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Want a job that involves travel? Try these


Are you in search of a good paying job that allows you to travel most of the time? Fortunately, there are lots of companies seeking applicants who prefer not to stay in one place very long. One problem HR departments have locating candidates for these positions is that the vast majority of working adults don't want to travel for their jobs. But, if you don't have family ties or other reasons to stay put in one city, consider the following opportunities, all of which require either constant or frequent travel. Most are entry-level jobs, but some require a couple years of experience.

Accounting Auditor

Whether you work for a state, federal, city, or private entity, if you are involved in any part of the accounting audit cycle, you'll likely do a good deal of traveling. For example, many bank auditors who work for the federal government are almost constantly on the road, as are many IRS tax auditors, state business auditors, and consultants for CPA firms. Most positions require a college degree and at least one year of experience in the industry. However, the main benefits include excellent in-house training and very good pay. For college grads who enjoy being on the move, learning a lot, and positioning themselves for higher management jobs, being an auditor is the way to go.

Fleet Management

Many fleet managers begin as over the road drivers, which is the very definition of on-the-job travel. But even after achieving a fleet management position, it's possible to continue moving among the different offices within the company. As a driver, you'll learn many management skills first-hand, like how to prioritize adherence to federal regulations. For example, most drivers use an ELD (electronic logging device) to prevent violating the hours-of-service rules. Fleet managers take ELD compliance seriously, and many of them learned this concept during their years as drivers.

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Flight Attendant

There's probably no better job for a person who loves to travel by air than being a flight attendant. All the major airlines have their own guidelines about hiring, but most prefer mature candidates, over the age of 25, who have worked in sales or public facing jobs for at least two years. You'll need a clean criminal record and a stable personality. Competition varies by airline and seasonally, but most applicants who keep trying, even after one or two rejections, eventually get hired. COVID-19 has changed the tourism industry and how people travel so you can expect this profession to appear changed as well.

International Aid Employee

If you want to work directly with a large charitable organization, consider applying with one of the many international aid organizations. If you're hired and assigned to a specific location, you might stay put for up to a year at a time. However, many aid workers move about within a given continent or region even during their initial assignments.

Cruise Ship Staff

Obviously, competition is stiff for cruise jobs, but if you take the time to get the right kind of experience, craft a professional resume, and persist, it's possible to land a job at sea. If you are curious about what it’s like working on a cruise ship you can research blogs and travel mag articles that give insider info and tips. Pay is above average, and most workers serve between six and 12 weeks per journey. A sales or tourism background and a college degree will serve you well when applying.

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