striving to meet the evolving needs of consumers.
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