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The My.Nc.Edcloud Application Will Allow Students To Access A Variety Of Apps And Their Individual Profile


The my.nc.edcloud was designed as a secure and private single-sign-on platform. The state's goal for this single-sign-on platform is to provide a place where instructors and students can go to access frequently accessed websites.

Students and instructors will no longer have to remember several identities and passwords, nor will they have to bookmark websites in order to find them. The North Carolina Education Cloud, or NCEdCloud, is a service delivery platform for modern instructional and administrative support systems that has the infrastructure, tools, and resources to support all NC Race to the Top projects.

Rather than developing new systems, the NCEdCloud login system has adopted a more collaborative approach to supporting shared services via collaborative procurement, statewide pay-for-use license agreements, and shared support models.

In addition, one of the NCEdCloud initiatives is Identity and Access Management Services. It is also given as part of a contract with Identity Automation. auto is a firm that provides identity, data, and access management services and is situated in Houston, Texas.

My.Nc.Edcloud Dashboard

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Through their NCEdCloud dashboard, students will have quick access to a number of applications as well as personal profile data. PowerSchool and Canvas are the most popular NCEDCloud applications among our students.

NCEdCloud is a North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) platform that is used by all public schools in the state. The student UID of a student enrolled in any NC public school will remain the same.

My.nc.edcloud shows the first steps for RapidIdentity sign in
My.nc.edcloud shows the first steps for RapidIdentity sign in

Nedcloud Forget Password

Click "Forgot My Password" once again. Then follow the rest of the instructions. If the notice "miscalculation" continues to appear, contact your instructor to change your password. First, make sure you've answered all of the questions properly. Then, create a new password.

After that, re-enter your new password and then click Next Next to complete the password change. Close this window. Now go to the NCEdCloud IAMS tab and enter your login as well as the password you just made (any teacher listed on your current semester schedule can reset your NCEdCloud password).

NCEdCloud IAM Login

Users will log into Discovery Education by logging into the NCEdCloud IAM Service and clicking an icon for Discovery Education, or by going straight to https://nc.discoveryeducation.com once the NCEdCloud IAM Service integration is live. Users will no longer be able to log in through discoveryeducation.com once the NCEdCloud IAM Service integration is live.

Users will be asked to log in to discoveryeducation.com if any previously saved URLs aren't set up for SSO. In this instance, we propose adopting two options: Use the NCEd Cloud SSO subdomain to update existing hyperlinks: It's time to change discoveryeducation.com to Encourage users to log in to NCEd Cloud before accessing stored URLs.

NCEdCloud Student Login

Students may access their NCEdCloud accounts by following the steps below: Please visit the official website. The NCEdCloud IAM button should be selected. IAM NCEdCloud Choose NCEdCloud IAM Teacher/Student/Administrator Portal from the drop-down menu. NCEdCloud IAM Portal for Teachers, Students, and Administrators In the NCEdCloud Username area, enter the student ID number (PowerSchool number). Select Login after entering the password in the Password field.


There is a service called the North Carolina Education Cloud (NCEdCloud) my.nc.edcloud. This is a platform for modern instructional and administrative support systems. It has the infrastructure, tools, and resources needed for all Race to the Top (RttT) projects in North Carolina. Rather than developing new technologies, NCEdCloud has used collaborative procurement, pay-for-use statewide licensing agreements, and shared support approaches to provide shared services.

IdAuto, a company that helps the my.nc.edcloud with one of its projects, provides the Identity and Access Management (IAM) Service. IdAuto is a firm established in Houston, Texas that specializes in identity, data, and access management.

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