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25 Top Trending Wedding Dresses 2024

The common thread running through the wedding dresses 2024 was this: brides want to feel authentic on their wedding day, and as fashion houses diversify their product lines and embrace non-traditional styles, the boundaries between bridal and ready-to-wear clothing are becoming increasingly blurry.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick
Jan 19, 2024793 Shares26442 Views
Designers from Bronx, Banco, SOUCY, Amsale, and Halfpenny London introduced gowns that were romantic, contemporary, daring, and glamorous, catering to a wide range of bridal styles.
The common thread running through the wedding dresses 2024was this: brides want to feel authentic on their wedding day, and as fashion houses diversify their product lines and embrace non-traditional styles, the boundaries between bridal and ready-to-wear clothing are becoming increasingly blurry.
The gowns that are currently popular reflect the unique style of each brand and show how bridal fashion is always changing.

Reimagined Bodices

This season, designers took dramatic bodices to a whole new level with their fairytale wedding dresses. Instead of sleek, conventional patterns, these gowns featured elaborate flower structures.
Amsale and Esé Azénabor, two brands that catered to brides with daring and meticulous tastes, released stunning versions of extravagant ball gowns with large floral bodices (as shown below).

Pin-Thin Cold Shoulders

Designers like Halfpenny London and The OWN Studio have given the classic cold-shoulder style a contemporary update by substituting thin straps for an uncovered arm look. The variety of designs, including those with long sleeves, off-the-shoulder, and straps decorated with pearls, is what we adore.

Bold Party Looks

You want a little naughtiness during your reception or after-party, right? You're in luck because designers and businesses have already shown the most daring looks for Fall 2024.
In the next year, brides-to-be will have plenty of options for their second or even third wedding day dresses, from Rime Arodaky's two-piece lace ensemble to Bronx and Banco's sheer one-shoulder maxi, among many others.

Un-Sweetheart Necklines

Bridal Fashion Week this season featured curved necklines—what we're calling the "un-sweetheart" neckline—in a number of collections, including those by THEIA and Prea James. If a bride is looking for a unique gown, she should keep an eye on the inverted shape trend, which is a contemporary variation on the classic sweetheart form.

80s Statement Shoulders

The return of 80s statement shoulders for the Fall 2024 season was hardly unexpected, given that it is not unusual for vintage styles to make a presence in modern bridal dresses.
Julie Vino's structured, pointed version and Scorcesa's sleek, puff-shoulder variant were our favorites among the several designers that gave this 80s staple a contemporary spin.

Muted Hues

We will say it again: Brightly colored wedding gowns are not going anywhere. Several designers this season chose more subdued colors including baby blue, light grey, pastel green, and blush pink.
Below, you can observe how companies such as SOUCY and Ines Di Santo took this lively style to the next level by adding details like flower patterns and leaf designs.

Peek-a-Boo Panels

The designers' innovative use of see-through, or peek-a-boo, panels to update the transparent wedding dress trend is, last but not least, something we adore. Honor and Nardos showed that this approach works for brides with more glamorous or romantic tastes.

Floral Appliqués

Although flowers are often associated with spring, they were incorporated into nearly every fall design in innovative ways. One notable trend was the incorporation of appliqués into the design of one-of-a-kind 3D flower arrangements.
The upcoming wedding season is sure to be filled with beautiful floral designs, from delicate rosettes adorning Alexandra Grecco dresses to a stunning column dress by Monique Lhuillier adorned with white and light green petals to grand organza embellishments in gender-neutral capes and jackets by Milla Nova.


This year's bridal trends will feature dramatic looped fabric and tiny ribbons, both of which have their roots in balletcore. Previously just seen as a decorative element, the bow is now a structural component of several dresses for the Fall of 2024.
Elie Saab went all out with a collection that included sculpted bustlines resembling bows and bodices adorned with glittering bows. In the upcoming year, many brides are certain to favor this design.
A woman is wearing white bridal dress
A woman is wearing white bridal dress

Structural Shapes

Following the success of the slip-style silhouette of the 1990s, designers have resorted to their maximalist side. Grand ball gown skirts, tulle and lace fabric explosions, and clever boning treatments to create creative forms are all part of this season's dress choices.
The collection by designer Esé Azénabor stood out because to its avant-garde, breathtakingly beautiful creations that redefined bridal fashion.

