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How Tall Is Sonya Curry? All You Need To Know About The Supermom Of Stephen And Dell Curry


Being a mother of a three-time NBA Champion and two-time NBA Most Valuable Player, the spotlight had been given to her - curious about how she managed to raise 2 NBA player sons and a volleyball player daughter while being successful in her own career as well.

Read on to get to know more about Stephen Curry and Seth Curry's super mom, Sonya Curry!

Sonya Curry Bio

Sonya Curry with her whole family at an NBA red carpet event with Stephen Curry
Sonya Curry with her whole family at an NBA red carpet event with Stephen Curry

Sonya Curry was born on May 30, 1966, to Cleive and Candy Adams in Radford, Virginia.

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Curry participated in volleyball, track & field, and basketball during her high school years. She attended Radford High School and had won state titles in both volleyball and basketball by the time she graduated.

She preferred volleyball to basketball during her undergraduate years. Sonya was a member of the Virginia Tech Sports Club's 'Hokies' team. She was a standout player for her squad and remained one of the most popular players throughout her collegiate career.

She served 57 aces for the junior team in one season, which was the sixth greatest total in Virginia Tech history. By the conclusion of her fourth year, Sonya had set a new high score of 69-70.

She also applied to be a member of the All-Metro Team. She earned a bachelor's degree in elementary education with a minor in family studies.

She met Dell Curry, a professional basketball player, at Virginia Tech as he was also a student-athlete, and they got married in 1988. Her oldest son, Stephen, is a three-time NBA champion with the Golden State Warriors, while her younger son, Seth, is a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, and her daughter, Sydel, was a volleyball player at Elon University.

Sonya Curry and her husband, Dell, announced their divorce on August 23, 2021, after 33 years of marriage.

Sonya Curry Career

Steph Curry's Mom On Raising An NBA Superstar | Through Mom's Eyes | TODAY

Sonya Curry is the president of Huntersville, North Carolina-based Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman, which she established in 1995.

The Montessori School is a non-profit Christian school dedicated to the spiritual and academic development of the complete child using the Montessori method of teaching.

The school was where her children graduated from their early education.

She manages to run the school all the while supporting her sons on their basketball journey. She captured the heart of the public with her heartwarming reactions every time her sons make 3-point shots.

When she was asked about her being popular on social media, "Ironically, I’m still not aware when they’re on me. I’m so nervous when I come in that I’m just focused on the game. But in my mind, I’ve become accustomed to the fact that when the kids do something, they’ll want to show the parents."

Is Sonya Adams Curry White?

Sonya Curry wearing a yellow under-top and white blazer coat with her hair colored in blonde
Sonya Curry wearing a yellow under-top and white blazer coat with her hair colored in blonde

A lot of people are curious about Sonya Curry's ethnicity because of her blue eyes and dark hair. Sonya Curry is of African-American Creole, Caucasian, and Haitian descent.

Sonya Curry Height And Age

Sonya Curry with her son, Stephen Curry, for his Most Valuable Player Award
Sonya Curry with her son, Stephen Curry, for his Most Valuable Player Award

Because of how tall her sons are, the public is curious whether they got their height to their mother. However, Sonya Curry is only 5 feet and 3 inches tall.

Sonya Curry still looks so young and beautiful even though she is already 55 years old as of 2021.

How tall is Stephen Curry at 13? Curry was only 5' 7" and 130 pounds when he was 13. He grew swiftly in high school, and by the time he was a senior, he was 6 feet tall and skinny. He did not attain his adult height of 6′ 3′′ until his sophomore year of college.


With her own successful career, and her sons and daughter being more successful, we can definitely say that Sonya Curry is such a supermom! We hope she and her whole family have peace and happiness.

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