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Types of Telehealth appointments you can get


It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom who might have 20 kids to pile in the vehicle, or in your 20s and unsure if whether whatever you’re suffering from is worth missing a day of work for, the last thing you probably want to deal with is scheduling a trip to the doctor. For that reason, it really isn’t surprising that along with everything from first dates to grocery shopping, doctor visits have gone virtual. Let’s take a quick look at some of the types of visits you may be able to have without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Mental Health

You might be in search of a one-time telehealth psychiatry appointment or even interested in long term counseling. Either way, a telehealth visit can give you a lot of the same benefits as in-person therapy with the added benefit of being more at ease since you’re in your own home. This type of counseling offers you privacy while it lacks in the discomfort you can feel in a sterile, foreign setting. It also makes you feel easier about committing to an appointment.

General Medicine

Think back to the last time you had to go to the emergency room. The chances are good that you sat in a waiting room with dozens of other sick people staring at a TV showing reruns of shows you have no interest in or at a clock and trying to will the nurse to call out your name. To put it simply, the atmosphere of an emergency room is more like hurry up and wait than that of an emergency.

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When it comes to the health and well-being of your family, you want to minimize that hurry-up-and-wait element. To do that, you might request a telehealth visit so you’re better able to pinpoint the time when a doctor can see you – specifically since it’s typically within a few minutes of booking it.


Here’s a common frustrating situation – you have a concern or question for a specialist but can’t get an appointment for months. A solution to get in to see a specialist might be through a telehealth visit. This can be much faster than waiting for those in-person visits months away. That option is great for people who might be wanting a first or second opinion on a specific concern or for specialists like dermatologists, nutritionists, and others.

Management Of Medications

Do you need a refill on one of your medications but are out of refills? Instead of taking off work to have an appointment with your doctor just for that, why not use telehealth for medication management? This is a convenient way to get refills for many medications that are used for chronic conditions such as diabetes, without needing to schedule a traditional appointment that can interfere with your schedule.

The onset of the trend towards telehealth can be attributed to more people doing more and more from home due to COVID-19, but the thing is, virtual healthcare and the advantages it offers is more than likely here to stay. What it all comes down to is basically, the convenience of getting the care you need while not needing to sacrifice the quality of that care.

With telehealth medicine, not only are wait times significantly reduced, but you can also spend that wait time doing whatever you want, wherever you want, as opposed to in an uncomfortable chair in a waiting room filled with sick people. Travel times and juggling schedules are also a thing of the past, leaving you free to deal with not only your health but also your daily life.

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