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6 Ways to increase the value of your home before selling it


When you are looking to sell your home, you want to make sure you sell it for a good price. Luckily, house prices normally go up over time, so you should not have any trouble selling it for more than you bought it for. However, if you want to increase the value of your home above and beyond what you paid for it before, there are a few things that you can do. This article aims to give you some tips that you can use to increase the value of your home before you sell it.

How Fast Do You Want To Sell?

There is an important question that you need to ask yourself before you think about how to increase the value of your home. That question is, how fast do you want to sell? The reason this is so important is that most ways to increase the value of your home take a fair amount of time, which you just might not have. If you are in a hurry you can find local companies buying properties quickly for cash who will take your home as is, without any need for renovations. The prices offered for these quick sales are fair, but may not be as much as you would get if you made a few improvements. However, if you need to sell your home as quickly as possible then you won’t have time to make any major improvements. Deciding how fast you want to sell is an important consideration when trying to improve the value of your home.

Kitchen Renovation

One of the most popular ways to increase the value of a home is to renovate the kitchen. Depending on the age of your property, the kitchen is most likely to be the part that outdates the quickest. It is also an area that gets a lot of use, meaning that the general wear and tear is higher here too. Upgrading to a modern oven, as well as a new stovetop can increase the value of your home. Although you will have to spend quite a bit of money on the renovation, the additional amount that you will be able to charge for your home will be far greater than your initial expense. Renovating your kitchen is a sure-fire way to increase the value of your home.

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Upgrade Your White Goods

Some of your white goods could be upgraded in your kitchen renovation but this also applies to your washing machines and tumble dryers. White goods are any large appliance that you would possibly expect to be included in a house sale. Dishwashers are also a good example of a white good appliance. Although these appliances often last quite a long time, they also endure a lot of use and damage, so replacing them with brand new ones is a great idea. Again, the expense spent here will be paid back with extra on top when you sell the house. For these types of upgrades, the house buyer is paying for the convenience of not having to buy the new ones themselves. Also, when you get a mortgage it covers the house price but not additional extras you may need to buy afterward. Many people would prefer to add a little more to their loan, rather than shelling out thousands of dollars upfront. Upgrading your white goods is a great way to increase your house value.

Fresh Coat Of Paint

Fresh coat of paint
Fresh coat of paint

You can never go wrong with a fresh coat of paint around a house. You would be surprised at how used you get to your white walls not being so white anymore. It goes a long way to making a home feel brighter and cleaner, which are all huge selling points for potential buyers. It will also allow you to repaint any particularly stylized walls that maybe would not appeal to everyone. Treat it as a blank slate that the buyer will see as the start of a new beginning. Repainting your home will increase the value of your house.

Offer To Sell Your Furnishings

Some people will not want to buy a furnished home but first-time buyers, who don’t already have loads of furniture, might see this as a great opportunity. Giving potential buyers the option to include any of your furniture can be a nice touch and a good way of getting better value for your furniture. Again this is about convenience, if there is a wardrobe or table that fits perfectly in the space that you won’t need, sell it on to the next owner. Offering to sell your furnishings can increase the value of your home.

Fix Up Any Windows Or Doors

Once you have gone around and done all the major changes, you need to do a detailed survey of your home. In this survey, you are looking out for anything that is a little bit broken that you have just gotten used to overtime. The latch on a window is a good one to look out for, perhaps a loose doorknob. All these little things add up to the general feel of a home and you will want to make it seem like you looked after this house. Doing a general fix-up of various things will increase the value of your home.

Before Viewings Have It Deep Cleaned

Lastly, this is a general one for the impression that your home gives off, have it deep cleaned before viewings. You want to make it seem like a super clean place that is worth the money you are asking for it. Having a professional cleaner come in before viewings is a great way to increase the value of your home.

Sell It Good

Sell it good
Sell it good

Property prices are variable and depend so much on personal preference. If you are looking to sell your home and get the best price you can for it, these six tips will help you out. You’ve got to make your home look like someone else’s future home and the ways listed in this article do just that.

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