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Mp3paw.Com – Play, Download, Enjoy Your Favorite Songs


Mp3paw.com makes it easy for everyone looking for songs they want to listen to online.

It even does more than that: it gives them the chance to download them, too.

As can be hinted from its name, the audio files come in MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) format.

The “paw” refers to the site’s icon (a dark brown paw).

Mp3paw.com provides an easy-to-navigate site, with a layout that’s clean and straightforward.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/w/mp3paw.com/ by Tyrese Griffin on 2022-07-15T21:53:16.602Z

Its homepage reflects this overall neat look, with its use of three colors only: brown, baby pink (light pink), and white (background).

It’s a breeze to explore mp3paw.com, an added delight for music lovers who want to download songs for free.

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What Happened To Mp3paw.Com?

The good news is that it still runs as of this writing.

In one article about mp3paw.com, TechBenzy claims that there have been several sites saying that videos can be downloaded from it. No, that’s not true.

One can only download songs from mp3paw.com.

One of those sites that make such a claim is Tecstoday, a gaming and reviews website from Nigeria. It mentioned in an article published in April 2021 that movies can be downloaded from mp3paw.com.

Tecstoday even identified “mp3paw.cool” as the “official website” for downloading videos from MP3 PAW.

Upon checking, if one goes to www.mp3paw.cool, this web address redirects to the MP3 PAW site.

Also, don’t confuse mp3paw.com with VidPaw, an online video downloader.

The lower half of the homepage of MP3 PAW, with ‘Home,’ ‘Terms,’ ‘Copyright’ and ‘Contact’ at the bottom
The lower half of the homepage of MP3 PAW, with ‘Home,’ ‘Terms,’ ‘Copyright’ and ‘Contact’ at the bottom

MP3 Paw 2022

From www.mp3paw.com, the current web address of MP3 PAW is www.mp3paw.how.

The repertoire shown in the homepage of mp3paw.com changes. The interval between each change, though, can only be determined by checking the site regularly.

As for those songs featured in the homepage (see screenshots) as of this writing, it seems that American rapper Future dominates the list.

The first 11 songs are his, with the song Wait For U, from his 2022 studio album I Never Liked You, at the top.

After rapper Jack Harlow’s First Class, the twelfth one on the list, the next five songs are again by Future.

Other American rappers whose songs made it on the current featured list include Gunna, Kodak Black, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, NoCap, SleazyWorld Go, and Rihanna’s ex, Drake.

For pop music lovers, songs from two international stars also made it on the featured list.

As It Was (album: Harry’s House; 2022) by Harry Styles is there.

It’s the song Styles co-wrote with English singer-songwriter Kid Harpoon and American songwriter Tyler Johnson.

Then there’s Justin Bieber’s single, Honest, a track released in April 2022 and featuring American rapper Don Toliver.

Fellow rapper Eminem also featured Toliver in No Regrets from the album Music to Be Murdered By (2020).

Songs from all the albums mentioned so far are found in mp3paw.com.

‘Here Come The Girls’ repertoire, with songs from Melanie C, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Karen Carpenter
‘Here Come The Girls’ repertoire, with songs from Melanie C, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Karen Carpenter

It’s great to know that the featured list includes a good number of American female artists.

The songs are from singer-actress Becky G, rapper Megan Thee Stallion, singer-songwriter Muni Long, and R&B singer SZA.

A couple of artists from other countries likewise got featured on the current list.

There’s Thousand Miles (from the 2022 album of the same title) by Australian rapper The Kid LAROI and Provenza (2022) by Colombian singer-songwriter Karol G.

Heat Waves (2020) by Glass Animals, a rock band from England.

Songs from artists who initially gained public admiration from YouTube and singing competitions got featured as well.

There’s Lauren Spencer-Smith’s Flowers from the album Trending Viral Hits 2022. She joined American Idol (Season 18) in 2020.

In the Stars by 20-year-old singer-songwriter Benson Boone.

The Washington native, reported Billboard, amassed some 1.7 million TikTok followers when, at 19, the public saw him on American Idol (Season 19).

Zack Bryan’s Something in the Orange is there. It’s from American Heartbreak (2022), his debut triple album under Warner Records.

A U.S. Navy-turned-country singer, Bryan started via YouTube in 2015.

Don’t Think Jesus (2022) by Morgan Wallen, another country singer, is there. He joined The Voice (Season 6).

Other featured songs are from singers and songwriters Giveon (Lie Again) and Lucky Daye (Over).

The purpose of enumerating all these artists, songs, and albums is to show how diverse mp3paw.com can get when it comes to its repertoire.

MP3 PAW's current featured list proves how updated the site is.

Note that the dominance of rap songs doesn’t mean that majority of the music that can be downloaded from mp3paw.com come from this genre.

