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Project Free TV Criminal Minds - Binge Watch The Best Crime Drama In 2022


Project Free TV is reportedly probably one of the best streaming sites to have gone dark. Project Free TV's official website used to provide a lot of free movies, TV shows, and other entertainment programmings. The site had a reputation for offering free access to a large number of Hollywood films.

One of the most sought-after TV series on Project Free TV is Criminal Minds. It is about the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) investigates the world's most deadly serial killers and individual heinous acts in order to predict their next steps before they attack again.

Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds season 1, episode 1 at Project Free TV website
Criminal Minds season 1, episode 1 at Project Free TV website

Criminal Minds, a notable police procedural, portrays the criminal minds for which it is called in a gripping way. Fans' emotions are truly captured by the lives of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit agents. Criminal Minds is more than simply a crime drama; it is an intricately knit story about an elite group of people whose personal traumas and odd abilities push them to fight the evil that lurks in plain sight.

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Jeff Davis created and produced the American police procedural crime drama television series Criminal Minds. On September 22, 2005, CBS premiered the series, which aired through February 19, 2020. It follows a group of FBI criminal profilers who work for the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), which uses behavioral analysis and profiling to investigate crimes and discover the UnSub (Unknown Subject), the team's moniker for criminals. The show follows the crew as they work on various cases and deal with personal issues.

Over the course of the series, the members of the BAU team become as close as family, despite the fact that their job puts their personal lives in jeopardy. Because of these close ties, the threats that the team faces touching all of our favorite characters at the same time, increasing audience involvement to a level that goes beyond simply wanting to see the bad guy captured. Even the most devoted fans, however, may have missed a few episodes or be having trouble putting the timeline together.

Permit us to help you with this comprehensive Criminal Minds timeline.

  • Seasons One And Two Special agents Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid, technical analyst Penelope Garcia, and communications liaison Jennifer Jareau are all introduced in the premiere episode. The members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit are getting acquainted again with one of their own. The father-son bond between Jason Gideon and Spencer Reid is one of the most prominent relationships in season two. Furthermore, Gideon leaves at the end of season two because the woman he loves is killed by a serial murderer, foreshadowing Reid's own experience when he loses his lover seasons later.
  • Seasons Three And Four In season three, David Rossi, a veteran profiler who has come out of retirement, joins the squad. Season three places a strong emphasis on the team's personal lives. JJ's long-term partner Will and her pregnancy with their first kid, Henry, are revealed to the audience. In this season, Garcia struggles for her life following a bullet wound, but she also meets Kevin, an analyst tasked with searching her computer, who was an important love interest. Most significantly, Hotchner's wife, Haley, divorces him this season.
  • Seasons Five And Six The Reaper confronts Hotch in his own home, holds him captive, and torments him. He murders Hotch's ex-wife, Haley, in an act of heinous cruelty. The psychological scars of this event will follow him and the BAU for the rest of their lives. Morgan abruptly takes over as a unit leader in season five, and the BAU's members are questioned individually about Foyet's torture of Hotch and his family afterward. In the final episode, the serial killer known as the Prince of Darkness terrorizes Los Angeles, ushering us into season six.
  • Seasons Seven And Eight JJ is forced to accept a promotion at the Pentagon by Strauss, and Prentiss' Interpol background leads to her "death" at the hands of international terrorist Ian Doyle. However, Prentiss' death is staged, and JJ discreetly assists in her delivery to witness protection. The Replicator, a serial killer who begins pursuing the BAU in the first episode, terrorizes the eighth season. In the episode "The Apprenticeship," he is first identified as a copycat killer, then as the Silencer, a more high-profile murderer. He keeps copying the BAU's recently solved cases, and in the season's climax, he poisons Strauss by forcing her to drink drugged wine on a public sidewalk in the style of a killer the BAU had caught only hours before.
  • Seasons Nine, Ten And Eleven Mateo Cruz, who used to have a professional relationship with JJ that the two first kept secret, is introduced in Season 9 as Strauss' replacement. Matthew Simmons, an IRT agent who would eventually work with the BAU in season 12, is introduced in Season 10's "Beyond Borders." Agent Tara Lewis and Michael, a child JJ became pregnant with in season 10, are among the new characters introduced in season 11. Morgan marries and has a son with Savannah, who gives birth after being shot by the same man who planned Morgan's kidnapping a few episodes before.
  • Seasons Twelve, Thirteen And Fourteen Reid, who is suspected of a murder in Mexico, is the season 12's most unlikely killer. Cat Adams and Lindsay Vaughan, whom Reid met 10 years ago as the mere daughter of a hitman, had in fact framed him. Vaughan later impersonates a nurse and abducts Reid's mother during a visit to him in prison. Spencer is reunited with his rescued mother after a tense meeting with the jailed Cat.

After a rooftop chase with Alvez, Lewis falls to his death, bringing the Mr. Scratch storyline to a close. Prentiss is temporarily replaced as head of the BAU by JJ, while the latter is subjected to an internal review by the power-hungry Linda Barnes. Fortunately, the crew receives special protection from Barnes' influence after saving a senator's daughter.

In season 14, numerous characters form romantic relationships, including Rossi, who remarries Krystall after meeting her at his daughter's wedding. The Chameleon, whose origin is revealed through flashbacks when Rossi breaks down in front of Krystall over a near-death experience at the hands of the killer, is also introduced this season. The Chameleon ends up being the series' final unsub.

  • Finale Kate Callahan's niece, Meg, and best friend, Markayla, were kidnapped in the Season Finale, and the BAU determined that the girls had been targeted by an internet predator who pretended to be a teenager in order to traffic them to serial killers. Thanks to Markayla's intelligence after her escape, the team was able to hunt down the kidnappers and rescue Meg. In addition, Kate quit, telling Hotch that she needed to spend more time with her children, and Reid learned that J.J. was expecting a kid.


Criminal Mind is a sensational criminal drama. Watch it for free at Project Free TV.

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