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20 Best New Netflix Tv Shows 2020-2021: With Record Viewership


Your nightly Netflix scan through, across, up, and down is as much a part of your routine as meals by now. Because this is our work, we generally know what's coming out on Netflix every week, but most evenings, we end up browsing aimlessly through the greatest TV for longer than we'd like to admit.

So we've prepared a list of the finest new bets on the platform right now—a condensed version that saves your scroll thumb from developing arthritis.

And, wow, that's a lot of television programs. Every few seconds, Netflix releases 19 new programs, and this is an approximate estimate. At least, that's what it seems to be. Netflix has something for everyone this year, from real-crime documentaries that will keep you up at night to fresh adaptations of great classics. Perhaps you've come to see some heavyweight comedy.

Perhaps a series about a deer kid being pursued by humans who have nothing better to do during a pandemic has piqued your interest (this is not a documentary).

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/w/new-netflix-tv-shows-2020-2021/ by Daisy-Mae Schmitt on 2021-08-24T01:08:19.977Z

I Think You Should Leave

Tim Robinson is back for Season 2 of his instant classic sketch comedy series I Think You Should Leave, after his hot dog skit-turned-meme swept the internet by storm.

You'll be able to finish all six 15-minute episodes in one sitting since they're so funny and ridiculous. The hot dog, of course, is a recurring theme.

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Virgin River

This series is ideally designed to be binge-worthy, with the small-town intrigue of Gilmore Girls, the medical mystery of Grey's Anatomy, and the sexual tension of all your favorite banter-filled rom-coms.

Even better, it's set in a winter northern California town—and season three just came out, so there's even more to appreciate, particularly if you're looking for a quick fix.

Virgin River | Official Trailer | Netflix


The Heist is a six-part documentary series that recounts the tales of three of America's greatest heists, as told by the individuals who carried them out.

This one is a no-brainer for real crime enthusiasts, with everything from a successful Vegas money robbery to a bourbon factory worker stealing whiskey and making a profit for himself.

Video unavailable
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Bling Empire

Bling Empire is a crazy new reality program from Netflix that follows a group of ultra-rich Angelenos as they buy, argue, and eat in luxury.

The drama-filled series is both a window into Asian society and a very welcome getaway to a world of couture, private planes, and Gucci party gifts at children's birthday parties, since it is the first American reality series directed by an all-Asian-American ensemble.

Bling Empire | Official Trailer | Netflix

Pretend It’s A City

With the help of renowned writer and comic Fran Lebowitz, the spectator travels and finds New York City in Pretend It's A City.

The documentary serves as both a roast and a celebration of New York's idiosyncrasies, crannies, and bad odors with love and honesty, thanks to a series of talks with Martin Scorsese.

Martin Scorsese Presents | Pretend It’s A City | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Dig

At the heart of The Dig lies what seems to be an average plot of land at first sight, but with closer inspection and patience, exposes a unique and remarkable treasure.

Similarly, The Dig, situated in the beautiful countryside of 1930s Britain and centered around a wonderful woman (Carey Mulligan) and the nice guy (Ralph Fiennes) she employs to uncover the sixth-century ship buried under her land, may seem simple and light at first.

The True Story Behind The Dig | Netflix

However, it gradually develops into something surprisingly moving. With World War II looming, The Dig unearths the bittersweet history and complex emotions hidden behind its protagonists' stiff upper lips, culminating in a poignant reflection on how and why to go on when the world seems to be coming to an end.


Lupin is a thriller that follows elegant gentleman thief Assane Diop (Omar Sy) as he tries to uncover the wrongdoing of a wealthy Parisian benefactor and restore his late father's good reputation in the process.

The classic heist series is action-packed and thrilling, but also intelligent and emotional. Seasons one and two are now available to watch online.

Lupin | Official Trailer | Netflix

Shadow & Bone

In this new Netflix adaptation, the fantasy book series comes to life, and die-hard fans will not be disappointed. Shadow & Bone, which follows orphan mapmaker Alina Starkov as she learns her powers—which she uses to create great friends and foes alike—in war-torn Ravka, largely does the Grishaverse credit.

​Shadow and Bone | Official Trailer | Netflix

High On The Hog

Netflix's four-part docuseries is some of the finest culinary, nay, general television programming in years. Stephen Satterfield, a food writer and presenter, keeps the series moving along well as he recounts the history of American cuisine from West Africa to the United States.

The most wonderful aspect is that he lets others who know more share their own tales, bringing up an entire world of history via the lens of food.

High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America | Official Trailer | Netflix

Gone For Good

Following 2018's crazy mystery, "Safe" (look, there's Michael C. Hall again), two more in 2020 — "The Stranger" and "The Woods" — and April's "The Innocent," "Gone for Good" is the latest adaptation of a Harlan Coben book to reach Netflix.

