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Is It "President Joe Biden" Already?


Trump Says, Biden Says

For Trump, “this election is far from over.” For Joe Biden, this election’s result shows what the American people want. They have already decided to end the aggrieving four years of Trump’s administration, and seeks for change to make America great again.

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr is finally elected as the 46th president of the United States of America. After the intense week of vote tallying, Biden wrapped up the presidential race. He won the critical states and had his place over the threshold of 270 electoral votes. With a total of 284, he sweeps Trump's hope of continuing his reign.

Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania that sided with Trump during the 2016 election made a turn. These key states had Biden prevail over the votes. The victory in Pennsylvania did secure the electoral college for the democratic nominee.

Biden led by millions in the popular vote. This is a record number of votes cast this year, and those through the unprecedented surge in mail-in voting due to the coronavirus pandemic. Biden received nearly 75 million votes, which is considered as most of any presidential candidate in history.

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From Bloody Red States To A "blue Wall"

Biden made this pandemic the theme of his campaign. It gives significant attention to the citizens who experienced Trump's irresponsible actions. This health crisis made America the hotspot of the virus because of poor management. Trump refused to recognize this and act on. He even resorted to having huge rallies in the final days of the campaign without giving much attention to the health risks.

Despite the clear view for Biden, the campaign did not go as smoothly as expected. Biden had to refocus on states that needed much attention, especially to those bloody red states for Trump's last election. His party discourages this attempt as it is much secured to invest much further in conservative regions. The rapidly changing demographics is believed to leave the republicans vulnerable.

He appealed to the broad coalition of democrats. This includes blue-collar, the white working-class who apparently left the Trumps party. They regretfully supported him the last 2016 election. Biden made triumph against all the perceived odds and successfully turned them into a "blue wall" favoring his claim to the position.

"I Pledge To Be A President Who Seeks Not To Divide But To Unify"

The new president-elect took an oath to restore the political normality of the United States. He encourage civil unity amidst this once-in-a-century pandemic, economic distress, and social unrest.

Joe Biden speech
Joe Biden speech

The incumbent president Donald Trump who never once had political experience, is defeated. He will be replaced by a man who has been in the public service for over 50 years. He ran for the presidency twice, and established progressive plans towards America. This is deemed to be a significant step for change across all the states.

"I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but to unify"-- this declares a new hope for the United States. Trump led four years of turmoil, misinformation, manipulation, and division. Biden promised to serve as a unifying president. He aims at taking over the failed responsibility of Trump over the economy, climate, and immigration.

Voting Fraud?

While Biden’s victory is celebrated across the states, Trump still refuses to concede. He even threatens to take unspecified legal actions on the voting counting process.

Trump stop the steal
Trump stop the steal

The assumption that the election is sabotaged was already up even in the midst of the vote counting. There is no final winner of the race announced yet. Trump supporters conducted a protest while holding banners saying “Stop the Steal". They believe that the election is stolen and that Trump ballots were being burned.

However, it has already been corrected that the video showing the burning of ballots was only the sample ballots. Misinformation during the election was rampant. It caused a lot of outrage without even seeking confirmation about the fake news. Twitter posts from Trump were seen to be misleading. He still calls for an electoral protest even after the assumptions have been tagged as falsified.

Biden Stays Unbothered

After the victorious election for Biden, he already assured the public that the promises he made during the campaign would be kept. He established progressive and ambitious plans. These are large- scale and environmental plans, actions for racial justice, education, and healthcare.

As it was said, most of Biden’s initiatives are directed to reverse the policies that Trump had laid down. During Trump administration, the immigration and foreign policies affected thousands of immigrants. But most importantly is the recovery roadmap that Biden will set forth during and after this pandemic. Recently, he already assembled a coronavirus task force that will manage the surge in reported infections. They will ensure that the vaccines that will be approved by the FDA are indeed safe and effective. The distribution should be efficiently, equitably, and free.

And It's Official!

Biden Harris
Biden Harris

Joe Biden, together with the first woman, black and Asian-American vice-president, Kamala Harris, will be inaugurated on the 20th of January, 2021. The ceremony will be at the capital, Washington D.C, and will take an oath to be officiated by the Supreme Court chief justice.

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About The Authors

Paolo Reyna

Paolo Reyna - Paolo is a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, majoring in International Studies with a Latin American emphasis. During the fall semester of 2012, he had the opportunity to study abroad in Peru, which piqued his interest in international growth. He learned about the disparities that impact indigenous peoples, got a taste of Peruvian culture, and improved his Spanish skills. Mitchel interned with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, conducting research on food security in Latin America, after being inspired by his foreign experience. He wants to work in international development and for a government department, writing legislation. He loves playing intramural basketball and practicing for the Chicago marathon when he is not thinking about current events in Latin America.

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