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Why You Should Use Bitcoin to Travel


More brands now take Bitcoin payments. Whether you want to pay for a hotel room, airline, or resort, you can use your crypto wallet to complete the transaction. But why should you use Bitcoin to travel?

Maybe you've heard that people are trading Bitcoin on platforms like nftspedia. You might even have friends who have invested in this cryptocurrency via such digital avenues. Essentially, many people are excited about Bitcoin. Some people want to hold Bitcoins in their crypto wallet, waiting for its price to increase, and sell their tokens for profits. However, others prefer paying for vacation with this digital currency. Here's why you should also pay for your trip with this virtual money.

Convenient Flight Booking

Although some people are unfamiliar with Bitcoin payments, some airlines take this virtual currency for flight bookings. For instance, FlyPeach, AirBaltic, Virgin Galactic, and Far Eastern Air take Bitcoin payments. That means you can fly to various destinations using Bitcoin to book your flights.

Seamless Currency Conversions

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/w/why-you-should-bitcoin-to-travel/ by Camilo Wood on 2022-02-14T04:50:29.585Z

You've probably had difficulties exchanging currencies when traveling to various locations. Essentially, finding money changers in most places is never easy. What's more, the available providers of this service charge exorbitant prices. Therefore, carrying and converting fiat currencies are not the best options. With Bitcoin, you don't have to endure all this hassle.

Since it's a digital currency, you can travel to any destination with Bitcoin. As long as you have a Bitcoin wallet on your smartphone or laptop, you can quickly access the funds you need to pay for any service or product anytime, anywhere.

Today, you can find many crypto marketplaces offering different ways to trade or convert Bitcoin for fiat money. Thus, you can exchange your Bitcoin for your preferred fiat currency. What's more, you can use a Bitcoin ATM that functions as a local currency ATM. Around 71 countries have these ATMs, via which you can access other digital currencies.

Traveling With Bitcoin Is Safer

Pickpockets target travelers everywhere. When traveling with cash, criminals can easily steal it from you. However, Bitcoin is almost impossible to steal because you require a private key to transfer the tokens to another digital wallet. Even if thieves grab your backpack or purse, they won't get cash in it.

However, you may not be lucky if you store Bitcoin in a USB wallet and thieves steal it. What's more, you might not dispute breaches if criminals find passwords for your crypto exchange account in a paper in your backpack and use them to access and steal your funds. Nevertheless, most people use cryptocurrency to travel because it protects them from theft.

No Frozen Bitcoin Accounts

If you use a credit card to travel, your service provider can frustrate you if you don't share your travel plans with them. Ideally, most credit card companies require customers to contact them and inform them about their travel destinations. If you don't do that, the company can freeze your account for safety purposes.

With Bitcoin, you don't have to inform any company. Bitcoin can't freeze your digital wallet or alert you if you access it away from home.

Seamless Shopping

Depending on your travel destination, you can find many merchants accepting Bitcoin payments. That means you can pay for items like food with this virtual currency. Fast-food chains and restaurants like Burger King, Subway, Pizza Hut, KFC, Eat Me Bangkok, Taco Bell, Starbucks, and The Habit Burger Grill take Bitcoin payments. Also, several stores accept this cryptocurrency, including Walmart, Macy's, Reeds Jewelers, and Gyft take Bitcoin.

Travelers enjoy numerous benefits when using Bitcoin on the road. If you haven't traveled with this virtual currency, try it on your next trip.

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