While mysteries with quick (and hopefully satisfying) resolutions are appealing to any TV network, Netflix's rapid acquisition of Coben's stories is a far more telling metric for success than any of the shady viewing statistics released every quarter; that doesn't mean they're all good, but it does mean they're feeding a fanbase — and they will for a while, considering two more adaptations are in the works.

Gone For Good | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Serpent

The Serpent, a BBC/Netflix series about drugs, robbery, and horrific murder, is not for the faint of heart. It's an eight-part theatrical recounting of Charles Sobhraj's horrific real-life atrocities in Asia during the 1970s, as well as the tale of the Dutch ambassador who fought to bring him down.

What's more disturbing is that Sobhraj is still alive today, serving a life sentence in Nepal for one of the killings portrayed in the series—but he's never been apprehended or punished in Thailand, where he committed most of his atrocities.

The Serpent | Official Trailer | Netflix

Murder Among The Mormons

When you think of criminals, explosives, and murder, the specialized world of rare Mormon document trading may not immediately spring to mind.

Murder Among the Mormons, a new docuseries by Tyler Measom and Jared Hess, is an incredible story of murder and deceit that rocked the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City in 1985, and it will surely shock you as well.

Murder Among the Mormons | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sons Of Sam

Sons of Sam is a Netflix real-crime documentary that rewrites history rather than recounts it. The film is based on the archives of journalist Maury Terry, who spent his life attempting to persuade the public that renowned New York serial murderer David Berkowitz did not commit the crimes for which he pleaded guilty alone.

Instead, the docuseries uses Terry's evidence to prove that Berkowitz was a member of a Satanic cult, while simultaneously portraying Terry as an obsessed, untrustworthy narrator who has spent his life falling too deep down the rabbit hole.

It's both a Terry biography and a fascinating exhibition of his life's work, engaging and strong enough to change the way we remember the notorious Son of Sam case forever.

The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is a fantastical dive into the post-apocalyptic world where "The Sick" has taken just about everyone out and children are being born.

Produced in part by Robert Downey Jr. and based on Jeff Lemire's work of the same name, Sweet Tooth is a fantastical dive into the post-apocalyptic world where "The Sick" has taken just about everyone out and children are being born.

Half-human, half-animal. A huge evacuation kills most of the "hybrids," but a few survive. Gus, nicknamed Sweet Tooth, attempts to make it to a safe haven in Colorado in this tale.

Sweet Tooth | Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Last Chance U: Basketball

We've learned to anticipate a tear or two every time a new season of Last Chance U premieres on Netflix, and Last Chance U: Basketball is no exception. Following in the footsteps of the global sensation Cheer, Last Chance U: Basketball follows East Los Angeles College's aspiring D1 players.

The season is touching, funny, and honest, and it includes some of the greatest characters we've ever seen in the series.

Last Chance U: Basketball | Official Trailer | Netflix


The NBC mystery series, which follows a group of passengers on an aircraft that returns after being believed dead for five years, has gotten a lot of buzz on social media and has been in the top ten on Netflix for a while.

In five years, a lot may happen, which means most of their wives have gone on, their children have grown up, and their parents have died away, making their reintegration into society even more difficult.

To make things worse, the passengers begin to hear voices and see glimpses of future events, leading them down a perilous moral path that they can only travel together.

'Manifest' Saved? NBC and Netflix May Revive Cancelled Drama | NewsLine

Fate: The Winx Saga

Netflix's new adolescent drama series, Fate: The Winx Saga, is based on the Nickelodeon animated series Winx Club. Fairies learn to develop their abilities while juggling their friendships, love lives, and battling monsters at a magical boarding school. You know, the usual high school nonsense.

The cliffhanger at the conclusion of the six episodes will undoubtedly have you waiting for news on Season Two.

Fate: The Winx Saga | Official Trailer | Netflix

Cobra Kai

The third season of Cobra Kai, a martial arts comedy-drama based on the original Karate Kid movies, premiered on Netflix in January.

Season Four is expected to be a long wait for fans of all ages, so catch up on the previous three seasons of this high-stakes Karate school drama now.

Cobra Kai: Season 4 | Terry Silver Returns | Netflix

Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer

The crimes and investigation timeline in the notorious Night Stalker case are chronicled in this four-part docuseries.

Richard Ramirez, a kidnapper and serial killer who tormented Californians for almost a year before being apprehended, is featured in this series, which is presented mainly from the viewpoints of the police who investigated the case, as well as the victims and survivors of the assaults.

Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sexy Beasts

When meeting a date for the first time in a conventional dating setting, most individuals would want to look their best. Love is Blind, a Netflix reality dating program, questioned the concept of love at first sight by never allowing the candidates to see each other until they become engaged.

This crazy new dating program decided to take it a step further by using sophisticated prosthetics to turn all of the daters into animals and other critters.

After the featured dater has made their choice, the costumes are eventually removed, allowing them to see whether the person's true appearance matches their personality preferences.

Sexy Beasts | Official Trailer | Netflix

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