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When To Sell Crypto? The Must-Knows Of Selling


An excellent cryptocurrency awaits you. The price has been climbing steadily for a few weeks since you made your purchase. But when it falters, the price fluctuates for a time and eventually begins to decline. Is it better to sell now and pocket the extra cash? Alternatively, should you wait for a price rebound? In trading, this is a perennial issue.

What's more, there's no simple solution to this question. I can't think of a perfect answer to this problem. Regardless matter which of the two alternatives you select, you may find yourself disillusioned and upset at some point in the future.

You may not be able to get rid of all your irritation, but there are principles you can follow that will make the choice simpler for you and save you from losing all of your money. Extreme poverty is more difficult to deal with than frustration.

Now, how do you find the selling point of your trades?

Moving Average

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/w/when-to-sell-crypto/ by Susan Murillo on 2021-12-27T05:18:51.180Z

When moving averages are triggered, many effective traders sell their positions.

It is a line drawn on the chart that straightens out short-term price swings and exposes the longer-term trend. Lagging indicator: For each day, it just displays an average of prices from a number of prior days, thus it is always slightly behind the current price.

To utilize a trailing stop, a trader may use the 200-day moving average, illustrated in figure 3, as a stop-loss line that tracks the price line at a distance, As long as the price is higher than the 200-day moving average, they won't sell. Traders will sell their BTC if the price falls below the 200-day MA, either by utilizing an automated stop-loss order they'd previously established, or by dumping the BTC manually.

Crypto watch list on phone
Crypto watch list on phone

Natural Waves Of The Market

The natural waves of the market can be used when making trades. However, there is nothing to follow here, especially in terms of patterns as you are basically relying on how the market reacts to a specific cryptocurrency. Also, natural waves don't tell you where to go. Most of the time, it's just following what wise investors are doing but you won't always be the first to do the strategy.

Cut Your Loss

For as long as you're a trader, you'll have to make the same choice over and over again: exiting a winning trade and reducing your losses on a losing one.

If you can just pull off a plaster with your fingers, you've done it. When you begin a deal, you should have a plan in place for what to do if it goes awry. Many successful traders follow the rule of thumb of not putting more than 0.5-1 percent of their trading money at risk in a single transaction.

As a newbie trader, this may seem modest, but keep betting large and you'll soon find yourself unable to place a bet at all.


As a long-term trader, the issue of when to exit a position is the most important one. So far we have spoken about cutting losses fast on lost trades and deciding where to capture gains when a trend begins bending.

To join the vast majority of traders that lose money, you'll have a hard time if you utilize these strategies Traders spend a lot of time worrying about which assets to trade and when to purchase, while trend-watchers recognize that these are small factors. Choosing to acquire cryptos that look to be headed in the right direction does not make a great difference in the precise moment of entrance.

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