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Wine Not? Uncorking Our Finest Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses In 2022


One of the first things to do when planning a wedding is to choose a color scheme.

Many brides and grooms choose a color scheme based on the season they plan to get married in.

There are a lot of colors that work for a fall wedding, but we really love this one:


This burgundy is so awesome so wine note? Uncorking our finest burgundy bridesmaid dresses will be the focus here.

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Difference Between Burgundy And Wine Color

Is there really a difference in color between burgundy and wine?

The color known as burgundy gets its name from red wine, more especially and rather randomly the wine that is produced in the Burgundy region of France.

Ironically, the French prefer to name the color "Bordeaux" when they talk about it which refers to a different red wine.

A Great Option For A Fall Wedding

One more element that makes burgundy a wonderful choice for a wedding in the autumn is the fact that it is simple to combine with a number of other colors.

It goes particularly well with colors of blue, purple, orange, gold, and blush pink, making it an excellent accessory for a huge variety of wedding concepts and color schemes.

Additionally, burgundy looks luxurious in each and every fabric.

Choose a dress made of burgundy chiffon if you want to appear more laid-back, or opt for a dress made of burgundy satin if you want to appear flashy and glamorous.

Are you planning to get married in the late fall, when the temperature can be chilly?

The best choice is burgundy velvet to make!

Best Burgundy Dresses

Best Jumpsuit: Dear Cleo Rachel Jumpsuit In Red Velvet

Rachel jumpsuit in red velvet by Dear Cleo
Rachel jumpsuit in red velvet by Dear Cleo

There is no requirement that every member of the wedding party wears a dress.

Try switching to a jumpsuit for a style that is more current.

On your special day, you will definitely turn heads in the Rachel jumpsuit, which features a stylish one-shoulder design and is sure to grab everyone's attention.

For The Fashion Forward Bride: Lulus Classic Elegance Wine Satin Maxi Dress

Classic elegance wine satin maxi dress by Lulus
Classic elegance wine satin maxi dress by Lulus

This maxi dress is the epitome of modernity and sophistication, making it the ideal garment for today's bride.

A unique and modern touch is added by the mock neckline, as well as the sleeveless bodice and the lack of sleeves.

Best One Shoulder: ASOS One Shoulder Tulle Maxi Dress In Oxblood

One shoulder tulle maxi dress in oxblood by ASOS
One shoulder tulle maxi dress in oxblood by ASOS

Looking for something with one shoulder instead? Put an end to your search! This tulle maxi dress is likely to grab everyone's attention at any wedding it attends.

Keep up with the latest fashion trends and match this dress with silver strappy shoes and shoulder-grazing earrings.

For A Black-Tie Wedding: Alfred Sung Strapless Column Gown

Strapless column gown by Alfred Sung
Strapless column gown by Alfred Sung

Equal parts This dress is the epitome of sophistication, making it the ideal option for a bride who will be attending an official event.

The thigh slit and the fitting silhouette combine to create a seductive look, and it will look great on any figure.

People Also Ask

Do Blue And Burgundy Go Together?

As tones of primary hues, burgundy and royal blue are a natural match. The brightness of royal blue is a lovely contrast to the richness of burgundy. Start with a neutral-colored space and add elements of both colors in the furniture or decorations.

Is Burgundy Out Of Style?

Even though you might be reluctant to give up the tried-and-true brown and black hues for the winter season, the rich burgundy color is a strong contender for the title of winter's most popular color trend this year. The deep, burgundy-purple shade is without a doubt the best makeover you need to get before the year 2022 comes to a conclusion because it is adaptable to virtually any skin tone.

What Skin Tone Looks Good In Burgundy?

As a rule of thumb, cooler burgundy shades that contain lots of red and violet look best on people with pink, olive, or ebony skin tones. Warmer burgundy shades that contain more brown tones are beautiful on complexions that are peachy or golden.

6 Elegant Ways to Wear Burgundy


When you are intending to make your bridesmaid look exquisitely gorgeous and confident, one of the sophisticated colors that you should take into consideration is burgundy.

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