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5 Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Hair

Having beautiful hair can feel like a pipe dream; soft, bouncy full of life, without frizz. To have these things and more, you must have healthy hair, and that is very possible.

Karan Emery
Oct 14, 20225499 Shares549869 Views
Having beautiful hair can feel like a pipe dream; soft, bouncy full of life, without frizz. To have these things and more, you must have healthy hair, and that is very possible.
Everyone has different hair textures, colors, and looks. Just as each individual has a different appearance and personality. The trick is to know how to work with what you already have rather than striving for something that will never happen.
Many people treat their hair as though everyone’s hair is the same. It’s easy to be convinced to buy products that are recommended by others. However, if you have thin, fair hair, you should not be using the same products as someone with thick and full hair.
There is no set way to have healthy hair. Finding a routine that suits your lifestyle and hair type is a slow process. You have to test products, experiment, and learn what your hair responds well to. Over time, you’ll pave your own path to healthy, bouncy locks.
Experiment with these five ways to improve the health of your hair:

Reduce The Heat

Blowing drying, straightening, curling: styling hair requires heat. However, this is also one of the main causes of damaged hair. Constantly applying heat to your hair damages the follicles, drying out your hair and killing the nutrients that you need for shiny, soft hair.
By reducing the heat that you apply to your hair, you can start to restore the nutrients that you need to get that shine back. Instead of using high heat to dry your hair, opt for a low temperature. Although it takes longer, the results make it worth the wait.
You may wince at the idea of never straightening or curling your hair again. However, reducing the heat does not mean never again - just less often. By scheduling regular breaks from heat-focused styling, you can strengthen your hair over time.

You Are What You Eat

Your hair is not an extension but part of your body. How you choose to nourish yourself is, therefore, reflected in your hair strength and shine. A healthy and balanced dietwill create healthy hair.
Your hair is made up of lots of protein, if you do not have enough in your diet, it can start to show in your hair. Protein is an important part of a balanced diet, however, if you would like some extra for your hair, you can give it a boost with a coconut oil or an egg yolk mask. Doing this regularly will strengthen your hair.
Take care of yourself with lots of nutritious vitamins and rest well, and both you and your hair will be healthy.

Reduce The Harmful Chemical Products

When looking to improve your hairstyle, whether that’s trying to boost your natural curl pattern, changing color, or giving it that shine; harmful products filled with promise are everywhere.
The products that you know and love could be what is holding you back from achieving your hair goals. Many store-bought products and even some in-salon products contain sulfates and silicones that strip your hair of its natural proteins. By cutting down on the harmful chemicals that you put on your hair, you’ll find that it comes to life.
Should you choose to dye hair, take the time to let it recover. Particularly if you are trying to change your hair color from one extreme to another, such as blonde to black or vice versa. The blonde jokescan and will wait, but your hair can take up to six weeks to recover.
Take the time to read the bottle to see what is in your products, and don’t be shy to ask your hairdresser for help too. Experiment and take note to find out what works for you.

Know Your Hair

To improve the health of your hair, you have to know as much as possible about it.
Imagine your hair could talk, how easy it would be! Unfortunately, it doesn’t so you have to pay attention. You could have flat or frizzy hair because your products, including your shampoos and conditioners, don’t match hair type.
Arranging a hair appointment with a specialist to talk about your hair type and how to care for it properly is a great start. Through discussing the problems that you are experiencing, they could have a simple and straightforward solution. However, you can experiment by yourself too.
Your hair type is determined by two main factors: whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly, and the porosity, which is its ability to soak in moisture. Once you have identified your hair types, you can work out the methods that are best to take care of your hair.

Balance And Care

Taking care of your hair is a balancing act. There are no set rules. While dying your hair and styling it with heat will cause damage, they do not have to be ruled out. Much in the same way that we can drink sugary drinks and eat fried food, having the right nutrients to balance them out will still give your hair life and shine just like vegetables do for your body.
To take care of your hair and repair some of the damage, experimenting with masks and treatments are great ways to activate restoration and balance out the good with the bad.
Treatments range from hot oil and keratin in salons to DIY hair masks with apple cider vinegar, avocado, eggs, or coconut oil. Each ingredient can assist with a specific purpose such as repairing damaged follicles or encouraging your hair to grow.
Just as you are in control of what goes into your body, you can be in control of what goes into your hair. Once you find that balance, you’ll find your hair shines and finds its bounce.
Improving your hair health is about experimentation and nurturing. By looking into these different techniques and finding what is right for you, you’ll find balance in your hair care routine and inject life into each strand.
Be patient, have fun, learn as much as you can, and you’ll find the right routine for you.
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