As mentioned earlier, the site likely changes its featured list from time to time (perhaps, every 48 or 72 hours).

Next time someone checks mp3paw.com, the featured list may include more pop or R&B music, or more songs from bands.

The Mp3paw.Com Review

What’s written in the preceding section can be considered a review already. Well, that’s MP3 PAW in 2022: updated and diverse.

A different review of mp3paw.com will focus on its functionality.

Can people still download songs from MP3 PAW? If yes, how? Is the process quick and easy – or quite the opposite?

Clicking on a song that appears on the featured list at the homepage will take one to the downloading page.

Once there, one will see the icons of the following (in the order they appear; from left to right):

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Google Plus

If one clicks any of them, one will be taken to the corresponding site.

What follows are ten variations of the chosen song. Then, right after the last song, there’s a list of “Top Music Downloads.”

Each of the ten songs has the following three options:

1. Play Music

After clicking this, the words will change to “Stop Music.”

Below, a display will appear showing the progress of the song being played. There’s a pause-play button on the left and a volume control button on the far right.

Clicking “Stop Music” will make the said display disappear.

Becky G song ‘Mamiii’ playing at MP3 PAW
Becky G song ‘Mamiii’ playing at MP3 PAW

2. Download MP3

This one will be discussed in the later part.

3. Ringtone

One can “cut” what part of a song that one wishes to have as a ringtone.

The “Ringtone” could be seen as a bonus feature by mp3paw.com.

Going back to the songs, not all ten songs vary, though.

As an example, check out the song Mamiii by Karol G featuring Becky G. Its variations are:

  • original audio version
  • version from the song’s official music video
  • a live performance by Becky G at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards

The rest of the songs are usually just the same versions.

For each song, mp3paw.com includes the following pieces of information:

  • its length
  • rating
  • estimated number of times it got listened to

The earphone icon suggests that the figure shown most likely pertains to that, not to the number of times it got downloaded.

In addition, upon checking, it appears all songs in the site received a 5-star rating.

Downloading From MP3Paw.com – The Writer’s Experience

As for the downloading part, after clicking “Download MP3,” a notice appeared somewhere on the computer screen.

The said notice asks if one wants to install the MP3 PAW app.

Installing the MP3 PAW app is the only way to download a song from mp3paw.com.

This writer allowed the computer to install the MP3 PAW app to check how the downloading works.

Once installed, the same page appears again, and this time, with a notice saying that the app has already been installed.

MP3 Paw page for Becky G’s ‘Mamiii,’ with app notification box at the upper right corner
MP3 Paw page for Becky G’s ‘Mamiii,’ with app notification box at the upper right corner

After clicking “Download MP3” again, the writer was redirected to a page from a different site, the YTMP3 Cut.

A page from YouTube MP3 Converter to download ‘Mamiii’ by Karol G featuring Becky G
A page from YouTube MP3 Converter to download ‘Mamiii’ by Karol G featuring Becky G

On that page, six files (in different sizes) of the song can be downloaded.

When the writer clicked one file, a notice appeared asking if the writer wanted to install the YouTube MP3 Converter app.

The writer clicked “Install.”

Kaspersky, the anti-virus installed in the writer’s computer, displayed a message that begins with these words:

Prevented visiting a website that can initiate downloading unwanted programs.

But while that message was displayed, the downloading process already started and it kept going.

Kaspersky message notifying about possibility of downloading unwanted programs
Kaspersky message notifying about possibility of downloading unwanted programs

The writer was able to download Karol G’s Mamiii from mp3paw.com without installing the YouTube MP3 Converter app.

People Also Ask

Who Is MP3Paw?

It’s a bit funny that some apparently mistaken “MP3Paw” as a person (a rapper, perhaps?).

MP3Paw.com is a website where one can download songs for free.

Is Mp3 Paw Safe?

Based on the first-hand experience of the writer, Kaspersky didn’t detect any virus or malware during the downloading process.

Where Do You Download Music For Free?

In a 2022 article for Business Insider, tech journalist Dave Johnson suggests downloading from:

  • Bandcamp
  • Free Music Archive
  • Last.fm
  • NoiseTrade
  • ReverbNation

What Is The Best MP3 Download Site?

Some of the recommendations from the Software Testing Help (STH) blog:

  • Audiomack
  • iTubeGo
  • MP3JAM
  • Jamendo
  • SoundClick


It took only a year for Mp3paw.com to soar to popularity.

Launched in January 2019, according to AnyRec, approximately 1.8 million people used MP3 PAW during its first year of existence.

However, visitors started to decrease by September 2020.

It looks like the site needs some changes.

One example: the presence of Google Plus. Better remove it. Goggle discontinued its social network in April 2019.

If mp3paw.com wants to boost its website traffic, it will have to improve its site.

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