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Six Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Symbolizes Happy Memories And Childhood


A small boy hands a cup of flowers to a younger girl in The Six of Cups by stooping down.

Six of cups tarot card meaning represent the girl with the flowers as she looks up to him with admiration and respect.

This kind gesture shines with love, harmony, and cooperation, all essential aspects of the Six of Cups. The little kids are also a representation of earlier years.

Enjoy the time of being young, innocent, and free once more as an older guy walks away in the background as if to indicate that there is no need to worry about adult matters anymore.

The youngsters also seem to be standing in the courtyard of a substantial house, signifying ease, security, and safety.

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Four other flower-filled cups may be seen in the foreground, while a fifth cup is perched on a pedestal behind the youngster.

Woman In Blue Skirt Holding Tarot Cards
Woman In Blue Skirt Holding Tarot Cards

Six Of Cups Tarot Card Description

Two children are there in the Six of Cups tarot card. One of them is offering the other a cup filled with flowers.

Four other flower-filled cups stand in front of them, while a sixth cup is perched atop a stone sculpture behind the kids.

We may infer that the youngsters are secure and well-cared-for because the scenario appears to be situated in a kind of castle.

This card's illustrations represent giving, sharing, and friendliness. The children's upbeat demeanor indicates that this card's general atmosphere is pleasant.

Upright Six Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The upright Six of Cups typically denotes generosity, innocent joy, and youth.

It can represent your desire to go back to a more enjoyable period of your life, whether that was when you were a child, a teenager, or a young adult.

These recollections frequently represent the past and the parts of ourselves that have passed away.

You could believe that the only way to feel joyful is to think back on these moments.

When the Six of Cups appears in a reading, it seems to be saying that while we can look back on the past with fond memories, we must not live there.

The Six of Cups may also indicate that you will be visiting a familiar location.

This might be a school, your childhood home, an old friend's house, or any other site that has special value to you.

You're trying to get in touch with old friends. Reviving old memories takes us back to our early years when life was less complicated.

Upright Six Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning In Love

The significance of the 6 of Cups in tarot for love brings the past to life once more. This card may represent a return to the past and the nostalgia that goes along with it.

You may be looking back on pleasant memories, appreciating your partner's comforting familiarity, or perhaps running into an old flame.

The 6 of Cups can also signify a period when scars are mending, and comfort may be crucial to you right now.

Looking back on the wonderful times you two shared, and perhaps even reliving them, can be quite calming if you and your spouse have been through a trying time in your relationship.

But avoid living solely in the past, though. Let the lessons of the past guide you in the present and help you decide what aspects of your life you want to keep and what you want to let go of.

Woman Holding Tarot Cards
Woman Holding Tarot Cards

Upright Six Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning In Career

The six of cups frequently stir memories, recollections, and childhood. It could be a good idea to reflect upon your career's journey in the past right now.

This card may indicate that you have important lessons to learn from your past efforts that will help you create your future.

Consider what went well in the past and check to be sure you aren't making the same mistakes again.

Alternatively, this card may indicate that you are reevaluating your job path and may even be taking up a position you previously abandoned.

Upright Six Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning In Finances

Numerous financial issues can be addressed by the good fortune of the six of cups. This card may occasionally denote a gift, a donation, or just a sharing of resources.

Due to the card's associations with childhood and the house, family members may be the source of this sharing.

Returning to your parents' house may enable you to save more of your own money while being close to people who care about you.

As an alternative, you may be on the opposite side of this and share resources while inviting family members back into your own house.

The Six of Cups Tarot Card

Reversed Six Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Cups reversed may generally represent letting go of the past and being prepared to move on to the future.

It could be a sign of maturation, of leaving home, or of growing up. It could also mean letting go of childishness or concerns from your past.

Reversed, the Six of Cups might represent the stolen innocence of childhood maltreatment.

Look at the accompanying cards for clarity. This Minor Arcana card reversed in a Tarot reading can also signify surviving such abuse.

