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Sulearning Is An Online Tool That Facilitates Class Learning


SULearning - Seattle University wants to make sure that its students get a well-rounded education, that they get better at their jobs, and that they become leaders for a more fair and compassionate world by SULearning.

Essential learning goals for undergraduate and graduate students flow from this mission statement and Seattle University's Jesuit Catholic intellectual and spiritual traditions.

SULearning Login

Login to your SU account. Google Mail is a service that allows you to send and receive emails using Google. Visit Sumail.Su.Edu for more information. Use your SU username to log in. Login with the password "G" and your seven-digit SU ID number. Use the Login Account to finish an incomplete application or check the status of an application that you've already sent to a business school.

It is strongly advised that you keep a written record of the log entries you make. Institutions are unable to retrieve your account information. Unsuccessful attempts will result in your account being locked.

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Screenshot of the Sulearning portal login interface with user and password fields
Screenshot of the Sulearning portal login interface with user and password fields

Sulearning Not Working

Are you having trouble logging into the Su Learning Portal? Consider the following ideas: Make sure your internet connection is up and running. Su Learning Portal: Double-check your username and/or password on the login screen to make sure you've done it right If the website allows you to preview the password, take advantage of it.

Make sure the caps lock is turned off, particularly if no password character or letter uses it. Make sure you're not using a VPN, since some sites may block you from logging in or accessing their portal if you do.

If none of the above works and you still can't log in to the Su Learning Portal at https://sulearning.southwestuniversity.edu/, you'll need to utilize the lost password option. If the lost password feature does not function, please contact the site administrator for help.

Sulearning Undergraduate

Seattle University students will be when they finish their undergraduate studies. Prepared to face the world: They deliberately explore complicated issues about human existence and the natural world by using rigorous inquiry techniques and relying on a wide base of relevant knowledge and experience.

They have extensive knowledge and abilities in their field, which they can effectively apply as a result of following their academic and intellectual interests. They are capable and creative writers, presenters, and critical thinkers who can flourish in leadership, team, and advocacy positions, contribute to the common good, and have the skills to tackle life's problems.

They are prepared and motivated to live reflective lives of meaning and value, to consider their connection to the transcendent, and determine their occupational and life routes by being self-reflective in their search for meaning and purpose. They are involved and ethical members of their global and local communities, act with compassion and integrity, and strive for social and environmental justice.

Sulearning Outcomes

  • Develop a professional perspective that is centered on lifelong learning and influenced by their graduate education's knowledge and abilities.
  • Examine your personal and professional commitment to making the world a better place from a global perspective.
  • Recognize and handle moral and ethical issues in their careers using the Jesuit Catholic faith as a guide.
  • Demonstrate professional ethics, ethical leadership, and collaborative abilities.
  • Demonstrate good oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrate mastery of the skills necessary in their area or job.


They want to make sure that students have access to the resources they need in order to achieve the success they desire. SULearning, an online companion tool used to facilitate class learning, is one such resource. Most of the student's class materials and work for each class will be stored in SULearning. SULearning classes also provide a great way to connect with your instructor and classmates.

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