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Zardoz Zord - The Captain Of The Sea Maidens Faire


Zardoz Zord was the captain of the Sea Maidens Faire carnival, which consisted of three ships that sailed around the Sword Coast: the Heartbreaker, the Eyecatcher, and the Hellraiser.

So what is the Sea Maidens' Carnival?

Sea Maidens' Faire Carnival

The Sea Maiden's Faire is a carnival that travels from place to place, including performers that are originally from the city of Luskan. The Sea Maiden's Faire is an event that takes place all over the Sword Coast.

It is comprised of three ships named the Heartbreaker, Hellraiser, and Eyecatcher, and it travels from town to town, putting on shows and participating in parades.

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The Sea Maidens Faire carnival visits Waterdeep five times to take part in the city's many parades.

  • Ches 10th will be announcing its arrival.
  • Ches 21st will be participating in the Twin Parades of Selûne Sashelas.
  • On the 25th of Ches, a procession will be held to the Shipwrights' House, and then, as part of the Shipwrights' Ball, local attractions will be set up for the evening.

You can participate in the Caravance holiday parade on the first of Tarsakh. During Goldenight, the Tarsakh 5th, also known as the Special Midnight Parade, is held.

During the parades, the attractions at the Sea Maidens Faire are closed, and the ships themselves are emptied of their passengers.

Painting of ships and humans running towards ships
Painting of ships and humans running towards ships

Now back to Zardoz Zord.

Basic Information

Known LanguagesCommon, Elvish, Dwarvish, Draconic, Abyssal, Undercommon, Drow Sign, Halfling, Gnome

Zardoz Zord's Description

Zardoz is equally renowned for his flashy hat, huge mustache, and scandalous outfit.

Zardoz Zord is unrepentant in all he does, and he never wears anything other than his flashy hat, his bandoliers, boots made of superbly crafted leather, and a leather speedo.

He is a man who exudes flamboyance and is joyful, friendly, and gracious.

He is uninterested in the politics of the city, and his sole mission in life is to fill the hearts of people everywhere with joy and astonishment.

He spends his time on his own ship, Eyecatcher, rehearsing with his all-human crew, indulging in his weakness for delectable foods and libations, or seducing any man or woman that stirs his loins.

Zardoz loves being able to stop his enemies from doing what they want to do. He also finds it funny when other people try to get in the way of his business, and he gets great satisfaction from seeing the looks on his enemies' faces when he beats them.

On the other hand, he won't put up with fools who try to threaten him.

If he is forced into a violent encounter, he murders someone quickly and brutally to set an example for those who forced him into it, and then he flees the scene.


Zardoz Zord says he has been all over the world with his floating carnival, which is made up of three ships full of games, fun things to do, and other entertainment.

He has just arrived in Waterdeep to bring a smile to the faces of people who are going through hard times.

He personally welcomed the characters to the Faire the evening they took Volo’s job, and turned up again at various times, he was a participant in the Days of Wonder parade and even showed up at the huge opening night celebration of The Haunt.

Painting of people working near a ship
Painting of people working near a ship

The crew ultimately visited the Faire in winter while investigating a rogue nimblewright as part of the fireball incident.

Zord was known to own two nimblewrights of his own, the only ones in the city not held by the Temple of Gond, and while they didn’t consider it likely that these two were involved, they wanted to exercise due diligence.

Zord addressed all their queries and even invited them to dinner.

He handed his very unpleasant employees, all of whom looked particularly interested in Juan.

Let's talk about nimblewrights if you don't know about them.


Constructs that looked like people were called "nimblewrights," and they were often used as bodyguards, assassins, and spies.


Wood or a steel-colored metal was used in the construction of nimblewrights.

If they dressed up and used magic to hide, it would be easy for them to look like any other humanoid creature of a similar size.

When not in use, the rapiers carried by each nimblewright can be folded into the creature's arms.


Nimblewrights were designed with intelligence, and each one had a unique personality, despite the fact that it was often very chaotic.

This made it possible for more intuitive thinking and creativity to occur than was possible with the majority of other constructs.

So what is Waterdeep: Dragon Heist adventure?

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

The city of Waterdeep is the setting for the Dungeons & Dragons adventure titled "Waterdeep: Dragon Heist," which uses the 5th edition rules.

This adventure takes players from level one to level five, and it is then immediately followed by the Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage adventure.

The story takes place after the events detailed in Hoard of the Dragon Queen, The Rise of Tiamat, Princes of the Apocalypse, and Tomb of Annihilation, but it is not dependent on any of those books in any way.

It does not take place in a specific year, but 1492 DR, the Year of Three Ships Sailing, is thought to be the time period being discussed.

Zardoz Zord Art

Zardoz Zord's art painting is given below.

Painting of Zardoz Zord wearing a red hat and red shirt
Painting of Zardoz Zord wearing a red hat and red shirt

The Real Truth About Zardoz Zord

Late in the 15th century DR, Jarlaxle Baenre posed as Zardoz Zord to get into the city of Waterdeep.

Jarlaxle set up the Sea Maidens Faire as a complicated lie to hide the fact that he was actively looking for the Stone of Golorr.

Despite this, Jarlaxle participated in the parades of the Sea Maidens Faire while in character as Zardoz Zord, with the sole purpose of having a good time.

The Sea Maidens Faire was an actual event that took place, but the three ships on which it took place were operated by the Bregan D'aerthe and were populated by drow who were working for Jarlaxle.

The heads on top of each of Jarlaxle's ships always gave the impression that the crew was made up of people.

Destroying the figurehead was the only way to undo the harm that was being caused.

You might be thinking, who is Jarlaxle?


Jarlaxle is a drow rebel who is known for his flamboyance and swashbuckling. He is the leader of a rogue drow group known as Bregan D'aerthe, which is composed of disenfranchised male drow.

The majority of its members were culled from houses that were either destroyed or shamed.

Painting of Jarlaxle character
Painting of Jarlaxle character

People Also Ask

What Exactly Is Zardoz Zord Alignment?

The alignment of Zardoz Zord's character is chaotic neutral.

What Is Zardoz Zord Size?

The size of Zardoz Zord is small.

In Which Series Did Zardoz Zord Appear?

Zardoz Zord appeared in the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist series.


The majority of his time was spent on board the Eyecatcher, which was his own.

The other two ships the Heartbreaker and the Hellraiser were responsible for transporting carnival attendees and parade carts, respectively.

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