If you have been receiving counseling or treatment, the Six of Cups reversed might be a sign that you have resolved old problems and are prepared for a fresh start.

The Six of Cups reversed can also mean that you are trapped in the past or viewing previous events through rose-colored glasses.

If this is the case, you should refocus on the present and be grateful for what you have right now.

Reversed Six Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning In Love And Relationship

The Six of Cups reversed in a love Tarot spread might signify boredom or a lack of passion in a relationship if you are already in one.

Even though the partnership provides you with stability, you could feel it to be confining.

If you are single, the Six of Cups reversed may be a sign that you are prepared to move on from your previous relationships and find better ones.

Alternately, it can mean that you're still viewing your ex-partner favorably in your mind's eye and comparing anybody you meet to them.

You must keep in mind that your previous relationship ended for a reason if you want to move on.

Nothing will change if you cling to the past, and you risk wishing your life away if you do.

Give a fresh face a chance! The Six of Cups can also indicate that you may not be getting the affection you deserve because of childhood problems or childhood abuse, or that it may be making it difficult for you to be honest with your spouse if you are already in a relationship.

Different Tarot Cards
Different Tarot Cards

Reversed Six Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning In Money And Career

In a professional setting, the Six of Cups reversed might suggest that your present position is making you feel uninspired or bored.

You could opt to quit this job's stability and safety to pursue a creative endeavor.

Working with children or young people who may have experienced trauma or who are underprivileged in some manner is another indication of this.

Despite being useful, this might emotionally deplete you, so be careful to look after your wellbeing as well.

The Six of Cups reversed in a financial situation might suggest that you are developing financial independence and maturity in your money management.

It may signify that a young person who is still living at home with their parents is getting ready to leave and live on their own.

Reversed Six Of Cups Tarot Card, Meaning In Health

The Six of Cups reversed in a health context might be a sign that any health problems you are experiencing may either be inherited or a physical manifestation of unresolved difficulties or trauma from your childhood.

Reversed, the Six of Cups might signify difficulty with conception or fertility if you are trying to have a family.

Tarot Cards on Wooden Table
Tarot Cards on Wooden Table

Six Of Cups Advice Position

When the Six of Cups is in this position, consider what in your life is cyclical or repeated and what connects the current circumstance to the previous one.

A new beginning needs fresh focus and enthusiasm. You will continue to float along with the stream of history unless you examine the past.

Get as much value as you can out of your memories by distilling everything useful from them.

Use this as inspiration for change then. Make the most of hindsight by trying fresh approaches and new methods to resolve repeating problems.

People Also Ask

What Does The Vertical Tarot Six Of Cups Card Mean?

The six cups, when held vertically, represent innocence and nostalgia in the esoteric application of the card.

What Does Six Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning In Reversed?

The concepts of being trapped in the past, naive, and unrealistic are represented by this card when it is in the reversed position.

What Does Six Of Cups Tarot Card Mean About The Past?

This card might represent a rebirth of the past and nostalgia; you may be rediscovering joyful memories, or an ex may reemerge in your life.


The Six of Cups Tarot card may often be used to symbolize nostalgia, childhood recollections, and a focus on the past.

When this card shows up in a Tarot spread, you may be feeling the effects of the past, reflecting on the past, or thinking about someone from the past.

The Six of Cups can signify having children, caring for them, or working with them. It is the Minor Arcana card representing youth, children, and children's issues.

It may represent frugality, fun, innocence, benevolence, and reciprocity. Furthermore, it may also stand for safety and kinship.

If you've been going through a difficult moment, the Six of Cups may be urging you to lean on your family and close friends for assistance.

When it appears in a Tarot spread, the Six of Cups may also represent immaturity or juvenile behavior.

When coupled with specific supporting cards, it may occasionally signify childhood abuse. Additionally, it may represent homesickness for individuals who reside overseas.

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