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Complete Your Game Room With The Sportcraft Air Hockey Table


An air hockey table is a good investment for any game room. It may provide hours of entertainment for gamers of all ages, from children to seasoned professionals. Not all players, however, desire the same style of air hockey table. However, if you're in the market for an air hockey table, Sportcraft is a strong recommendation.

Since 1926, the General Sportcraft Company, or simply Sportcraft, has been a manufacturer of a variety of gaming tables, including foosball, air hockey, and outdoor games.

The majority of Sportcraft air hockey tables are designed to be enjoyed by both children and adults.

If you are an air hockey enthusiast on a budget, the affordable, entertaining range of Sportcraft air hockey tables is worth considering.

The Sportcraft 7' Air Hockey And Table Tennis Table

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The Sportcraft 7' Air Hockey and Table Tennis Table in black color with red pushers on it
The Sportcraft 7' Air Hockey and Table Tennis Table in black color with red pushers on it

The sportcraft air hockey table with tennis table combines two enjoyable sports into one, maximizing the use of available space in any gaming room or den. On one side, challenge your family or friends to a fast-paced game of air hockey. The smooth surface helps the puck to move rapidly down the table, and the integrated LED scoreboard makes it simple to keep track of goals. After slamming the puck about, atop the gaming table, place the table tennis topper for a game of ping pong. With two paddles included, you may recreate classic one-on-one bouts in the privacy of your own home.

Sportcraft's 7-foot air hockey table with a table tennis top converts easily between air hockey and table tennis depending on your mood. It features an integrated electronic LED scoreboard that enables you to keep track of any hot game. The Sportcraft 7' Air Hockey Table with Table Tennis Top includes two pushers and two pucks for air hockey and two paddles, two balls, and a net for table tennis. The dimensions of the table are 84" L x 48" W x 32" H.

Sportcraft 48” Air Hockey Table

The Sportcraft 48" air hockey table is popular with both youngsters and adults. It is one of Sportcraft's most popular items, featuring ice hockey graphics, an electronic scoreboard, and two pushers and pucks per player.

Sportcraft 48" sky blue colored air hockey table with two pushers
Sportcraft 48" sky blue colored air hockey table with two pushers

The table is equipped with numerous features that provide a smooth and convenient gaming experience, including built-in adjustable leg levelers that help maintain a level playing field.

The table operates at a voltage of 110/120V and requires power to operate. The table is made of MDF and requires assembly the first time it is used.

Due to the occasionally problematic blower and a sensitive electronic scoreboard, this gadget has received mixed reviews. Otherwise, customers have been satisfied with their purchases.

Sportcraft 27” Tabletop Air Hockey Table

Sportcraft 27" wooden side tabletop air hockey table
Sportcraft 27" wooden side tabletop air hockey table

If you're looking for a portable game table, the Sportcraft 27-inch Tabletop Air Hockey table may be a nice option. The easy-to-store table's compact form allows for the odd game of this classic sport without taking up a lot of space.

Two pucks and two pushers are included with the table to keep a pair of gamers entertained. The sliding-type manual scoring system is included, and the battery-powered air-powered rink is adequate for a portable air hockey table.

Sportcraft 54″ Excelerator Turbo Hockey Table

A sportcraft hockey table with an overhead LED scoring unit
A sportcraft hockey table with an overhead LED scoring unit

The Excelerator Turbo Hockey Table by Sportcraft is an air hockey table with a twist. It features dual-spinning puck accelerators that add to the excitement of the original arcade game.

Intended to be one of the most affordable children's tables, you can get this one if you're looking for a way to keep your children engaged on a budget. Two pushers and three pucks are included with the table. Additionally, an overhead LED scoring unit that mimics professional air hockey tables is an interesting feature.

This table's relatively light weight makes it easy to move. It can resist the playing forces of youngsters aged 5 and upwards because of its hardwood surface and plastic frame.

However, customers have encountered it during assembly. Sportcraft appears to be unconcerned with the condition of the product components and whether the necessary hardware is included in the assembly package.

Sportcraft Slap Shot 84″ Air Hockey Table

Sportcraft air hockey table in sturdy black with in-rail LED scorers
Sportcraft air hockey table in sturdy black with in-rail LED scorers

At first glance, the robust black Sportcraft Slap Shot Table conveys an air of seriousness.

Its UL-certified 110V blower system has a high output in terms of speed and performance. On the simple-to-use electronic scoring unit, you may adjust the timer, sound, and game modes.

The flip-up LED scorers integrated into the rails add to the table's impressiveness. The Slap Shot's adjustable, strong leg design withstands intense forces and promotes balanced play.

Made of MDF, the table appears to be of high quality, promising entertaining air hockey bouts on a budget. Although it is not one of the most popular air hockey tables, the Slap Shot appears to have enough features to satisfy its customers.

Sportcraft 72” Air Powered Hockey Table

Air-powered sportcraft hockey table in black
Air-powered sportcraft hockey table in black

The Sportcraft 72" air hockey table is another budget-friendly choice. An interesting point about this is that even some satisfied consumers do not anticipate the goods lasting long.

While assembly can be challenging, once completed, you'll have an excellent air hockey table suitable for children aged 8 and up. Two pushers, two pucks, an LED scoreboard, leg levelers, and a 110V blower are included.

If you're looking for a temporary toy, this will suffice. However, if you're the type that values your money, you should be aware of the risk associated with purchasing this one due to an anticipated breakdown in the near future.


Sportcraft air hockey tables, with their varied evaluations, are best purchased during a sale to get the best deal.

Although they are quite inexpensive even at their initial price, they will not last as long as tournament air hockey tables.

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