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How To Use Weeb TV Platform?


WEEB TV allows you to easily create your own multimedia channel, create your own TV or radio. Broadcast live from your home computer with the simple Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder,everyone will be able to watch your own channel or listen to your radio.

What Is Weeb TV?

Favorite TV Shows On Weeb TV
Favorite TV Shows On Weeb TV

It's a new Internet TV show that's starting to gain traction among viewers. You can view Christian Broadcasting Network's programming on your computer with this service. Downloadable episodes of popular television shows and seasonal programming are available through the site. A wide range of Christian-themed content is also available.

How To Install Weeb TV On Your PC?

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How to download WEEBTV on android box

Two screens will be available when the Weeb TV is fitted. It's possible to get back to the home screen by clicking on the "home" icon in lower right corner of the screen. The premium or pay-per-view screen will be the additional display. You can access the premium channels in our weeb tv by clicking on the premium symbol.

After installing Weeb TV on your PC, the first step is to log into your Weeb TV Premium account. When you get at the login page, click "sign up now" and enter your email address.To watch a movie, select one from the Weeb TV's catalog and click "watch." Following the selection of a film, the following step is to select a category.

The following section, termed the “video streams list”, comprises all the video streams available for your use. Video feeds are accessible for free and for a fee. You may see all the videos in high resolution format. The final step before installation is to download the Weeb TV app from the app store. You will need to sign in using your existing account in the WeebTV website.

When signing up, choose your username and password and enter your zip file. Once you have successfully joined up, you will notice an activation link on the bottom of your screen and the Weeb TV icon. Finally, you will be able to access your Weeb TV account by clicking on the Premium button at the top. On the Premium tab, click on the link ” Subscribe to Weeb TV.”

What Does It Take To Use Weeb TV Correctly?

Weeb TV Platform With Multiple Show Television Options
Weeb TV Platform With Multiple Show Television Options

At least 1 Mbit/s (for high quality channels, 3 Mbit/s) of bandwidth must be available to download and install Adobe Flash Player 10.3. Buffering will occur frequently if the recommended speed is lower than what the player can handle. Take a look at the speed of your connection to our network.

80 free ports in 1935. Video and service calls cannot be made when the ports are unavailable (blocked). There are a number of anti-virus, firewall, and Windows firewall software options available. Port availability should be checked.

Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome are the most current web browsers.You should avoid using Internet Explorer if possible.Website and player functionality can be compromised by using older software versions.

Free Version Of Weeb TV

Only a small portion of Weeb tv's programming and other entertainment offerings are viewable in the free version. Just for users who haven't yet paid premium and want to test the WEEB TV app's operation, this limited edition is all they need.

How To Buy Premium Subscription On Weeb TV

There are two ways to pay: You may either go directly to PayPal or use one of the other payment options available. In addition to traditional bank transfers, we also take credit cards for online payments. To activate your account, you will receive a code after making and finishing the payment.


Basically Weeb TV is a basic cable network that offers a variety of Christian-themed programming and entertainment to its subscribers. Programs like the Bible Story Show, Jesus TV, and Sunday Morning with Jesus are all examples of this. With this initiative, viewers will have a channel to which they can quickly tune in to a show they prefer. There aren't any additional fees or subscriptions to worry about.

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