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Why Smart Circle In-Store Demos Consistently Succeed


What Is Smart Circle International, And What Does It Offer?

Smart Circle's founders developed the idea for Smart Circle International in 1981. Since then, it has grown significantly, becoming one of the country's leading brokers of outsourced sales and face-to-face marketing. The Newport Beach-based Smart Circle provides solutions to countless top brands and Fortune 500 companies across the nation.

Smart Circle connects its clients to a nationwide network of independent sales companies experienced in face-to-face marketing, in-person sales, and customer acquisition techniques to increase visibility for client products and services. Its distinctive approach to delivering value ensures the maximum return on investment for its clients.

With the help of Smart Circle, businesses can engage in top-of-the-line customer acquisition and marketing campaigns. Clients can leverage these offerings to achieve rapid growth and profitability.

First, Smart Circle's team of professionals creates customized face-to-face marketing campaigns tailored to a company's needs. Then, Smart Circle connects its clients to a vast network of independent sales companies that provide in-person sales and marketing services, creating fast and scalable results. Finally, consumers can find these independent sales companies canvassing door to door, business to business, and, of course, in a host of well-known retail spaces across the nation. These are all high-traffic consumer retail businesses with which Smart Circle has built relationships.

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The delivery of Smart Circle's unique marketing campaigns in these retail settings consistently provides dynamic sales growth for its clients' brands. That said, let's dive further into each aspect to understand the real reasons that in-store demonstrations with Smart Circle offer clients greater brand awareness, accelerated customer acquisition, and rocket-boosted sales.

Reason #1 — The Smart Circle Strategy/Campaign Offer

With decades of experience developing and executing marketing and sales campaigns, Smart Circle knows how to tailor each client-specific solution to the client's specific business needs. Every client is incredibly unique, as is each of its products. Therefore, every service must also be diverse to match the client's distinctiveness, and Smart Circle must adapt the techniques used for every client and every engagement.

Based on years of experience and consistently staying ahead of the newest direct marketing and sales trends, the Smart Circle team uses its brand and product research to match each client with the best marketing and sales initiatives. Then, Smart Circle does the homework necessary to create a unique campaign strategy.

These campaigns are designed to deliver results. Their goal is to increase the client's bottom line and new customer acquisition while staying aligned with the client's overall goals.

Once these goals are met, Smart Circle can add "increase brand awareness" to the list of successful initiatives attained since heightened brand visibility is a natural byproduct of every campaign created.

Creating customized and scalable marketing solutions in a campaign strategy tailored to each client counts as the first reason Smart Circle in-store demos and events consistently succeed.

But what is a world-class direct marketing and sales campaign without the partnership of world-class sales teams to offer these strategic initiatives to the consumer?

Reason #2 — Partnering With Outsourced Independent Sales Companies

Smart Circle acts as a broker of outsourced sales. It serves as a link between its clients and a vast network of independent sales companies experienced in face-to-face marketing and sales and has access to local markets across the country.

Smart Circle contracts with these independent sales companies to sell its clients' products and services in local markets across the US. These independent sales companies create fast and scalable results that surpass traditional marketing techniques. While these independent sales teams interact directly with consumers for Smart Circle clients, they are also consistently expanding their own sales force and honing their in-person marketing skills.

By connecting its clients to these independent sales companies, Smart Circle helps clients reach a larger audience and quickly and strategically flood the market with its clients' offerings.

This vast network of talented independent sales companies marks the second reason Smart Circle's in-store demos always fare well with consumers and clients. So, what is the final piece of the puzzle that Smart Circle utilizes to create successful in-store demonstrations that wow clients daily?

Well, you cannot have a successful in-store demo without being in the right store.

Reason #3 — Relationships With Key Retailers In High-Volume Markets

Smart Circle has built strategic relationships with leading top retail companies during the last several decades. These major retailers provide clients with trusted connections and product placement in the most active consumer markets. By leveraging these relationships, retailers benefit simultaneously through generating new revenue streams and implementing dynamic promotions that will enhance the shopping experience in their stores.

The placement of clients' in-store demonstrations in specific retail environments will maximize customer acquisition and enhance sales. By aligning the product offering with the right retail post, Smart Circle can reach a highly targeted audience already interested in similar products to the one at the center of the in-store demonstration. Smart Circle has inevitably eased the pain for sales pros by narrowing down their target customers based on the type of shopper entering the retail space.

Smart Circle focuses on rapid deployment and a nationwide reach based on the many locations of its major retail relationships for our clients. Product demonstrations are finally made successful by the local, nationwide, and even international retailers with which Smart Circle partners to give clients targeted exposure to the right consumer.

Smart Circle Creates A Unique And Memorable Brand Experience

Every client receives VIP treatment when they employ Smart Circle to lead their face-to-face marketing and in-person sales initiatives. Smart Circle utilizes customized campaign strategy and partnerships with the largest networks of both independent sales companies and leading retailers across the US and worldwide to provide each client with that one-of-a-kind experience. That VIP experience translates into memorable in-store demos and events that not only strengthen and add to the client's customer base but create fierce brand allies and consistent buyers for decades to come.

Learn more about The Smart Circle Experience by visiting www.smartcirle.com and following Smart Circle on Facebook (@smartcircleinternational) and Twitter (@smartcircleintl).

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