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Ways on Fighting Indoor Pollution


One of the most important issues in the air pollution of people, which is often hidden from our loved ones is the so-called indoor pollution.

This refers to pollution that originates in the house and sometimes makes the indoor air even more polluted than the outside air. In fact, we are afraid of pollution outside the house and stay at home to avoid pollution and yet even at the comfort of our home, there is indoor pollution. We do not usually notice the pollution that we have created inside the house.

Consider, for example, a house with a gas or oil heater in each of its rooms, each of which in turn releases toxic gases into the air, albeit in small amounts. It is quite understandable that the heater can not be removed from the house, but we know that the optimal use of fuel and energy is an important issue that has become an incomprehensible slogan for many years due to the abundance and cheapness of energy resources.

How can we fight indoor pollution then? Consider the following.

Creating The Best Heat With The Least Gas Consumption And Producing

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ways-on-fighting-indoor-pollution/ by Landon Morton on 2021-01-19T09:13:17.382Z

  • Adjust the gas flame to the point that it burns with a blue flame. This is true for both heaters and stoves. In the case of gas stoves, if you raise the flame too much, some gas will enter the room air without having a chance to burn. Whether you're cautious in this situation, you'll hear the sound of the gas flowing out of the blaze. Lower the temperature steadily to minimize the amount of emissions. You can find that this sound is cut off, but the blaze is not diminished because, in fact, you have stopped the release of gasses that do not have a chance to burn without decreasing the amount of heat produced.
  • Whenever you need boiling water for a reason, first think about the amount you need and dump the same amount of water into the kettle or cup. More water needs more heat and more fuel burns, which pollutes the air. If you want the water to stay hot for a while and the brewed tea can be used for a while. You can use a flask that keeps the water hot for hours. It does not need to burn gas and pollute the environment.
  • Using materials that are rubbed on the surfaces, not those that are sprayed, to disinfect the surfaces, and always some of the sprayed substance reaches the breathing air that you are spraying. Around the same time, consider using the least amount of chemicals to disinfect the house. The higher the amount of substance you use, the greater the amount of evaporation from the surfaces and the more toxins enter the air.
  • Do not use different kinds of detergents with different formulations at the same time. These compounds often mix with other substances in order to create substances that are very dangerous to our health. The obvious thing that many households are familiar with is the mixture of bleach and salt dye, the vapors of which are very toxic to the lungs and the last harmful effects on the lungs.
  • Smoking is one of the major factors of multiple cancers and the family members of smokers breathe in the air tainted by tobacco smoke without wishing to do so. In the meantime, children with more susceptible lungs are at greater risk, so it is advised to use open air on the patio or by the window while smoking, when considering the need to stop smoking.
  • Do not use incendiary substances and fireworks at birthday parties and events like this. It is also not advised to use commercial sprays such as happy snow and the like. It's easier to use plain colored paper and colored balloons instead. Children will welcome anything you use in their festivities. You are the one that can take care of their welfare.

We can work together to reduce toxins in our living environment and have a safer land for our children.

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