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How To Use DNS Nslookup


Despite the fact that the internet is used by billions, only a small percentage of the population is familiar with its inner workings. We need an effective system for sorting and storing connection details for each of the 1.74 billion websites registered online. Even for IT professionals, it can be difficult to remember long IP addresses when visiting a website or accessing a server. Rather, we use something called DNS records.

What Is Nslookup?

To find the IP address that corresponds to a host, or the domain name that corresponds to an IP address (a process called "Reverse DNS Lookup"), nslookup is a simple command-line tool. In both Windows and Unix, the nslookup service can be started from the command prompt or the terminal window, depending on the operating system. Using nslookup online is now made possible by a slew of new services.

What Does Nslookup Tell?

You can query your DNS service using nslookup, an abbreviation for name server lookup. CLI access is typically used to obtain a domain name, get IP address mapping information and look up DNS records.

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What Does Nslookup Command Do In CMD?

It is possible to use the nslookup command in two ways. The interactive mode allows you to query name servers for information about various hosts and domains, or to print a list of the hosts in a domain. Information about a specific host or domain is printed out in non-interactive mode.

How Do You Nslookup An IP Address?

When using Windows 10 or earlier, you can use the following method to determine another computer's IP address:

Open a command window. See ARCHIVED: for a step-by-step guide to the site. Learn how to navigate Windows. Assuming you've typed in the correct domain name, press Enter. For instance, nslookup www.indiana.edu would yield the IP address for www.indiana.edu. The following data will be returned by this command:

Indiana University's ns server has the IP address

Name: Indiana University For more information, please call us at (129) 79-1-6 In the first two lines, the DNS server's domain name and IP address are displayed. The domain name and IP address of the computer you were looking for are displayed in the following two lines.

Exit the program by pressing the Enter key and Windows will reappear.

What Is Nslookup VS Ping?

Ping -a makes use of NETBIOS in addition to the DNS server configured, whereas nslookup uses only the DNS server configured. ping -a and not nslookup work without a DNS server if both computers are connected to the same network segment and using broadcast messages to exchange host names.


Nslookup can be used in one of two modes to get the relevant address information straight from name servers' DNS cache, which they can then use. In the non-interactive mode, the tool examines the local name server's resource records (the name given to the address entries in the DNS cache) in a standard manner.

This mode is best suited for simple queries that only require a single domain to be searched. In order to perform more complex searches and research, you need to use the interactive mode, which requires the command-line program to be started first.

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