Exquisite Skirts

Designers have been thinking of methods to give brides more for their money as a result of the growing trend of second (and even third) views at weddings. With an overskirt, you can effortlessly undo layers to show off a figure-hugging form, which is perfect for brides who want a dramatic shape for part of their wedding but not the whole thing.
Several designers, including Enaura, embraced this look and paired elegant overskirts with long trains with sleek column dresses to create subtle shape contrasts. Reem Acra and Monique Lhuillier also contributed to the trend of shorter skirts by offering sensual miniskirts as a formal alternative that could be worn from the ceremony to the after-party.

Vibrant Shade

The bride may not always wear white next year. The presentations this season were filled with color. Ines Di Santo and Honor's pastel pink and blue collections had fanciful, dreamlike touches, while the gothic marrier may choose from black designs by Galia Lahav and Nadia Manjarrez.
If the happy couple would rather not continue the practice after the wedding, they can choose from a variety of colorful small outfits that were featured in various collections.

Unique Veils

Various veils from different collections are sure to be on trend in 2024, so brides-to-be should shop around. Embroidery, appliqués, and lace trim with a vintage vibe were plenty of ways to amp up the drama of a ceremonial outfit.
You may include other styles with this quirky item, such as the all-over tulle pattern from Halfpenny London or the flowers from Alexandra Grecco's veils.


This season, several designers have produced stunning pieces that acknowledge that not every bride wears a dress. The Rime Arodaky presentation was a whirlwind of seductive, lingerie-inspired short sets, while Viktor and Rolf had a one-of-a-kind jumpsuit with a flouncy overskirt.
A few of designers also included slacks as an alternative that could be swapped for a full skirt under fashionable bustiers for a more relaxed evening look.

Skirts With A Dropped Waist

For the year 2024, the drop-waist style has made a huge splash in bridal design. This design is both current and stunning, thanks to the combination of a rising waistline and exposed corsetry.
Brands like Lihi Hod are weaving the silhouette into stunning ball dresses, in contrast to designers like Nadia Manjarrez, who have highlighted the form in collections with dramatic bustiers over skirts.

A Penchant For Pastels

Brides who don't want to follow the traditional white dress trend may now celebrate. Bridal designs for 2024 showcased a growing trend of designers embracing color, with shades ranging from pastel pinks to baby blues.
From the elaborate, often bejeweled gowns shown by Ines Di Santo and Nadia Manjarrez to the hand-painted flowers adorning Savin London dresses, pastels were more prominent than in previous seasons. While traditional ivory wedding dresses will forever be in vogue, we're totally digging the pastel trend.

Wrapped Up In Bow

A bow is the best way to finish off a bridal ensemble, as seen in the most recent collections (pardon the pun). Fashion designers are 'wrapped up' in this trend for all the right reasons, with voluminous bows that cascade into dramatic trains (as at Hera Couture) and tiny crystal bows adorning veils.
When accessorized with a bow, each outfit takes on an air of classic femininity and exudes joy. Although bows have traditionally been more of an accessory or hair decoration in wedding dresses, we anticipate that big bow motifs will soon be front and center in bridal design.

Bridal Meets Boudoir

Many similarities exist between the current bride and the tradition-defying flapper of the 1920s. Several designers are now capitalizing on that feeling, more than a century later, by fusing boudoir styles with Jazz Age influence.
From the most private of settings—the bedroom—to the most public: the wedding altar—lingerie-influenced toppers, slip dresses, and bralettes have found their way there.
Those brides who aren't interested in the traditional virginal white appearance will love these updated versions of Roaring Twenties classics. You may expect to see a plethora of these styles in 2024 courtesy of labels like Watters, HONOR, and Danielle Frankel.

Back To Black

Since Australia is home to several renowned designers and businesses, it often serves as a benchmark for wedding fashion trends. The rest of the globe quickly followed suit as black wedding dresses became popular among Australian brides.
Gen Z brides are changing the game when it comes to wedding style, and one trend that stands in stark contrast to tradition is the use of black gowns. We expect this to be only the beginning of the trend of including black options in many collections this season.
A nude or white underlay adds a distinctive touch of contrast to many black lace designs, making them perfect for brides-to-be who want to flaunt a black gown without sacrificing the distinctive bridal vibe.

A Nod To The '90s

According to popular belief, fashion cycles repeat every 20 years. However, in the realm of wedding fashion, some trends seem to be timeless. So, for example, the '90s are like, "back again" all the time, making us wonder whether they ever really went. As far as wedding fashion is concerned, the subtle shapes and simple designs of the era will always be cherished.
Katherine Tash, Kelly Faetanini, and THEIA were among the companies that showcased collections this year that embraced the allure of the turn of the century. The designs included bias-cut satins, structured bodices, and overall clean lines.

Elegance Deconstructed

With the advent of subversive streetwear came a whole new age of wedding dress that is completely unrecognizable and impossible to classify. Think timeless shapes with deconstruction details that show the structure underneath the surface.
These cutting-edge fashions are built around exposed boning, sheer paneling, frayed skirts, and raw hems. Fashion houses like Watters, Cinq, and Danielle Frankel debuted one-of-a-kind styles this year that will delight daring brides and femme fatales.

Mastered Maximalism

While elopements and small weddings were all the rage a few years ago, our Real Weddings Study shows that bigger and better is back in vogue. The wedding industry is well-prepared to satisfy the desire for extravagant designs, as there have been many maximalist looks on the runways.
The show-stopping creations of brands such as Esé Azénabor, Berta, and Madeline Gardner were adorned with pearls, appliques, and whatever shiny they could get their hands on.
No matter how much emphasis on minimalism there is in wedding fashion for the next year of 2024, one thing is certain: the bride who thinks more is more will find the ideal dress in this maximalist style.

Short And Sweet

Warning: This is not a short skirt; it is stylish. Proof that great things can be found in tiny packages, little white gowns made a huge splash this year. There were a plethora of convertible wedding dresses with mini-dresses beneath, perfect for brides who wanted to showcase a second look on their big day.
New York Bridal Fashion Week taught us that short gowns aren't only for receptions anymore if there's one thing. Jaclyn Whyte, Nardos, and Vera Wang were just a few of the designers who created a plethora of leg-baring wedding gown designs.

Suited Up

Putting on your trousers one leg at a time, huh? Sounds like you're quite the chill bride. Understanding is key. Thanks be to God, designers are no exception.
Showing that a dress isn't necessary to appear like a bride, designers like Esé Azénabor, Maticevski, and Andrew Kwon shown that unconventional jumpsuits can be just as glamorous as traditional gowns.
We believe this style will be perfect for you if you want to make a bold statement on your wedding day or if you want to look great while dancing.

Sultry Separates

When it means creating a more welcoming future for everyone, we're all for breaking the boundaries of wedding attire. The variety of suits and pieces seen on this year's runways challenged conventional gender norms and reimagined the traditional bride's dress code.
Brands like as Milla Nova, Rime Arodaky, and Bronx and Banco have designs that are perfect for gender-fluid brides or anybody looking to stand out from the crowd. Despite the fact that there is still a long way to go, we are celebrating this milestone and looking forward to seeing more gender flexibility on the catwalk and, of course, in weddings.

FAQs - Wedding Dresses 2024

Wedding dress trends for 2024 include subtle dropped waistlines, reimagined bodices, pin-thin cold shoulders, bold party looks, un-sweetheart necklines, 80s statement shoulders, muted hues, and peek-a-boo panels.

Which Designers Are Incorporating Subtle Dropped Waistlines In Their Fall 2024 Collections?

Designers like KYHA and Viktor & Rolph Mariage are incorporating subtle dropped waistlines into their Fall 2024 wedding dress collections.

Can You Name Some Designers Embracing Bold Party Looks For Fall 2024 Wedding Dresses?

Designers such as Bronx and Banco and Rime Arodaky are presenting bold party looks in their Fall 2024 wedding dress collections.

What Is The Modern Twist On The Traditional Cold-shoulder Silhouette In Wedding Dresses For Fall 2024?

Brands like Halfpenny London and The OWN Studio are giving a modern twist to the traditional cold-shoulder silhouette by opting for pin-thin straps for an exposed arm design.
Yes, in 2024, wedding dresses showcase muted hues, including shades of blush pink, pastel green, baby blue, and light grey. Designers like Ines Di Santo and SOUCY are incorporating additional elements like floral prints to elevate the vibrancy of these subtly colored gowns.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the diverse array of wedding dresses 2024 reflects an amalgamation of contemporary and vintage-inspired styles, embracing unique features such as subtle dropped waistlines, reimagined bodices, pin-thin cold shoulders, bold party looks, un-sweetheart necklines, 80s statement shoulders, muted hues, and peek-a-boo panels.
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